Andy Gavins (Bone Night)

Third Visit

3.18.14 – Andy Gavin’s Review Podcast

Second Visit

Overall Rating: 73

Location: Scranton
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Price: $0.40 or $0.45 a wing
Phone number: 570-346-8864

Wing flavors: It includes the chip and wing flavors. Check it out here: Andy Gavin’s Menu
Wing to get: Hot Ranch

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 10
I wanted to give this place a 9 for environment, but I honestly cannot think of a reason to give it anything other than a 10. It was recently remodeled, which opened up a lot of floor space. It provides plenty of space at the bar and for seating for food. Honestly, it was a bit crowded inside in the past. If you were a male in the old Andy Gavin’s and had to use the bathroom, you had to bring a step stool and be ready for the whole bar to see you pee at any moment. Now, the bathroom is much bigger and cleaner. The whole bar is clean. On top of that, the place has outdoor seating, which I am a huge fan of, especially during the warmer weathers. They also provide a good selection of beer on draft and in bottles. If you’re into microbrews, this is a good place to go. Our waitress was nice, and we had multiple waitresses check up on us multiple times while we ate. There was never a moment where we were without food or drink. The service was great and the food came out pretty fast.  Here’s the problem though. For some reason, Serniak has a negative bias against Gavin’s, so I have a feeling he’s going to rate it much lower than I am.
Wing Flavors: 10
At first, the amount of wing flavors don’t seem that hefty, until you factor in the fact that you can order any of the chip flavors for the wings. This greatly broadens the playing field. Plus the chip flavors are very unique. If you do order a chip flavor for the wing, it will be a dry rub though, just so you’re aware. The menu in general is pretty extensive.
Wing Size: 6
The wings did suffer in size a bit. The normal flavors (consisting of Hot, Mild, Medium, and BBQ) would run you $0.40 each, but any other wing flavor would cost $0.45. The wings were a pretty decent size and you should leave pretty full.
Wing Taste: 7
I placed an order for Hot, Hot Ranch, Teriyaki (of course) and General Tso’s.  I will say this first, if you get wings from Andy Gavin’s, avoid the dry rub. From my experience at least, any dry rub wing is lacking in flavor. It may be due to the fact that it is originally intended for a chip, but who knows. All my wings were the original wing flavors, and if I were basing my rating on them alone, it would be near perfect, but I did try some of the dry rub, so the score suffered. The Hot were the worst out of the bunch I ordered. They weren’t all that spicy and were a much thicker sauce, almost spaghetti like. The Hot Ranch were awesome – Such a great taste and mixture of ranch sauce and hot sauce. Teriyaki at Andy Gavin’s are one of the best Teriyaki around. It is a thicker Teriyaki sauce with plenty of that saltiness and flavor that I love. General Tso were also pretty awesome. Similar to the Teriyaki in a way, but more like a spicy sweet and sour sauce.

Individual Score: 40

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 9
Andy Gavins is a good place to have a good time. What is good about the place in the Summer is that you can eat outside, which is always a plus. They also have a good draft and bottle list to choose from. Our server, was very nice and checked in on us seeing if we needed anything. There are tvs all over the place so you can watch a game if you want. Also, they recently remodeled the place so if anyone can remember the bathroom and how high the urinal was, that is now a thing of the past. They got a whole new watercloset. The atmosphere was festive and other patrons were enjoying themselves.
Wing Flavors: 10
They have 9 flavors listed. They are hot,garlic, honey mustard, sesame, General Tso’s, bbq, Jamacian Jerk bbq, teriyaki and ranch. But you can also choose from their flavors that they use for their homemade potato chips. They have 16 flavors of those. Flavors such as bacon and cheese, pizza, cajun and old bay. This option is not on the menu but you could ask for it. Very good variety of flavors especially when you add in the chip flavors.
Wing Size: 6
For 40 cents a wing for wing night, it is a good deal. But its weird, some wings are big and some are pretty small. It is a real mixed bag.
Wing Taste: 4
I ordered hot and General Tso’s off the wing flavor menu and pizza and bacon and cheese from chips menu. The hot at Gavins is one of the better regular hot sauces that you will find in the area. Very tangy and it seems like there is a tomato sauce in it, which gives it a splendid flavor. The General Tso wing sauce was like you would get if you ordered Chinese food. I like that it is very sticky and it had a nice zest to them. Now as for the pizza and bacon and cheese wings that I got I will review them both together. They were both lacking in flavor. They were basically cooked wings with a small amount of respected seasoning on them. They needed more flavoring to them and perhaps to be coated in butter. I did like that the wings were crispy for the most part.
Individual Score: 33

First Visit

Overall Rating: 63

Lynch’s Rating:
Environment: 8
Wing Flavors: 10
Wing Size: 5
Wing Taste: 7
Individual Score: 37
Serniak’s Rating:
Environment: 7
Wing Flavors: 8
Wing Size: 5
Wing Taste: 3
Individual Score: 26

3 thoughts on “Andy Gavins (Bone Night)

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  3. OMG! Where do I begin…. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT FOR STARTERS! Gavin’s claims wing nite is on Tuesday and Sunday (check out the menu online or in person), come to find out it’s not on Sunday and I got deceived. They claim wings are on “special”, then why even mention wing nite on Sunday?¿? When it comes to the bottom line, it’s not about the money, but about being deceived/lied to! I’ll never go back to Gavin’s, and the wings were not even good. The mild wings tasted like tomatoe sauce. Avoid the false advertisement if your smart.

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