High Wing Prices Strike Again: This Time It’s Quaker Steak And Lube

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R Time at R Bar

R Bar 8.29.17

R Bar is one of R favorite places. Alright, we won’t make anymore “R” puns, but seriously, this place is the number one place for a reason. The vast majority of options is ridiculous and every single sauce is delicious. Check out our podcast review at the bottom of the post to hear all about our latest visit.

In this podcast, we talk about how it’s been way too long since we’ve been to our favorite place (one and half years). Oh, and the feature wings on this visit were truly unique. Plus, we reference Staind quite a bit for some reason. What’s not to like about that?! And, at the end of the podcast we reference another song that we didn’t know the name of at the time. We will save you the frustration and tell you the song we were referencing was Disturbed’s Sound of Silence. So there’s that.

We’ve been to R Bar quite a bit, so head over to the R Bar Review Page to see our previous reviews and listen to our earlier podcasts.

R Bar Wingcast

Sport Hill Inn

Sport Hill Inn 8.24.17

Basic Information:

Location: 984 E Drinker Street, Dunmore, PA 18512
Phone number: (570) 507-9861
Wing Price: $7.99 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 50 cent wings
Wing Flavors: Mild, Hot, XXX Hot, Honey Hot, Sport Hill Inn BBQ, Honey Mustard, Garlic Parmesan, Sweet & Spicy, Ranch, Garlic Mild, Teriyaki

Overall Rating: 69

Lynch’s Rating: 32 out of 50

Environment: 8
What was old is new again. Sport Hill Inn, known previously as Serafina, which was known previously as Anna Maria’s, is the newest name tied to the restaurant located at 984 E Drinker Street in Dunmore. The place hasn’t really changed much since Serafina. In fact, the menus still have the Serfina name on the front. The inside is made up of distinct areas that really have their own feel. The front entrance brings you into a large, modern-looking bar area with plenty of seating at the bar and high tables. There is also a very large dining room if you wanted to sit down for a nice meal. My favorite part, which happened to be where we sat, was a nice outdoor, covered patio area for some killer outdoor dining. I didn’t get a chance to check out the dining room section, but based on the patio and bar area, it was definitely not busy. Unfortunately, they only allow orders of ten, even on their wing night, so we all had to agree on the flavors we wanted to ensure we got a good variety. We got our orders in quickly and received our food in no time. All in all, it was a pretty good experience. If you’ve been to Serafina in the past, expect much of the same with Sport Hill Inn.

Wing Size: 9
There was a time when the world was a much simpler place. Kids went outside, people actually talked to each other, and wings were 25 cents. This day in age, it’s becoming very difficult to find these things in the wild. Well, except for 25 cent wings, which Sport Hill Inn serves on their wing night. It’s crazy, it’s almost impossible to see a price like this anymore for regular wings. When that check came, I was amazed at how low it was, especially considering the amount of wings we got. While these aren’t the biggest wings you’ll see, you can’t beat that price,. So, go crazy, order 5 more, because, you know, you only YOLO once.

Wing Flavors: 5
You will most likely not be blown away by the wing options at Sport Hill Inn. While this will make most people happy, we at the Wing Men prefer variety and surprises. Don’t get me wrong, there were enough options for us to have a decent selection to eat, but maybe put a weekly special on the menu to experiment with what works. Or start allowing mixture of any sauces. Even better, include some Cajun, Chipotle, Sriracha, Bacon, or Blue Cheese in the mix to really expand your options.

Wing Taste (x2): 5
We had a big share fest with the 40 wings we ordered. The Hot were pretty well executed. It was a classic Buffalo sauce with the right amount of spice and flavor. I really do like the Hot from Sport Hill Inn. Is it the best around? No, but it is a tasty wing that I’m sure you will enjoy. Another standout flavor for me was the Sweet & Spicy sauce. In fact, this was my favorite of the night. It reminded me a lot of a Jack Daniel’s Sauce with a good, spicy kick. The Ranch was a bit of a letdown. Basically, it was ranch dressing on a wing. I will say it did seem slightly different, almost spicier, but it was pretty darn similar to ranch dressing. The Garlic Parmesan was a thick white sauce consisting, as you probably could have guessed, of garlic and parmesan cheese. The garlic was strong in this one, but the parmesan cheese was a bit lacking. Overall, the Garlic Parmesan was a bit underwhelming. I wish both the Ranch and Garlic Parmesan were mixed with hot. I think this would add another level of flavor that would make these wings stand out a bit more.

Serniak’s Rating: 37 out of 50

Environment: 7
We have an old building that we’ve been to before but it is a new place, sort of. We went to Sport Hill Inn, which is located in Dunmore and occupies the space that was formerly Serafina’s. Their emblem for the place looks like a Milwaukee Bucks logo, which I think is sharp. Not many bars around here that embrace the Greek Freak but we might have one now. The setup was pretty much the same. Nice clean, classy bar on the inside with a fair amount of tables and equipped with an outside seating area that has plenty of room with TVs to watch whatever you’d like. We didn’t check it out, but if all things are the same as before, there’s another side to the place past the bar that also has plenty of seating. There’s even a downstairs area that I used to perform stand up comedy in that can really be utilized if the right idea gets implemented. I said the place was sort of a new place because when we got the menus, the name Serafina’s was on the menu. Perhaps the business is still in the family and they kept everything the same but changed the name of the place. Who knows. It was however surprising to see that. Our server was very nice and joked around with us. She was personable and in good spirits. That goes along way. The place is called Sport Hill Inn but I couldn’t really notice if it’s trying to be a sports bar or a classy type of cocktail loung place. It’s the kind of place, and we’ve seen this before, where a place has a wing night but wings aren’t their flagship meal. Maybe at Sport Hill, their best dish is Italian? Couldn’t tell you. The place is pretty new so maybe they’re trying to do a hybrid kind of a thing.

Wing Size: 10
Like Billy Bob would say ‘I give it a ten a ten a%#@%^#) ten.” Why? Because wings on Thursdays are a classic 25 cents a wing that’s why. Makes you feel like it’s 1999 when you get the bill. The size of the wings are around the average mark. Not to wildly big but also not way tiny or anything like that. You did however have to get 10 for them to be 25 cents, which if that’s a problem for anyone please escort yourself to another planet.

Wing Flavors: 6
Sport Hill has 12 flavors to choose from and they’re all mostly the classics. Mild, hot, honey mustard, garlic parm, sweet and spicy, ranch and teriyaki to name the majority. Nothing to out of the ordinary but it’s nice to see that they had the essentials with a few more that I would say are more than just the usual with the teriyaki, sweet and spicy and their Sport Hill BBQ, which stupidly, I didn’t get.

Wing Taste (x2): 7

We split 40 wings and got the hot, sweet and spicy, ranch and garlic parm. The hot were fine but kind of forgettable. To me, they just didn’t have any oomph to them. No sizzle. They weren’t that hot, which I’m used to but they were also kind of just there. Oh well. The sweet and spicy were loaded with flavor. Excellent balance of twang and sweetness that was good with every bite. They had a beautiful thick sauce that could make you think they were designed as an Asian style. Either way, they were spot on. The ranch were exactly that. Just ranch dressing or perhaps even ranch dip. Not exactly sure but if you like ranch on everything, and I know some of you do, this is the flavor you’ve always wanted. Lastly, were the garlic parm. I thought maybe these would end up being infused with hot or mild sauce, which happens often, but I was pleasantly surprised find out they were just garlic parm. I love when that happens. Don’t get me wrong, try getting me right and hear me when I say that i thoroughly enjoy when garlic parm wings are just that: garlic and parm. It goes together so well and so did these. Copious amounts of garlic and parmesan cheese all over them. I highly recommend them.


Third Time to Waldo’s was a Charm

Waldo's Wings 7.13.17

Basic Information:

Location: 406 Green Ridge St, Scranton, PA 18509
Phone number: (570) 961-8904
Wing Price: $7 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Monday and Thursday
Wing Night Price: 40 cent wings
Wing Flavors*: X-Mild, Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot, Waldo’s Death Sauce, Mild Ranch, Medium Ranch, Hot Ranch, Mild Bleu, Medium Bleu, Hot Bleu, Butter Garlic, Mild Honey Garlic, Medium Honey Garlic, Hot Honey Garlic, Porketta, Old Bay, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Captain Morgan, Caesar Parm, Cajun Dry, Mild Cajun, Medium Cajun, Hot Cajun, Taco
*Combine any wing flavors

Third Visit

Overall Rating: 85

Lynch’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 8
We decided it was time to make another trip to Waldo’s since our last visit over three years ago. Our decision was made very easy by the fact that we heard they had redid the menu, added plenty of new flavors, and build an outdoor patio area. I drive by Waldo’s quite a bit since I’m always on Green Ridge Street of Scranton, but I somehow never noticed the new patio, most likely due to the fact that it is mostly fenced in with a small gate to enter. I entered through the patio gate and immediately thought it was fantastic. There is a covered outside bar area with some tables for dining around it. There are also plenty of tables not covered if you want the full outdoor experience. It looks like there are some heaters for those colder nights, but we went on a warm day so there was no need for that. Looking at the covered dining area, I am going to guess that they will put up some type of wall and bring the heaters into the enclosure to create an awesome outdoor/indoor place for hanging out. They have about 6 drafts on tap outside. We went during a Victory Tap takeover and got to enjoy some delicious brews while dining outdoors. They did provide table service outdoors, and all the wings we ordered came out pretty fast. My quick peek inside revealed that not much has changed on the interior. If you’re a fan of the old Waldo’s, you have the option to hang out inside, but personally, I highly recommend the outdoor dining.

Wing Size: 8
When compared to other places, Waldo’s wings were definitely below average. When compared to prices of other wing places though, Waldo’s excelled. On their wing night, which they feature on both Monday and Thursday, they offer wings for only 40 cents a piece. A price like that is very hard to find this day and age. On top of that, Waldo’s allows you to place an order in any amount you want. I’m traditional, so I stuck to my normal 5, but if you wanted to go crazy, you can probably get 3 or 4 of some flavors. Don’t go too crazy and order 1 of every flavor though. People would start claiming you’re a psychopath.

Wing Flavors: 9
Waldo’s offers a good base of a large variety of flavors containing a mix of the classics and some that are more unique. If you want your classic Mild or Butter Garlic, they’ve got you covered. Want to try a wing that’s a little crazier like Taco or Porketta? Waldo’s should be able to help you out. What really pushed them over the top for me was the note on their menu that states you can combine any flavors. That opens up (as Aladdin would say) a whole new world. They may even have some secret sauces that aren’t on the menu, so be sure to ask and you may be in for a little treat.

Wing Taste (x2): 8
I decided to amp up my usual Hot order by trying the X-Hot. In the past, any time I ordered the step up, I was always surprised at how tame the flavor actually was. Well, let me tell you, these bad boys were super spicy. It was a darker, red sauce full of peppery spiciness. Don’t get me wrong though, they had a ton of flavor that I enjoy quite a bit. Waldo’s didn’t sacrifice flavor just for the sake of heat here. Let me warn you though, it’s not for the faint of heart. I’d almost be concerned for anyone who wanted to try the next step up, Waldo’s Death Sauce. The Hot Cajun Bleu was a flavor thought up in the mind of yours truly. For the most part, it captured the essence of the combination. It had a great Cajun taste to it along with a spicy backbone of the hot sauce. I only got the slightest hint of bleu cheese on this one though. I wish there was a bit more because it would have mellowed out the heat and Cajun spice a bit, which I think would have been a fantastic flavor. Finally, the Caesar Parm is a classic combination that’s hard for me not to order. I love both flavors and Waldo’s does a really good job of combining them for the perfect balance of Caesar and Parmesan cheese. I ordered these with the mild sauce and I’m happy I did because it allowed the Caesar Parm flavor to come through with just the tiniest hint of hot sauce.

Serniak’s Rating: 44 out of 50

Environment: 9
Waldo’s on Greenridge St. reminds a lot Harvey Dent, who’s known to his friends as Two Face because when you walk in the place you get this grittier, throwback bar that reminds you of your classic corner bar. But when you round the corner and get to the outside area, you enter a more modern looking setup that’s all about chilling out and letting that hair down pending you have any. Even if you don’t like me, you could figuratively do it. We sat outside and lucky for us, the weather was on our side. We must of been riding with some serious luck because there was a Victory tasting happening so we got talk brew with a representative of the brewery and also have some fine tasting suds. Outside you’ll find several tables and a another fully operating bar. You’ll also find a cornhole game off to the side. That’s a nice touch because it’s a game you don’t see very often at places and it’s one that everyone is down to play and if they aren’t, well I just think you need to reevaluate your friends. Our server was nice and joked around with us and even the guy behind the bar joked around with is. Everyone just seemed to be in a good mood, which is always a plus. No one wants to relax in a tense environment and Waldo’s did a nice job of making sure people were feeling upbeat. The outside area I think has only been around for a few months. Dynamite idea to add it. I hope they enclose it for the winter. That be rad.

Wing Size: 10
The size of their wings are around the average mark. They aren’t crazy small or big, to me, they’re regular. But where they go against the grain in a positive way is that for their wing night, they buck the current trend and have a 40 cents wing night. I feel like for the past 5 or so reviews, all I’ve been having are 60 cents wing nights. And as I understand that the price of wings has gone up and wing joints have to keep up, Waldo’s says, nope, we’re staying at 40 cents.

Wing Flavors: 9
This is an upgrade like you read about. They have 27 flavors on their menu. The last time we were at Waldo’s, which was a few years ago, they only around 7-10 flavors. So they definitely made a decision to really concentrate on their wings and I’m really happy they did. They got your standards but then they have some rising stars like porketta, cajun, old bay, hot bleu and taco. They also have a Waldo’s Death Sauce, which sounds like if you have it then you’re going to have a bad time. But go ahead and test your might and give it a whirl. They also let you combine any of their sauces together in case you’re feeling like a mad scientist. What’s good and something I wish all places did is that they put it right on their menu that you can combine flavors instead of putting me in a kind of guessing state. An easy move that helps out everyone.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

I went with my classic 20 with 4 different flavors. We’ll go from my least favorite to my favorite because why not? I had the honey mustard. It was a typical honey mustard. All aspects of it were represented. I actually think there was more honey in it than mustard. If you’re into honey mustard, this wing won’t disappoint. Next, I had the cajun dry rub. They had a very healthy coating of cajun seasoning and every square centimeter(possibly a new unit of measurement, I have no idea) was caked with the seasoning. That’s something often gets overlooked. The cajun had a solid heat to it but nothing overbearing. Simply solid. Moving to a flavor that was a bit more intense, and that’s the X-Hot. I was feeling froggy and wanted something with a bit more heat and man did I get what I was looking for. These were legit hot. A lot of times I go out and get the next level up from someone’s regular hot and it’s fine but they don’t bring the heat like I thought they would. Well, that’s not what happened here because these had serious heat and I knew it immediately. But they also had a nice flavor of spice to them. I’ll say that they are my personal limit for hotness from a wing sauce. Any more, I’ll be to the point where I would be hurting eternally. I ate all of them and I’m proud that I did. Like I said earlier, if you want to get the death sauce, be my guest. I’m told no one ever ate them all there so go out and make history. Lastly, I got the taco. So much taco flavor with an assist from what I think was their regular hot sauce. The taco flavor was potent through every bite. Not sure I ever had a taco wing so much punch. Highly recommend them.

Your Nepa Wingmen Have Visited 100 Wing Joints

After confirming with the nerds down at NEPA Wingmen HQ, it has been discovered that when we went to R-place a few weeks ago, that we eclipsed our 100th wing joint that we went too. Not sure if we get a jacket or a watch out of this, but it’s nice to know that we hit triple digits. Go ahead and give yourselves a round of applause because without your continuous support we wouldn’t of had the daunting and downright pressure filled task of sampling the wings of the greater NEPA area. Not saying it’s your fault that our bodies have aged decades within a 4-5 year stretch but I’m also not not saying that either. And because we’re damn caring humanitarians, knowing that it took every place we’ve been too to get us where we are today and that we understand the concept of needing to break a few eggs to make an omelet, please pour some out for the wing joints that we have lost throughout the years.

Keep letting us know about wing places that we haven’t tried yet and new places that are new to everyone in the area. We don’t discriminate and are down to having all the wings this side of the Appalachian Mountains. No doubt we revisit places oftenish, but nothing gets our engine going than the unknown. So if you know of a place or even if you have a place that you believe has wings that have what it takes, message us and we’ll do what we can to get there.

Again, thanks and remember to always Wing it!

R Place on 590

Basic Information:

Location: 482 Hamlin Highway Route 590, Hamlin, PA 18427
Phone number: (570) 689-6200
Normal Wing Price: $7.95 for an order of 10
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 60 cents
Wing flavors: J&J Spicy, Classic Mild Buffalo, Classic Hot Buffalo, Honey Mild, Bar-B-Que, Honey Bar-B-Que, Beez Neez (honey Dijon & garlic), Asian Blazin’ (sweet chili & teriyaki), Sweet Jalapeno

Overall Rating: 69

Lynch’s Rating: 32 out of 50

Environment: 9
I’ll be honest, I hardly find myself in Hamlin, but over the past couple weeks prior to our visit, I drove past R Place multiple times and it caught my eye. I would say the biggest draw was the huge sign blazing “Thursday Wing Night”, so there’s that. It’s a very large place with plenty of different sections. We sat within the bar area, which had a decent sized square bar, some bar tables, darts, and a pool table. I didn’t get a good look at the dining room, but it seemed quite big. Also, there’s a small patio section right outside the bar entrance where you can enjoy some outdoor eating and drinking. From my understanding, R Place is relatively new, taking the place of an older restaurant called Bennoco’s Beef & Brew. You can tell it’s newer because it feels fairly modern inside with updated stuff all around. One thing I liked about the bar was that it was well lit while we were there. Sometime, I just want a well-lit room while I’m taking down my wings. I thought our waitress, I believe her name was Sheila, did a pretty good job. She was friendly and just seemed cool. It’s hard to describe, but she was just a nice, laid back lady who knew how to do her job. Also, it didn’t hurt that it didn’t take that long for the wings to come out.

Wing Size: 7
There was a time that a 60 cent wing night was unheard of. Boy, times have changed. Slowly, 60 cent wings are becoming the norm. The reason I say this, as you could have probably guessed, is that R place offers a 60 cent wing night. And with 60 cents becoming the norm, I had to give R Place a 7 for size. The bone-in wings are pretty large here. I ordered my normal amount and could barely take them down.

Wing Flavors: 4
You’re not going to get a huge variety at R Place. Don’t worry, they do have your popular options like Buffalo and Bar-B-Que. They also have some interesting sauces like Beez Neez and Asian Blazin’, which is pretty cool in my book. It’s also nice that they have a weekly wing sauce that I imagine changes for each wing night. I feel like that is becoming harder to find. On a side note, I haven’t seen Serniak’s review yet, but I’m going to guess that he’s calling for additional sauces that include ranch, sriracha, Caesar, and/or garlic. I have to agree with him one hundred percent on this one. Just these minor items mixed with existing sauces could greatly increase the menu options when it comes to wing flavors.

Wing Taste (x2): 6
Whenever I head to a new location, I have to order the Classic Buffalo to see how they stack up with the traditional flavor. I thought the Classic Hot Buffalo from R Place was a slightly above average wing. It had a good level of spice that I want in a sauce labeled Hot, plus the cayenne pepper flavor really came through. The Asian Blazin’ is described on the menu as a sweet chili and teriyaki sauce, but I got more of a sweet and sour taste from it, which I thought was still pretty tasty. The sesame seeds sprinkled on the wings were a nice touch. Personally, I would have liked more of that teriyaki flavor in these wings. They were definitely more on the sweet end of things. Finally, the J&J Spicy were OK. I didn’t think they were that spicy, and I got a tomato sauce vibe from them. I’m not crazy about tomato sauce flavoring in my wing, so that may be why I wasn’t blown away by these wings. If you’re more of a tomato-base sauce wing person, go for these wings. Maybe they will be more up your alley.

Serniak’s Rating: 37 out of 50

Environment: 8
It’s not his place, it’s not her place and it’s not even your place. It’s R-Place. And that’s exactly where we went. Not to be confused with the R-Bar, R-place is it’s own separate entity. I remember when I saw the place if businesses were all going to start to follow this idea of sticking the letter R in front of their business name. Imagine the possibilities with me. R-Gas Station, R-Hospital, R-Funeral Home. Endless possibilities. As for R-Place, the place we went for wings, the place is enormous. It has a dining hall that leads into a bar that leads to an outside area. They also have maybe the biggest parking lot of all time. Breathtaking pavement. We sat in the bar area and let me tell you, a cleaner bar would be hard to find. Place was spotless. Pretty sure R-Place has only been around for half a year or so but still, the place pristine. The bar itself had a beautiful wooden top to it. They had a few quality brews on tap but don’t expecting a crazy selection of craft brew. The place had a pool table and a good amount of seating in the bar area. Our server was a very nice lady and she was diligent with us. If you’re looking for a place to get nuts at I suggest trying somewhere else. But if you’re looking to relax in a calming atmosphere this is the place for you.

Wing Size: 6
The trend continues where another place is seemingly feeling the effects of higher wing prices. The wings on R-Place’s wing night is 60 cents. That’s something like 4 places in a row where where wing prices were 60 cents. I know that’s what the market is dictating but I’m just not ready to accept 60 cents as the new 50 cents. I’m close though. As for their size, they were in the middle of big and small, right in the middle. I think you could get your typical order and feel satisfied. One thing to note was the presentation of the wings. They were served to us in individual silver bowls. They looked amazing. Even the color of each wing had a distinct sharpness to them. They really popped.

Wing Flavors: 7
There are 10 flavors to choose from on the menu and they have a flavor of the week that is not located on the menu and instead is on the wall. The flavors are JandJ Spicy, classic mild buffalo, classic hot buffalo, honey mild, BBQ, honey BBQ, Beez Kneez(honey garlic), Asian Blazin(sweet chili, teriyaki), garlic parm /herb butter and OMG Hot. The featured off menu flavor was sweet jalapeno. They have some cool names for some of their flavors that I’m always a sucker for. In fact their entire menu is loaded with cool and interesting names for their food. I wish they would get ranch involved in their flavor lineup. Ranch is a can’t miss with just about any other flavor.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

I got the JanJ Spicy, Asian Blazin, Bees Knees and Sweet Jalapeno. Let’s start with the Asian Blazin. They had what you want in an Asian sauce. Had some heat, had some spice and had that saltiness that you expect from Chinese food. Nothing overpowered the other. More of a thicker sauce compared to what you get with just a teriyaki sauce. Next we have the JanJ Spicy. Not sure who JanJ is. Perhaps they’re paying homage to the fallen J and J security who were the henchmen of Triple H. Gotta be that. This sauce was spicy but not wildly spicy, just right. You knew it was there but it didn’t take over your tastebuds. It was a very flavorful sauce. To me, it was like their house hot sauce kicked up a notch. Continuing on I went of menu and had the sweet jalapeno. Didn’t hate this sauce, but I was left wanting more. I figured with actual jalapeno on the wing it would have much more kick. They didn’t. It was much more sweet, which is fine but I was hoping there would of been a more give and take between sweet and spicy. Oh well. Lastly, and the best that I had there were the Beez Kneez. I was a bit skeptical of just a honey and garlic combo but man they were excellent. The honey and sweetness were there but it was garlic that took the lead here. It was prominent throughout each bite. I there were some added herbs in there as well that played a nice role. I typically don’t get excited about honey but I’m glad I went against my grain and got them because they were the truth.