Bomb Bay Cafe (II)

We made a second trip to the Bomb Bay Cafe as we loved it so much the first time. Where a score didn’t change, we kept the same score. If the score did change, we explained why it changed for this trip. Be sure to read the full reviews to get a full idea of the place. I can’t recommend it enough.

Bomb Bay Cafe


3 thoughts on “Bomb Bay Cafe (II)

  1. Read your second review .I do not agree with your wing size ratings which cannot be subjective— must be objective. They are either large or small. At the Bomb Bay café we buy the largest jumbo wings on the market yet you gave us a second low rating on wing size. It does not compute Sounds like you weren’t even there. I, personally have sampled wings at a lot of local taverns where you gave them a higher wing size rank yet their wings are 3 times smaller than the Bomb Bay cafe’s! Last Sat eve. I asked every customer who purchased wings what they thought of our wing size and 100% said that we serve the largest wings in NEPA!

  2. The wing size is a factor of wing night price and wing size. While your wings are above average, so is the wing night price. The average wing night price is just over $0.39. You do have a hefty-sized wing, that I can’t disagree with. I would also agree that they are probably the largest in the Archbald area, but we have been to over 60+ places and have seen larger wings elsewhere. I love the Bomb Bay Cafe and it’s crazy amount of flavors. We recommend it to anyone looking for a good wing place in the Dickson City/Archbald area. People will be more than satisfied by going to Bomb Bay Cafe.

  3. I personally dislike huge, grotesque wings because they tend me be undercooked and tender. I’m a firm believer that crispy wings are the way all wings should be. I to have been to a lot of places for wings and the bomb bays are tied for my favorite. I think they are the perfect size! Not grossly big, but not small by any means. The amount of flavors cannot be matched and they are always cooked perfectly. They advertise jumbo wings, but they are not jumbo. They’re above average in size but in my opinion just the perfect size for a wing.

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