V Spot Revisited (and Cocktales)

We have been to the V Spot again, and have a written review. To give it a look, check it out here:

V Spot Review

This has been two weeks in a row that we have done a double visit. This one was accidental. You see, we have tried to go to Cocktales twice now. The first time, we went on their Thursday wing night, which used to be Tuesday and Thursday. When we got there, we were told they were out of wings. Keep in mind, we got there about 6:30. It wasn’t late or anything. And it was their wing night! So we said we would be back, and as soon as we got out of there, we ran straight for the car.

I’ll just say that first visit Cocktales resulted in a bad night. We tried Station Square immediately after, which is pretty much down the road. We knew it was a good place, so we thought we would hit it up to get that bad taste out of our mouth. When we got there, we were told their wing night changed. Another miss. This resulted in us choosing a place completely at random. We ended up at Libassi’s. This was another miss, which you can see if you read the review.

I really wanted to try Cocktales though. So, round two with Cocktales. In my infinite wisdom, I thought we would go Tuesday this time. Surely, they could not be out of wings on the first wing night of the week. On the ride there, I said, quite hysterically, perhaps we should have called to make sure they have wings. We get there. Sit down. Grab a menu. And before things get too far, I ask the waitress if it’s wing night. She says it’s burger night, but wing night was removed from Tuesday and now it’s only Thursday. See the problem here is we are not the Burger Men. We are the Wing Men, so it didn’t make sense to stay at that point. We hightailed out of there and told them we would be back. As soon as we were out the door, we ran for the car. Cocktales may be a place where we never visit now. Also, as an interesting little note, if you google Cocktales and Throop, you are going to find an interesting story about the bartender.

And that is how we ended up at V Spot last week.


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