Saints and Sinners (Bone Night)


Basic Information:

Location: 112 Center St, Pittston, PA 18640
Phone number: (570) 655-9295
Normal Wing Price: $10 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 60 cent wings
Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, X-Hot, Mild Garlic, Hot Garlic, Mild Honey Garlic, Hot Honey Garlic, Butter Garlic, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Hot Honey Mustard, Sriracha, Sinner Sauce, Saint Sauce. Add Bleu Cheese or Cajun to any flavor. Also, Mix & Match any sauce combination.

Fourth Visit – 1/26/17

Saints and Sinners Podcast Review

Third Visit – 4/24/16

Saints and Sinners Podcast Review

Second Visit

Overall Rating: 92

Lynch’s Rating: 45

Environment: 9
This is another second trip location. The first time we went I was blown away by the amount of flavors, as I was again this time. Saints and Sinners is mostly a bar with some seating set-up around it. The bar is interesting because it is a fully square bar, but each half is divided between two rooms. The one side is smaller and seems to be more for the drinking crowd. The side we sat on is in a more open space, with a number of free dartboards, a pool table and tables for dining. The place does allow smoking, so expect your clothes to smell of old cigarettes when you leave. The wings did take a bit of time to come out, but there were a lot of people in the place for their wing night. I will say that our waitress was awesome both times we went. She is not only extremely on her game with drink and food orders, but she is just smart and takes the customer into consideration with all her actions. For example, we were waiting for our friend, so she asked if we knew how many wings we wanted so she can tell the cook to throw that many in. Also, we ordered 20 wings each for the three of us. Instead of everyone’s order coming out separate, she placed the order in the system so10 came out for each of us at the same time. That way, no one was sitting around waiting for the other people to finish or start. After we finished our first ten, another ten came out. It was great and I was blown away by here considerateness.

Wing Flavors: 10
I knew Saints and Sinners had a lot of flavors, but I forgot just how many they had. A lot of the flavors are a variation or mixture of others, but I like that they have the variety. I also liked that they have a Saint and Sinner wing, which is a mixture of flavors you wouldn’t expect to be mixed together, but end up being great.

Wing Size: 8
The wings cost $0.45 on their wing night. The wings are pretty large. I placed an order for 20, but I could barely finish 15. I wanted to keep taken down, but they are just so meaty that I couldn’t go on any longer.

Wing Taste (x2): 9
Between the three of us, we tried to get as many flavors as possible. I’ll try to break down all of them. The plain hot were quite enjoyable. It was a good mixture of spice, vinegar, and butter. The Hot Cajun Ranch were also a pretty big hit in my book. The ranch and Cajun flavor were not overwhelming, and with the hot sauce mixed in, it worked well. I was a bit let down by the Honey Teriyaki. I ordered it thinking the saltiness of the Teriyaki would be balanced by the sweetness of the honey, but it ended up being a runny honey sauce. You really didn’t get much teriyaki here. I was also let down by the Garlic Sriracha. I love the taste of Sriracha. I add it to all my food at home when I can. The Sriracha in this sauce was lacking in taste. The remainder of the sauce was like a butter garlic, which I’m not really a fan of.  The Sinner wing is a mixture of a lot of flavors that really worked together. Each taste came through, but did not overwhelm. The Cajun were another enjoyable treat. Cajun at most places are usually a let down, but here it added the right amount of spice without being overbearing. Garlic Blue were a pleasant surprise to me. It is a white, creamy sauce. It managed to contain a lot of great flavor. Jalepeno ranch were pretty similar, but were also tasty. The jalapeno added a great spiciness to the ranch taste. Finally, the Hot Garlic Caesar were another great wing by Saints and Sinners. They really know how to mix their flavors here so that every taste comes through without being overpowering.

Serniak’s Rating: 47

Environment: 9

Saints and Sinners is a little dive bar located in Pittston. I say dive bar but in no way should that be looked as a negative. It is what it is and I don’t believe they would refute that. You can tell immediately that is a townie bar as well with people who probably frequent the place often. That could make outsiders uncomfortable but I felt welcomed the whole time. I was one of theirs. The place would also be a nice spot to catch a game or simply look to put in a nice shift. They have darts and a pool table to keep busy. One big reason that rate well in this department is that our waitress and the only one working the bar was incredibly nice, efficient and she was real easy on the eyes. She treated us real well and was diligent with her craft.

Wing Flavors: 10
I don’t think I have come across another place that has as many wing flavors before. I wish I counted how many to be exact but they have easily 50 flavors and some are exotic ones at that. Flavors ranging from Cajun to jalapeno ranch to sirracha. With all types of flavors lying in between the ones I mentioning, giving a 10 was an easy decision.

Wing Size: 8
Now we have been here before and I will tell you that for whatever reason I thought the wings were bigger this time around than the last. They were large. I actually got full towards the end. At 45 cents a wing on wing night, it is good deal and worth the trip.

Wing Taste (x2): 10
I ordered Cajun, garlic/bleu, Sinner sauce and jalapeño ranch. The Cajun were tip-top with spices. It wasn’t just their hot sauce with added spices, they had their own flavor to them that was original. With a nice zip to each bite, the Cajun is a must get. Garlic/bleu were very interesting. Loaded with garlic and topped with bleu cheese the combination worked very well. These two flavors came together to make one cool taste. Sinner sauce is actually five flavors mixed to make one. It is hot, cajun, bleu, garlic and I believe ranch( I may be wrong about ranch) that are really flavorful, as you can imagine. All flavors involved off-set each other and help each other to be one tremendous sauce. Finally, jalapeño ranch was my favorite of them all. With a ranch sauce that is cool and crisp to actually pieces of jalapeños mixed in with other spices, this flavor has everything I need in a wing. The jalapeños were no where near overpowering so it was easy to consume. I highly recommend this flavor.

First Visit

Overall Rating: 77

Lynch’s Rating:
Environment: 8
Wing Flavors: 10
Wing Size: 4
Wing Taste: 9
Individual Score: 40
Serniak’s Rating:
Environment: 8
Wing Flavors: 10
Wing Size: 5
Wing Taste: 7
Individual Score: 37

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