Ernie G’s

Ernie Gs Wings

Overall Rating: 63

Location: Avoca
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Price: $0.50 a wing
Phone number: 570-457-1600

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Explosion, Honey Mustard, Butter Garlic, Mild Garlic, Hot Garlic, BBQ
Wing to get: Explosion

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8

Ernie G’s is a place I have driven by on multiple occasions with curiosity. It stands out to me as the place with the face. The reason is say this is because the sign has an older gentlemen’s face on it that is reminiscent of the dancing guy from the Six Flags commercials. I don’t know why, but that sign gets me every time. This visit was my first time actually going inside. It is very nice and clean on the inside. There’s a square bar with seating around it. There is also a small section dedicated to some sit-down dining. Ernie G’s seems like a place that does a lot of take out as I saw a couple come in to pick up their food. We sat at the bar. We got there a bit later, around 8 or so, and it wasn’t super busy. There were some people at tables ordering wings and a couple other people hanging out at the bar. With a small amount of people there, we got really good service from the bartender. She was very quick with our orders and the wings didn’t take long at all. She was friendly and made it a point to ask us what we thought of the wings. Based on my experience, I feel like Ernie G’s is a place for the school kids to go on wing night.

Wing Flavors: 3

I was a bit let down by the selection of flavors. Ernie G’s offers your typical options you find. You’ve got your traditional hot sauces, then a couple extra flavors for a bit of a variety. You won’t find anything off the beaten path here. If you stick strictly with your mild, you obviously won’t have an issue here.

Wing Size: 7

The wings were $0.50 for their wing night, which is a bit on the higher end for a wing night. I will say that they do offer some pretty meaty wings here. You will leave more than full if you get your regular order.

Wing Taste: 6

For this trip, I ordered the Hot, Explosion, and Hot Garlic. I had an idea in my mind that the Explosion was just going to be an amped up Hot. I was way wrong. The Explosion is a bit spicier, but it seemed like a thicker hot sauce with what tasted to me like plenty of chili pepper or cayenne pepper. I’ll be honest; I was a fan of this wing. I highly suggest it if you like your sauce on the spicier side. The Hot was more along the lines of your regular red hot sauce. It was a runnier type of sauce, as though it was slightly greasy in a way. I do enjoy this type of sauce, but I felt like my order could have used a bit more sauce on the wings. I was trying to scrape some up from the bottom of my basket, but there just wasn’t enough. Overall, the hot was decent enough. Finally, the Hot Garlic was the same hot sauce with loads of garlic on it. They do not skimp on the garlic here, which I’m more than OK with. The garlic adds some more flavor to the wings that made them a bit more enjoyable. I will say that all the wings were cooked to near perfection. The crispiness was just right for my liking. I wish they would just get a bit more flavors here. Go ahead and put a hot ranch on the menu. I guarantee people will want to get it.

Individual Score: 30


Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7

Ernie G’s, located on Main St. Avoca is pub and eatery that I feel many people would overlook. Even with an old dude as the face of their business, I never ever hear anyone say anything about the place. But we went and I’m glad we did. This place was extremely clean, which is always a plus. The place has a real laid back feeling to it. I get the impression that nothing to wild occurs there. Just people looking to get quality eats and have a bottle of suds, that’s only my opinion. I also got the feeling that this place really does a lot of business with their food. This feeling probably occurred because that have a separate take out area. Also, because there was a sign on the outside stating they were voted the best square pizza for something. That is happening in my life soon. There wasn’t a ton of people in the place when we got we were there but our server/bartender said it was real busy an hour earlier. Our server was really nice and accommodating and was diligent on making sure our drinks were filled.

Wing Flavors: 5

They have the standard flavors that you would expect any place with a wing night to have. They have hot, mild, explosion, butter/garlic, hot or mild garlic, bbq and honey mustard. I wish they would have a hot ranch option and a teriyaki option as well. They’re easy to do and just increase your amount of flavors something I strongly feel any place should do.

Wing Size: 7

You hardly see many wing nights that are 50 cents but at Ernie G’s, that’s what you get. Also, the size of the wings is impressive. They are pretty large and some of them are quite massive. My normal 20 that I finish was in question towards the end of it.

Wing Taste: 7

Before I get into the wings that I got, I must say that these wings were some of the best cooked wings I’ve had. They had just the right amount of crispiness. I ordered the hot, hot garlic, butter/garlic and honey mustard. The hot had a really good flavor to them. They weren’t overly hot but like I said, they were flavorful. The butter garlic was exactly that and it was good. I wish they added just some simple herbs to them to get more flavor but they were still solid. The honey mustard was alright, nothing to flashy here. The sauce was bit more yellowish than most honey mustard, which leads me to believe that use French’s yellow mustard. Personally, I don’t care for that mustard. Finally, the hot garlic was the best I had. What made them so good is that like the butter/garlic, the amount of minced garlic that was applied was immense. It was refreshing to see. And with the mixture of their tasty hot sauce, the hot garlic made for delicious pairing.

Individual Score: 33


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