The Patch

The Patch Wings

Third Visit

10.21.14 – The Patch Review Podcast

Second Visit

Overall Rating: 59

Location: Dunmore
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Price: $0.50 a wing
Phone number: 570-341-3510

Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, X Hot, XXX Hot, Italian Caesar Garlic Parm (Hot or Mild), Dijin Honey Mustard (Hot or Mild), Teriyaki (Hot or Mild), Ranch (Hot or Mild), Dino (Hot or Mild), Caesar Parm (Hot or Mild), Garlic (Hot or Mild), Spiedie (Hot or Mild)
Wing to get: Hot Spiedie

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 7
We were at The Patch once before during the summer last year. They have a very cozy back patio where you can sit outside to enjoy your food. Since we are nearing winter, we opted for the warmer inside of The Patch. The bar is the first thing you see once you enter. It is a decent size even though the place as a whole is kind of small. In the back are tables for dining. We sat at the bar as it wasn’t too crowded. The bartender was an older gentleman. He was nice and was a fan of cracking jokes. He was speedy at taking our order. They did have bottled water here, so expect that minor charge if you just get water.
Wing Flavors: 7
I forgot how many wing flavors this place actually had. They do offer quite the variety here, all with the regular hot sauce as a base. You certainly won’t have a lack of options here.
Wing Size: 4
The wings were a bit on the small side at The Patch. I was able to take down most of my twenty with no issues.
Wing Taste: 5
We ordered a variety to try as many wings as we could. I will say that I wish they allowed you the wing flavors without the base of Mild or Hot. Some of them could have really shone on their own without the base hot sauce. The Dino were described to us as a sweet and spicy sauce. The sweetness came through a bit, but they were very similar to the Hot. The Teriyaki were a slightly salty wing with the hot sauce as a base. Again, these wings would have been completely fine without the Hot sauce base. This is also true with the Spiedie. These wings were very good with tons of seasoning and that Spiedie flavor. They were good with the Hot sauce, but I would have preferred the sauce on their own. I didn’t taste much difference between the Hot Caesar Parm and the Italian Hot Caesar Parm. Both wings were pretty decent, but left me wanting a bit more flavor. The Hot Ranch were among the better flavor here, too. The ranch wasn’t too overwhelming and was nicely balanced with the Hot sauce.

Individual Score: 29

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
The Patch, which is located on the edge of Dunmore towards Scranton looks and feels like the little town bar for which gets a hardcore group of regulars. You’ll notice when you step inside that the Patch has sponsored many winning sports teams in the area. There is a fair amount of tv’s on the wall so watching a game is possible. It’s also the kind of place that you could hide from friends to put in a real shift because not many people are going to look there. The patrons that were there were friendly and were from all ages of legal age of course. Our server/bartender was personable and checked on us during our time there.
Wing Flavors: 7
There are 13 individual flavors to get at the Patch. They are mild, medium, hot , X hot, XXX hot, Italian Caesar parmesan, Dijon honey mustard, honey bbq, teriyaki, ranch, Caesar parmesan, garlic and spiedie. With all these flavors you might wonder why the score isn’t higher. The reason is that because with every flavor I mentioned you HAVE to get hot or mild sauce mixed in with it. That means you can’t honey mustard by itself you have to get honey mustard with hot or mild sauce. That’s pretty unusual and downright annoying to have to do.
Wing Size: 4
The size of the wings is average, thus, why they get a 5 rating. They weren’t large and they weren’t tiny, they were right in the middle. And for 50 cents a wing, it’s kind of an average deal at best.
Wing Taste: 6
I ordered the hot, Italian Caesar parmesan with hot, hot honey mustard, hot garlic and hot ranch. The whole having to order every flavor with hot or mild sauce with it kind irks me. I bet the flavors by themselves would have been  good but everything starts to taste the same when hot sauce is included in every bite. The Italian Caesar parmesan was represented well but hot sauce overpowered it. The hot honey mustard had good tang from the honey mustard and the hot sauce worked well with it. The hot garlic was exactly like I thought they would be. The garlic was a nice compliment to the hot sauce. This flavor might never have disappointed me before. Finally, hot ranch stood its ground just fine. The ranch accented the hot sauce in a nice way. Again, the having to get hot or mild sauce incorporated into every flavor gets old real fast.
Individual Score: 30

First Visit

Overall Rating: 71

Lynch’s Rating:
Environment: 7
Wing Flavors: 8
Wing Size: 6
Wing Taste: 8
Individual Score: 37
Serniak’s Rating:
Environment: 7
Wing Flavors: 8
Wing Size: 5
Wing Taste: 7
Individual Score: 34

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