The Wing Men at Primanti Bros.


Primanti Bros. in Dickson City is now officially open for business!

We were fortunate enough to be invited by The Boys and Girls Club of NEPA to a VIP event last night to celebrate the opening of the new Primanti Bros. location. First of all, we want to say we are most appreciative of the Boys and Girls Club for always keeping us in mind for any event and letting us be a part of their annual Wings at the Waterpark (FYI – The 2016 Wingfest is scheduled for August 7 this year!).

Now, to Primanti Bros. You may be wondering why The Wing Men, who write reviews for hot wing places across NEPA, is mentioning a Pittsburgh restaurant famous for their sandwiches. Well, surprisingly, Primanti Bros. serves hot wings. In fact, they have multiple wing nights – bone wings on Sunday and boneless wings on Monday, both for 51 cents. We tried two flavors, Sweat Heat and Hot, and we thought they were pretty darn good. We are going to save more detail for our official reviews, so keep an eye out for the Primanti Bros. Wing Review in the near future!

If you check out Primanti Bros. before we get there, let us know about your experience in the replies.


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