Basic Information:

Location: 1216 N Main St, Peckville, PA 18452
Phone number: (570) 291-4190
Normal Wing Price: 10 for $7.50
Wing Night: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Wing Night Price: $0.50 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Mild, Mild Parm, Garlic, Garlic Parm, Hot Garlic, Hot Garlic Parm, Memphis BBQ, Benny’s BBQ, Hot BBQ, Speedie Sauce, Horsey Sauce, Hot BBQ Honey Mustard, Sweet Teriyaki, Sesame Teriyaki, Pete’s Sauce, Boom Boom, Caesar, Hot Caesar, Honey Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Cider Glaze, Sweet Chili, Tai Peanut, Bacon Brown Sugar, Volcano Style, Bourbon Sugar, Sweet Cajun, Sriracha Ranch, Porketta Dry Rub, Old Bay Dry Rub, Hot Brown Sugar Dry Rub, Signature Smokehouse Dry Rub, Honey Garlic Dry Rub, Applewood Dry Rub, Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub

First Visit – 1/04/17

Overall Rating: 82

Lynch’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 9
While driving along North Main Street in Peckville, you may have noticed a change to the recognizable bar called Duke’s, which was well-known for its cheesesteak pizza. The place is now called Benny’s and it’s under new ownership, and with this new ownership came a number of positive changes. The place is still split between a large bar area and a small take-out section. The bar area has much of the same layout, but with a number of changes to modernize it for a new age. The bar top has been redone and the lighting updated to give it a slicker look. Benny’s also added some nice beer selections tailored to the craft beer drinker if that sort of thing floats your boat. There is a section dedicated to two pool tables in case you wanted to pass the time while you wait for your food. Our service was fantastic while we were there. We sat at the bar and the two bartenders were on top of their game. They were very friendly, conversational, and always checking up on us to make sure we had everything we needed. You cannot split your order of wings at Benny’s, so just be wary if you planned on getting a variety of flavors. It never got crowded on our visit, but it did appear to get livelier as the night went on. Overall, Benny’s is a great new bar in the area that you’re bound to enjoy for some food or late-night activities.

Wing Size: 4
Most aspects of Benny’s had high marks. Size is not one of them. Benny’s does this awesome thing where they offer three wing nights – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On any of those nights, you can get an order of ten wings for $5. That is about the standard going price on wing night these days. When the wings came out, I knew I would have no trouble finishing all 20 as they were a bit on the smaller side. Usually, I finish my 15 feeling overly stuff, but I took down the 20 with no issues.

Wing Flavors: 10
Benny’s really brings it to the table (pun intended) with wing flavors. They have a huge amount of wet and dry options to cover your wings. In fact, there were so many to choose from, I struggled on my final selection. It’s interesting because Benny’s doesn’t have a traditional “Hot” flavor listed on the menu, but they do have a Mild and plenty of other “Hot” flavors, so I’m sure you could order a plain Hot if you wanted. Benny’s offers classic flavors as well as some great, unique styles such as Volcano Style (just like volcano fries, but on a wing), Pete’s Sauce (we were told this is a very spicy wing), and Applewood Dry rub. I definitely expect another visit in our near future just to give different wings a try.

Wing Taste (x2): 9
Before we get into the actual taste of the sauces I ordered, I wanted to mention that I like that they ask if you want your wings crispy. The wings came out with just the slightest, and rightest (in my opinion), amount of crisp. To start off, I ordered the Tai Peanut, which I believe is supposed to actually be Thai Peanut. Regardless, whenever I see a peanut sauce on a menu, I almost always make it a point to order. Serniak is not a fan of peanut sauces, but that’s his problem. I really enjoyed this wing. It had a good peanut butter taste up front with a decent kick of spice on the back end. It’s certainly not a wing sauce that everyone would order or enjoy, but since I am a sucker for peanut sauces, I thought Benny’s did a good job on it. I also ordered the Hot Caesar. This is another classic wing flavor that I always enjoy. Benny’s starts with a great hot sauce base and adds some Caesar to it to really amp up the taste. The balance between the hot and the Caesar were great. You won’t go wrong if you order these wings. The other two wings I tried – Benny’s Bacon Brown Sugar and Sweet Cajun – were Serniak’s picks, and may actually have been better than the two I talked about, but I will leave that to the other half of The Wing Men to describe.

Serniak’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 9
A real new-comer to the ever growing wing scene in the NEPA area(can’t imagine who or what is responsible for this) Benny’s takes over right where its predecessor left off. Benny’s is located in Peckville in the same location that Duke’s was it. Duke’s was known for their legendary double crust steak and cheese pizza. A possible national treasure it was. Now, Benny’s is in there and it appears they have decided they are heading in the wing direction. Great for wing bloggers, bad for no one. It’s nice to see all the hard work put into remodeling the place from when it was Duke’s. The layout is pretty much the same. They have two pool tables, a big bar area with a good amount of seating that wraps around it. It looked like they updated many things like the bar countertops and the amount of tvs. If you’re a sports guy or gal, it’s a great place to catch some competition of whatever sport you’d like minus perhaps croquet and badminton. We sat at the bar. Our bartender/server was quite pleasant and joked around with us while she attended others. There’s something to be said about being able to do both of those things without slowing down. I’m always appreciative of that. The atmosphere of the whole place also seemed to a positive one. People just seemed to be in a good mood. It’s always better to be in that kind of company. Fact. Equipped with a solid beer selection, I think you could easily spend days inside of there and not get bored. Maybe they should do a lock-in like bowling alleys used to do. That be somethin.

Wing Size: 7
You can go and find wings that are larger. You can find wings that are smaller. To me, they are slightly above average in size. And they’re right around the average for price at 50 cents a wing on their wing night. One thing you can’t do is order them in orders of 5. You need to get them in orders of 10. I’m a guy who craves multiple sauces so I suggest you go with a companion so that you could try our more flavors.

Wing Flavors: 9
It took me a god while to decide between an 8 or a 9. But, after further review, I went with a 9 because they have over 20 flavors and several of them are unique and they put their own twist into some classics. I’m a fan of innovation and Benny’s certainly is thinking outside the standard flavors in trying to stand out. Flavors such as horsey sauce, boom boom and speedie sauce, sauces that you don’t normally see can be found here. But sauces such as sweet cajun, one that I’ve never seen before, cider glaze and Benny’s bacon brown sugar show me that they’re looking to really plant a flag in the wing society that we live in. I hope they aren’t finished with exploring their brains for new flavors. All of us can benefit if they keep thinking.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

We got the hot caesar, thai peanut, Benny’s bacon brown sugar and the sweet cajun. The hot caesar was a very solid representation of what that flavor is all about. The heat of the hot mixed with subtle bite of the caesar dressing did some very good things out there. I do wish the caesar dressing was caked on instead of drizzled on. That’s me nitpicking I know, but I still like to have all sauces on every centimeter of my wings. I’m a real stickler for sauce distribution. It’s a curse I know. Now the thai peanut is a sauce that I typically avoid. I’ve just never been a guy who enjoys that flavor regardless of where it comes from. Lynch wanted to get it and I was in no position to challenge it. I checked. But, if you’re into that style then I’m rather sure you’ll like Benny’s take on this eastern staple. Had the peanutbuttery taste you’d expect. Moving on. The sweet cajun, a sauce I said I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, which is surprising because it doesn’t sound like something that should be that hard to come up with, was excellent. I thought it was real good because it focused a lot on the sweet facto. I figured it would be more spicy but nope, I thought it was real tangy. Real good combo of sweet and spicy. The sweetness wasn’t overpowering but I thought it was the leader of the flavor. Finally, the Benny’s bacon brown sugar is everything that those words are. There was bacon, there was brown sugar and it was at Benny’s. Thought it might be a dry rub but it was more like a hybrid of dry and wet. This might of happened because it had the brown sugar as dry but there was an extremely large showing of fresh cooked bacon on it and perhaps the grease from the bacon mixed in making wet. Either way, it was delicious. The brown sugar had a taste to it that wasn’t fully sweet. Something else was going on in there. Something they don’t want me to know. Whatever it was, it worked and that’s all that matters.

Backyard Ale House Podcast -A Revival


We’ve got another one for you! This time, we visited the Backyard Ale House. Listen to our podcast review at the bottom of this post.

If you read our last review of Backyard Ale House, you might remember that it definitely was not the best experience. It was strange because we always have such a great time at this place. Well, let me tell you, Backyard Ale House has definitely made up for that one experience. Everything was on point this time – fantastic service and delicious wings! We knew that the one bad visit was just a fluke.

Head over to the Backyard Ale House Review Page to check out all our previous visits, but definitely do them a service by listening to the latest podcast so you can see that they are just as awesome as always.

Backyard Ale House Wingcast



The Windsor Inn


Basic Information:

Location: 669 S Washington Ave, Jermyn, PA 18433
Phone number: (570) 876-4600
Normal Wing Price: 10 for $9.95
Wing Night: Sunday – 6 PM to 10 PM
Wing Night Price: $0.60 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Xtra Hot, Super Hot, Sriracha Ranch, Thai Chilli, Garlic Mild, Garlic Hot, Garlic Xtra Hot, Garlic Super Hot, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Butter & Garlic

First Visit – 12/04/16

Overall Rating: 62

Lynch’s Rating: 31 out of 50

Environment: 7
Many readers have wondered why The Windsor Inn is one of the few places we have never been to in NEPA. The answer is very easy – we generally only go to wing places on wing night. Is that because we are cheap? Well, partially, but we also like to set a standard and stick to it. Personally, I think if you want to be considered a wing place, you should at least have a wing night. Anyway, with new owners came a wing night for The Windsor Inn. When we found that out, we figured it was about time we made a visit. As a young lad from Lakeland School District, I had my fair share of wings from the Windsor in the past. It has been quite a while since I last visited, but the inside has remained much the same. You enter into the bar area complete with a large, square bar with plenty of TVs to catch your favorite game. To the right of the bar is well-lit, sit-down dining room with plenty of seats to enjoy a meal. Our server was friendly enough and the food arrived relatively quickly, so no complaints there. Honestly, not much has really changed since I was a youth and visited the Windsor, which is more than OK in my book.

Wing Size: 7
When talking about the Windsor with other wing enthusiasts, the small size of the wings became a common complaint. Well, that is no longer the case. These wings are much larger than I remember. On Sunday, which is their wing night, The Windsor Inn charges 60 cents a wing from 6 PM to 10 PM. You can also get wings in order of 5, which I am always a fan of. While they are not the biggest wings you will ever come across, it is a definite improvement over what I have seen in the past.

Wing Flavors: 5
The Windsor Inn has also improved in the types of flavors they offer. While many of the flavors are pretty basic, I’m happy to see they stepped it up a bit with some creative offerings such as Sriracha Ranch and Thai Chilli. I think it was also a smart decision to leave those original Hot flavors on the menu to appeal to the long-time fans of the Windsor.

Wing Taste (x2): 6
I decided to amp it up a bit for my wing order by ordering the Xtra Hot as opposed to the usual Hot that you traditionally see me chowing down on. I was happy with my choice. The Xtra Hot had a pretty good flavor up front with a nice kick of spice on the back end. I would even consider ordering the Super Hot on my next visit to see how much heat it can bring to the table. The Thai Chili left a little to be desired. It was your usual sticky, sweet sauce with a tiny hint if heat from the Chili. I feel like most restaurants, including Windsor, just order this sauce in bulk and serve as is. I think it’s a good base that you can modify to really make it stand out. Perhaps adjust it by adding some more heat to really make it a delicious sauce. The final wing I ordered was the Sriracha Ranch, which was probably my favorite out of the bunch. It had a great ranch flavor with a mellow spice from the sriracha. It was well-balanced and delicious. Overall, I think Windsor is smart to stick with the original flavors, but I think they have room to grow and to really spread their wings with these unique offerings.

Serniak’s Rating: 31 out of 50

Environment: 7
Finally, Sern has come back to near his home. I know The Rock does that slightly better than me but since the Windsor in Jermyn is the closest place that I will go to for wings I figured I couldn’t let the opportunity to impersonate the Great One slip by. Anyways, the Wingmen finally got to try the 2nd greatest wings in all of space and time according to a contest where they placed 2nd in I think in the 70s. I always thought it was weird that a place with such well graded wings never had a wing night. Maybe it was the kind of thing where the management never wanted to serve them at anything not full price? Who knows? I’m just a guy who believes that if you have a flagship item that you should give the people an opportunity to enjoy them a bit cheaper than usual. Might not be a popular opinion but remember this is coming from a guy who’s never ran a restaurant. Haven’t been inside the Windsor in many years and man it was different. Much more bright an extra restroom and just a more updated look and feel to it. The place is equipped with a large bar on side and tables and chair area on the other. Definitely a place you could bring the family after an evening at the skating rink. Our server was pleasant and helped us with everything we needed. One thing I don’t think they have anymore is the arcade room, which if you think about it, are really becoming a thing of the past. So if you’re looking to play Mortal Kombat and ski ball, sorry.

Wing Size: 4
Big friggin wings. That’s what you’ll get here. Really yuge. But the reason for the rating of a 4 is because they’re 60 cents each. That easily puts them 10-15 cents higher than the norm of about 45-50 cents each. Are we talking life changing money? Probably not. But it’s a high number. Also, their wing night is on Sundays, which is neat and different but it’s only from 6-10. Just seems like a real small window of time to experience a places wing night. But if you think about it, they aren’t advertising a wing day. So I guess I kind of have to respect the exactness of their decision.

Wing Flavors: 6
I think the last time I was at the Windsor there were only hot and mild sauces to choose from. I don’t mind if you fact check me on that. Today, they’re up to 13 sauces. It’s a solid number of wings but besides the sriracha ranch and Thai chili, everything else is a play off their hot and mild sauces. Such as hot, hot garlic, xtra hot, super hot garlic, mild, mild garlic. You’ll find that they have BBQ and butter and garlic. I’m pleased that there are more sauces from I remember, but I’m a guy who desires different styles and creative approaches.

Wing Taste (x2): 7

I got my standard 20 because that’s what I do. First of I got their classic hot. It was fine. It tasted like hot sauce from the valley. A real deep butter based sauce. In hindsight, I should’ve gotten the next level in hotness because the plain hot didn’t have as much as heat as I could have gone for. Next, I had the butter garlic. Big fan of these. A very generous portion of garlic was distributed throughout the wings. Amazes me when I get butter and garlic from places and there isn’t garlic everywhere. Thanks Windsor. 3rdly, i got the Thai Chili. Another very solid entry. They had good spices throughout and even had a sweetness that really accented the heat. Lastly, and what I thought were the wings to get, the sriracha ranch. I’m not saying I’m an unpaid spokesman for the sriracha revolution but I’m also not saying I’m not either. This sauce had the major heat you get with a sriracha sauce but when you add the cooling agent that is ranch you really have a dynamite sauce on your hands.

Thirst T’s Podcast Review


Two nights in a row we have brought you new podcasts! It must be your lucky week. This time, we’ve got a podcast review of Thirst T’s headed your way. Check out the bottom of the post to give it a listen.

Since our last visit, which was over two years ago, they have updated their wing sauces and really upped their game. We talk all about it in the Wingcast. On top of that, you can hear all about our future plans of starting our own zesting business and glittering business. Trust us, it’s a genius idea.

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Thirst T’s Wingcast

Serafina Podcast Review


We’ve made a return trip to Serafina’s Restaurant after more than two years away. And we have to say, they’ve really upped their game. Head to the bottom of the post to listen to the podcast review!

In this one, we kind of lacked in the intro department. Well, I’m sure you’ll hear when you give the podcast a listen. We also talk about how Serafina expanded their wing selection, which is always a plus. And, we talk about their sweet outdoor area. It’s pretty spectacular.

If you want to read about our experience from over two years ago, we saved it within the Serafina Review Page. Be sure to check it out.

Serafina Wingcast

DeLeo’s Podcast Review


Well, well, well. What do we have here? It’s another podcast! This time, we’re bringing you a review of our second visit to Deleo’s. Head to the bottom of the post to give it a listen.

I will say, it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted to the website. We’ve been so busy with the Holidays and filling our faces with wings that we’ve been posting a lot on Facebook but hardly anything on here. Don’t you worry though. We’re back!

Deleo’s Bar N Grill is a bar in Dalton that serves some fantastic wings. We were blown on our first visit with not only the great service and huge amount of flavors that we knew we’d be back. Our experience this time was slightly different, so definitely check out the podcast to hear all about it.

If you’re more of those reading types, head over to the Deleo’s Review Page to get the scoop on our very first visit.

Deleo’s Wingcast

American Grille at the Bomb Bay Cafe


Basic Information:

Location: 1044 Main Ave, Dickson City, PA 18519
Phone number: (570) 489-2229
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Night Price: $0.50 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Regular (Hot, Medium, Mild), Garlic (Hot, Medium, Mild), Garlic Parmesan (Hot, Medium, Mild), Parmesan (Hot, Medium, Mild), Chris’s Sauce, Robbie Manzzoni, Butter and Garlic, Butter and Garlic Parmesan, Jack Daniels BBQ, Brad’s Sauce (tomato based), Sesame Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Creamy Caesar, Creamy Caesar (Hot, Medium, Mild), Creamy Caesar (Garlic, Garlic Parmesan), Boom Boom, Tina’s Sauce (Boom-Boom Teriyaki), Carolina Gold, Carolina Blue, Horsey Sauce, Spiedie Sauce, Asian Duck, Lemon Garlic, Chipotle BBQ, Dreamy Creamy Cheesy, Peanut, Ginger, Hot Brown Sugar, Southwestern, Porketta, Old Bay, Applewood

First Visit – 10/11/16

Overall Rating: 82

Lynch’s Rating: 40 out of 50

Environment: 8
Driving along Main Ave in Dickson City, you may have noticed a slight change to the scenery in the form of a new restaurant called American Grille at the Bomb Bay Café. While it’s not a new building, it really stood out to me because it replaces a long-standing bar called Mug Shots. On top of that, Bomb Bay Café was a restaurant that used to be located in Archbald that we went to as The Wing Men a number of times in the past and loved. So let’s get down to it. Even though Mug Shots was a highly recognizable restaurant to me because I drove by it hundreds of times throughout my life in NEPA, I never once stepped in the building. So, every aspect of the Bomb Bay Café was like I was walking into a new restaurant. It was much larger than I expected. There’s a huge, square bar along the back wall and plenty of booths and tables in case you wanted to sit down and enjoy your dinner. There were only a handful of people in the place, so we had our choice of seats at the bar and got started. Our bartender was extremely nice. He was very amicable and could talk to you about anything. He knew his stuff about all the wings and was always checking in on us, too. We did have to wait a little bit for the wings to come out even though there weren’t too many people in the place. It was cash-only place when we went, but they are in the process of setting up the card system.

Wing Size: 4
We made out visit to Bomb Bay Café on Tuesday to make sure we got those sweet wing night wing prices. Wings are 50 cents each on wing night and you can place orders 5, so this really allows you to try their huge variety of flavors. While they do offer a mix of smaller and bigger wings, I felt like my wings fell a little bit more on the smaller side.

Wing Flavors: 10
One of my favorite things about the old Bomb Bay Café was the large variety of wing sauces they offered. I’m happy to say that they carried on this tradition in their new location. Of course they carry your classics like Hot, Butter and Garlic, and Honey Mustard, but they go well beyond that with all their offerings. They have special sauce mixes such as the Robbie Manzzoni (Butter, Garlic, Chipotle, Parmesan) and other non-traditional options like an Applewood Dry Rub or a Horsey Sauce. They’re bound to have something to please even the most eclectic tastes.

Wing Taste (x2): 9
It would seem that Bomb Bay Café has also brought their delicious sauces with them because these wings were fantastic. I ordered a decent variety with all the different wing sauces. First up was the Regular Hot. This was the only wing sauce that didn’t wow me. It had a decent level of spice with a high acidity that could be perceived as harsh to some. It was a good and average hot. The Horsey is a style you don’t see too often. That’s unfortunate because that horseradish taste always seems to work on a fried wing. The Robbie Manzzoni is packed full of great flavor with its combination of butter, garlic, chipotle (may have been another tasty spice), and Parmesan cheese. There’s a lot of stuff happening on this wing and it all works. Finally, I ordered the Hot Creamy Caesar. This is a classic wing sauce that is always delicious and Bomb Bay Café follows suit. It has the right balance with only a hint of the hot sauce and a strong taste of creamy Caesar dressing. It’s so hard to choose, but this may have been my favorite wing out of the bunch.

Serniak’s Rating: 42 out of 50

Environment: 7
If you’re privy to the wing scene in the greater NEPA area then you should remember a place nestled in the thunderously beating heart of Archbald called the Bomb Bay Cafe . Well that place closed down a few years ago which was unfortunate because the Bomb Bay Cafe were well on their way to setting up a periodic table’s worth of interesting and delicious wing flavors. Fast forward to 2016 and Bomb Bay Cafe is back under the name American Grille at the Bomb Bay Cafe. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes of wing hell, the American Grille at the Bomb Bay Cafe is spreading its wings and we are all standing it its wake, which is a good thing. The building the American Grille at the Bomb Bay Cafe occupies was formerly Mug Shots located in Dickson City. It’s a very clean place, with enough space that allows you to bring large groups of people as long you’re not paling around with the Heenan Family. Lotta problems with them. Our bartender, Corey, was a real nice guy. He spoke to us like he’s known us for years and explained some of their wing flavors and what they were all about. Real salt of the earth guy. My biggest take away from the bar was that it seems like a great place to go and put a shift in. Now I’m not saying that people should go and drink irresponsibly but I’m a realist and know that some people are going to go and let their hair down. So if you are looking for a place to go and do work, the American Grille at the Bomb Bay Cafe is a solid destination.

Wing Size: 7
The wings here are a generous size. There’s certainly bigger, but there are certainly smaller wings out there. Again not to sound redundant except for how redundant this will sound, their wings are at 50 cents each on their wing night. Right at what we believe the average is.

Wing Flavors: 10
As Billy Bob would say “a 10, I give it a 10!!” The American Grille at the Bomb Bay Cafe gets right back to their roots with flavor selection. 33 from my count. Sauces such as Carolina Blue, horsey sauce, spiedie sauce, the classics and a special selection of sauces that have first names attached to them like Tina’s, Chris’s, Robbie Mazzoni and Brad’s sauce will keep your taste buds happy. And that’s important. You have to respect the creativeness that the American Grille at the Bomb Bay Cafe put into their wings. You just have to.

Wing Taste (x2): 9

This place really picked up where they left off from a few years ago. I got my standard 20. Of course, going to a place for the first time or the 2nd time, which ever way you want to look it is fine, I got their hot. I actually thought, their hot were ordinary. Had the hot flavor and heat that you’d expect, but that was it. Kind of similar to several places version of their “hot” wing. That’s what happens when you’re a spoiled wing blogger. You want every flavor to knock your socks off. We’ll work in it. Next I got Tina’s sauce, which is a teriyaki mixed with boom-boom sauce. This is a combination that not only I didn’t expect, but one I’ve never seen before. Nothing like a good surprise. It was a good call on the part of the Grille. The saltiness of the teriyaki mixed with the creaminess of the boom-boom was was an excellent duo. Next I got the southwestern dry rub and I’m glad I did because the Grille did a very smart but often overlooked aspect of dry rubs and that’s they coated each side of the wing. Not just the top. As for the flavor, it was loaded with different spices. There were so many flavors involved that I’m ballparking the number of different spices involved from 6 to 411. Finally, I got the Carolina Blue. I remembered how much I loved this flavor at the old place, so I wanted to relive the past. I was rewarded for this play because the Carolina Blue were top notch. That mixture of bbq and blue cheese is such a one-two punch that even Manny Pacquiao wouldn’t be able to handle even if he’s on the gas. The sweet and smokey wrapped together with the sharpness of the blue cheese is something I need more of in my life. I’m sure you felt the same.