The Wing List

Note: Keep in mind, the rating is not your high school grading scale. The average wing rating is 65, so anything higher would be above average. 


Bomb Bay Cafe – Overall Score: 84 – CLOSED

Barrett’s Pub – Overall Score: 69

Bud’s Bar & Grill – Overall Score: 64

Moontower – Overall Score: 62


Ernie G’s – Overall Score: 63


Peanut Bar – Overall Score: 82

Champions Lounge – Overall Score: 72

AJs – Overall Score: 57


DeLeo’s Bar N Grill – Overall Score: 87

McGrath’s – Overall Score: 67

Dickson City

Smilers – Overall Score: 84

American Grille at the Bomb Bay Cafe – Overall Score: 82

Happy Valley Sports Bar – Overall Score: 81

Legends Saloon – Overall Score: 78

Primanti Bros. – Overall Score: 75

Quaker Steak (Bone Night) – Overall Score: 70 – CLOSED

Buffalo Wild Wings – Overall Score: 65

Cangiano’s Main Street Bistro – Overall Score: 62


Loading Dock – Overall Score: 74

Buddy Clark’s – Overall Score: 71

The Patch – Overall Score: 71

Grande Pizza– Overall Score: 69

Sport Hill Inn – Overall Score: 69

Serafina – Overall Score: 63 – CLOSED

The Honkey Tonk – Overall Score: 56


Brick House – Overall Score: 72


Town Tavern – Overall Rating: 90

AuRant’s – Overall Rating: 74 – NO LONGER SERVES WINGS


Wildcat Saloon – Overall Score: 61


Bell’s County Line Pub and Eatery – Overall Score: 47


John’s Italian Restaurant – Overall Score: 71

R Place – Overall Score: 69


Windsor Inn – Overall Score: 62


JAK’s Pub and Eatery – Overall Score: 78

Johnny D’s – Overall Score: 58 – CLOSED

St. Georges – Overall Score: 47

Lake Ariel

Backdraft – Overall Score: 65


The Y Knot – Overall Score: 73

Slingshots – Overall Score: 53


The R Bar – Overall Score: 97

Tommyboy’s Bar & Grill – Overall Score: 80 – CLOSED


Newfoundland Hotel (Wing Buffet) – Overall Score: 63

Newfoundland Hotel (Wing Night) – Overall Score: 56

Old Forge

Rivals – Overall Score: 73


Station Square – Overall Score: 86 – CLOSED

O-Town Craft House – Overall Score: 83

M and J Bar and Restaurant – Overall Score: 70

Russens – Overall Score: 65

Thirst T’s – Overall Score: 63

Studio 590 – Overall Score: 58 – CLOSED

Schooners – Overall Score: 27


Benny’s – Overall Score: 82

Duke’s Sports Bar – Overall Score: 74 – CLOSED


Saints and Sinners (Bone Night) – Overall Score: 92

Tipsy Turtle – Overall Score: 75

Saints and Sinners (Boneless Night) – Overall Score: 66


Diskins – Overall Score: 92

Waldos – Overall Score: 85

Heils – Overall Score: 83 – CLOSED

The Penalty Box – Overall Score: 80

Ale Mary’s – Overall Score: 79

Zaleskis Clubhouse – Overall Score: 77

Vaudeville Inn – Overall Score: 76

Andy Gavins (Bone Night) – Overall Score: 73

Farr Street Tavern – Overall Score: 73 – CLOSED

The Rusty Nail – Overall Score: 73

Backyard Ale House – Overall Score: 72

V Spot – Overall Score: 69

Morganz – Overall Score: 68

Jasons (Old Donkey) – Overall Score: 65

The Court Street Tavern – Overall Score: 64 – CLOSED

Haggerty’s – Overall Score: 62

Rep’s Place – Overall Score: 61

Kildares – Overall Score: 58

The Parker House – Overall Rating: 54

The Glass Onion – Overall Rating: 53

Mickey Gannons – Overall Score: 53

The Vault – Overall Score: 52

Fratellis – Overall Score: 51

Goodfellas – Overall Score: 50

The Banshee – Overall Score: 45 – CLOSED

McGinty’s – Overall Score: 45

Poor Richard’s Pub – Overall Score: 45

Iron Horse Movie Bistro – Overall Score: 44

Kelly’s – Overall Score: 41

Minooka Pub – Overall Score: 39

Dugout – Overall Score: 38

Joyce’s Cafe – Overall Score: 25

Libassi’s – Overall Score: 24


Pappys – Overall Score: 57

The Old Brooke Inn – Overall Score: 40


Sanderson Street Tavern – Overall Score: 75

Mazie’s – Overall Score: 68

Cocktales – Overall Score: 37

Union Dale

The Beacon – Overall Score: 56


The Crossroads – Overall Score: 66

Wilkes Barre

Anthracite Cafe – Overall Score: 89

The Chicken Coop – Overall Score: 87

Bart and Urby’s – Overall Score: 85

Whiskey Business – Overall Score: 79

Beer Boys – Overall Score: 75

Frog Pond – Overall Score: 63

Bottlenecks – Overall Score: 58


11 thoughts on “The Wing List

    • We base the score on a number of factors, including environment, wing size, taste, and flavors. Each section is factored into the overall score. Check out our About page to get a better breakdown of the rating system.

  1. Thanks for the review…..glad u enjoyex the wings……my question is you have.four catergories so its oit of 40. Yet u give places scores over 80. How does that happen!

    • Thanks for checking out the site! You are correct, there are four categories. The wing taste category is double weighted though, so that makes a possible score of 50 per person. That 50 is doubled though because there are two wingmen. That makes the highest possible score 100. See, we don’t just wing it! (See what I did there) We break down the whole rating system in our About page. Check it out!

  2. Kelly’s places first at Wings Over Montage year after year and has one of the longest waiting lines on wing night, yet you scored them exceptionally low. In my opinion, this discredits your entire ranking list and it’s categories. If your interested in the basic wing flavors, your ranking is biased as it lowers the ranking of restaurants with few (yet exceptionally delicious) flavors. Larger wings aren’t always better, and are often worse, as they don’t cook well. Environment and taste are highly subjective and are hardly appropriate for what your conveying as objective data. I do appreciate your hard work in publishing wing nights and prices, though. Perhaps you should develop a poll and/or provide the opportunity for NEPA to blog about which wings they prefer and why (in a specified section on your site, not in this comment section) — but again, thanks for posting the Wing nights & prices! Greatly appreciated,

    • Hello and thank you very much for your feedback! We are always trying to think of ways to get people involved on the website. We do encourage comments, but I have never considered the option of a forum of sorts. I like that idea and will definitely look into it. We are planning on doing a poll in the future where the best wing place is determined by voting. I’m very excited for it.

      As for the reviews being subjective, I definitely agree. We try to quantify data to a degree, but ultimately it comes down to opinion. That is a major reason we have two of us writing reviews. The plan is to sort of balance each other out. For example, Serniak likes his wings crispier, whereas I prefer them a little bigger. People have very strong feelings for certain establishments. We may rate a place lower than what a person believes it should be, but I hope it doesn’t deter that person from still loving that place. I respect your opinion and definitely appreciate the feedback!

  3. I just recently came across your blog and was very excited because I have not been able to find really good wings in this area since moving here about 6 years ago. As soon as I saw your reviews I immediately decided to try Diskins because it was your top rated in Scranton, and they were quite good! However, I was curious why you have never reviewed the wings at the Windsor Inn in Jermyn?

    On a side note, if you are ever in the Binghamton NY area, or you want to make a trip to have really exceptional wings, check out The Old Union Hotel. Their Honey Siracha wings are hands down the best I have ever had, and it isn’t even close. They also have really good regular hot, and I haven’t actually tried any of theirs that I didn’t like. You would not regret the trip!

    • You can never go wrong with some Diskins wings. Glad you enjoyed them!

      As for the Windsor, we have a sort of unwritten rule to only go to places that have a wing night. That’s how this all started, so we have been trying to stick to it. If Windsor decides to have a wing night, we are definitely going to check it out.

      We will keep The Old Union Hotel in mind next time we feel like road tripping. Thanks for checking out the site and keep looking out for more reviews!

  4. The Bomb Bay Café is open and our wings are fantastic. We have over 50 sauces and rubs and if you can dream it, we’ll make it! !044 M.ain Ave. Dickson City, Pa

    • Hey Lorraine! Stay tuned! We actually visited the new Bomb Bay Cafe and wrote a review. We’ll be updating the site soon along with the new review.

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