Benny’s Podcast Review

We went to Benny’s only a couple months ago, but we were such huge fans we decided to make another quick visit to enjoy their delicious wings. Since this is our second visit to Benny’s, we have a podcast review for you. Head to the bottom of the post to give a listen!

Benny’s takes the place of the old Duke’s in Peckville, PA. They updated the place a bit and added a ton of fantastic wing flavors to the menu that you need to try for yourself. In this podcast, we talk all about Benny’s and have a bit of an argument about what street it is on (Confirmed: It’s on Main St). Oh, we also made up a couple of new words that are bound to take the world by storm. Definitely.

If somehow you’re on this site and you don’t even like wings, give this podcast a listen because we talk about an awesome event coming up in Scranton called Over the Edge Scranton: A Rappelling Adventure. If you check them out on Facebook, you can register to be provided all the tools necessary to help raise money for a great cause. If you raise enough money, you will get to rappel from the tallest building in Scranton!

Finally, if you want to check out our past review of Benny’s, head over to the Benny’s Review Page.

Benny’s Wingcast


Jak’s – Updated Review!

Jaks 2.22.17

Basic Information:

Location: 410 4th Ave, Jessup, PA 18434
Phone number: (570) 489-1600
Normal Wing Price: 10 for $8.95
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Night Price: $0.45 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Classic Buffalo, Garlic*, Garlic Parm*, Garlic Honey*, Caesar*, Caesar Parm, Caesar Garlic Parm, Butter & Garlic, Bellucci, Jak-Off*, Porketta, Buffalo Porketta*, Carolina, Carolina Blue, Honey Blue, Honey BBQ*, Honey Mustard*, Hot Honet, Sesame Teriyaki, Tangy Teriyaki, Boom Boom, Ghost Pepper, BBQ Bourbon
*- Available in hot or mild

Overall Rating: 78

Lynch’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 10
Jak’s Pub & Eatery is a favorite bar of ours located right off of Church Street in Jessup. We’ve been to Jak’s a number of times in the past, even when it was known as Johhny D’s under previous ownership. With the new owner came a remodeled bar with new food options, including some delicious wings. They also offer some pretty good craft beer options on draft if you’re into that sort of thing. The interior itself is a bit on the smaller side, which is usually full on our visits, but never too packed. The service has always been great and this visit was no different. Our waitress was very friendly and the food was extremely fast. In fact, I’d be surprised if the wings took even 10 minutes to arrive. It was awesome. On top of that, the food came out very warm and well cooked. You couldn’t beat it. Oh, and not to mention that they give you moist towelettes with your wings. Do we, perhaps unnecessarily, make a big deal about moist towelettes? Yeah, but it’s a nice little touch that is perfect when you finish your wings.

Wing Size: 8
On their Wednesday Wing Night, Jak’s offers wings at 45 cents each, which is slowly becoming harder and harder to find in the area. The wings are pretty large and in charge while managing to be crispy at the same time. A large and crispy wing is a rare thing in the wing world, but Jak’s pulls it off nicely. They also offer orders of five on their wing night. We are big fans of the smaller orders because it gives us an opportunity to try as many flavors as possible.

Wing Flavors: 7
Jak’s Pub & Eatery doesn’t offer the biggest selection of wings, but they do provide you with some pretty interesting options. In addition to the classic flavors like Buffalo, Honey Mustard, and Butter & Garlic, Jak’s spruces up a couple flavors to give you something unique and even offers some sauces you probably have never seen before. For example, the Bellucci is an awesome combination of spices, including Butter, Garlic, Old Bay, and Parmesan Cheese. The Jak-Off kicks it up a notch by adding some Buffalo sauce to the mix. The Carolina Blue is an interesting mixture of BBQ, Honey Mustard and Blue cheese. It’s these subtle changes to already delicious flavors that make the options at Jak’s stand out.

Wing Taste (x2): 8
As I mentioned earlier, the wings at Jak’s are cooked to perfection by combining a big, meaty wing with a great level of crispiness. On top of the well-made wings, the sauces are all delicious. The Hot Honey Garlic is a very tasty wing that takes a great Buffalo sauce base, adds a hint of sweetness with the honey, and increases flavors with tiny pieces of garlic. I think my wings could have used a bit more garlic, but I was still very happy with it overall. The Hot Caesar is a classic combination that I always enjoy. At Jak’s, that amazing Buffalo base is balanced perfectly with the Caesar to make a well-rounded and fantastic wing. The Buffalo Porketta was an interesting take on the traditional dry rub porketta that you see at other places. Jak’s allows you to mix the buffalo sauce, either hot or mild, with Porketta seasoning to give you a wet sauce that is truly unique. The sauce looked like it contained slightly different seasonings than a traditional porketta rub with some chunks of garlic mixed in. I really liked the flavor, but wish the sauce upped the amount of that delicious spice mixture just a little. Finally, I ordered one of my favorite wings from this place – the Jak-Off. For those familiar with Aww Shucks corn from Dorney Park and other Allentown places, this wing has a very similar combination of seasonings with buffalo wing sauce added. I love the mixture of the parmesan cheese, old bay, hot sauce, garlic and butter; It just works really well together. Unlike past visits, I felt like the Jak-off sauce lacked a tiny bit with the Old Bay, which is the spice I look forward to the most on these wings. I still took the wings down without a second thought, though.

Serniak’s Rating: 37 out of 50

Environment: 8
Jaks is the epitome of your classic corner bar because it has that welcoming vibe you’d expect out of your grandmother’s house if your grandmother was in the business of pouring you a shot of Jack(you like that). And Jaks is located on a corner so it all comes together to make for a relaxing experience. Not the biggest place in the world but they’ve recentlyish have added a backroom. It has a real secret room feel to it. The kind of place that you need to pull a book on a bookshelf or hit a particular note on a piano to gain access too. I only hope that’s the case. The place is very clean and has a decent selection of brew to order. Our waitress was extremely nice. She answered all of our questions we had, was diligent about refilling our drinks and went along with our banter. It’s always cool when our server can chime in with a couple lines to add to our conversation. Nothing like a 3rd voice to get to the bottom of things. Something that Jaks had that I don’t think I saw anywhere else was that they had paper towel rolls on each of the tables. Genius move. Hope that idea takes off all over the area.

Wing Size: 7
Coming in at 45 cents a wing, which seems like that puts them under the average of 50 cents a wing for most wing nights, is always a good thing. Can’t say it enough, but the days of 10 cent and even 25 cent wing nights are but a distant memory. Love hearing stories of simpler times when people would go for wings with 4 dollars and eat and drink like kings. If I could time travel, I’d go back and hit up one of those 10 cent wing joints. #Goals

Wing Flavors: 8
Since the last time we did a WRITE-UP on Jaks, a lot of work,thought and creativity has been put into their flavors list. I think the first time we ever went there was less than 7. Feel free to fact check me on that. Now, Jaks is up to 22 flavors. Some of them are natural offshoots of each other like caesar to caesar parm to caesar garlic parm. Nothing wrong with that. Like I said, that’s natural. If you’re going to have caesar as a flavor, it just makes sense to add garlic and parm to to it. But then, they have unique flavors such as Bellucci, which is interesting because he always seemed like a burger guy, that consists of butter/garlic mixed with secret spices and parmesan cheese. Another flavor called their Jak-Off, which can only be a reference to the creature the Jakovasaur from Southpark, that consists of secret spices, parmesan and their hot or mild sauce. I’m sure wings like that exist elsewhere. But when you give a flavor a name, and here’s a pro-tip, it makes it special and interesting. Interesting enough for me to try it. Other not oftenly seen flavors are Carolina Blue, honey blue, buffalo porketta, tangy teriyaki and boom boom lead me to believe that the creativity is flowing well at Jaks. I’m hoping it continues.

Wing Taste (x2): 7

Solid work all the around with everything I ordered. First up, there’s the tangy teriyaki. This sauce is exactly that. You pretty much know what you’re getting when you get teriyaki. Not exactly sure what makes them tangy other than teriyaki sauce being naturally tangy, to me at least. Next I had Carolina, which is a BBQ and mustard mix. Always a big fan of this flavor when I get it and this was no different. The smokiness of the BBQ added with the twang of the mustard is always a positive thing. Moving on to the boom boom, a flavor I feel that is on the rise, was very good. Tons of different spices are at play here ranging from paprika and garlic to cayenne and shallots. All that comes full circle to make a creamy orange sauce that will really get your engine going. Finally, I got the Bellucci. Tons of different flavors showing up together, partying and swinging with each other. The butter/garlic and parm are heavily caked on this wing. Always the way to go. Then you have the different spices, which is probably pepper, chili powder and a host of others. An excellent blend indeed.

Parker House Podcast Review 2

Parker House 2.8.17

We have another podcast for you from another place we haven’t been to in a while. This time, we made the short trip to Parker House to gorge on some wings. Check out our Podcast Review at the bottom of this post!

We have to say, every visit we have made to Parker House has been better than the last, with this really putting icing on the cake. They have added some new flavors to the menu with some really interesting options that were truly delicious. Plus, we got to try some secret sauces not on the menu. Give the podcast a listen so you could potentially order them on your next visit to the Parker House! Oh, and see if you can count all the references to The Social Network in this one.

If you want to check out our previous visits to Parker House, head over to the Parker House Review Page, where we have our first visit as a written review and our last visit as another podcast.

Parker House Wingcast


Benny's 5.3.17

Basic Information:

Location: 1216 N Main St, Peckville, PA 18452
Phone number: (570) 291-4190
Normal Wing Price: 10 for $7.50
Wing Night: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Wing Night Price: $0.50 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Mild, Mild Parm, Garlic, Garlic Parm, Hot Garlic, Hot Garlic Parm, Memphis BBQ, Benny’s BBQ, Hot BBQ, Speedie Sauce, Horsey Sauce, Hot BBQ Honey Mustard, Sweet Teriyaki, Sesame Teriyaki, Pete’s Sauce, Boom Boom, Caesar, Hot Caesar, Honey Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Cider Glaze, Sweet Chili, Tai Peanut, Bacon Brown Sugar, Volcano Style, Bourbon Sugar, Sweet Cajun, Sriracha Ranch, Porketta Dry Rub, Old Bay Dry Rub, Hot Brown Sugar Dry Rub, Signature Smokehouse Dry Rub, Honey Garlic Dry Rub, Applewood Dry Rub, Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub

Second Visit – 5/3/2017

Benny’s Podcast Review

First Visit – 1/04/17

Overall Rating: 82

Lynch’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 9
While driving along North Main Street in Peckville, you may have noticed a change to the recognizable bar called Duke’s, which was well-known for its cheesesteak pizza. The place is now called Benny’s and it’s under new ownership, and with this new ownership came a number of positive changes. The place is still split between a large bar area and a small take-out section. The bar area has much of the same layout, but with a number of changes to modernize it for a new age. The bar top has been redone and the lighting updated to give it a slicker look. Benny’s also added some nice beer selections tailored to the craft beer drinker if that sort of thing floats your boat. There is a section dedicated to two pool tables in case you wanted to pass the time while you wait for your food. Our service was fantastic while we were there. We sat at the bar and the two bartenders were on top of their game. They were very friendly, conversational, and always checking up on us to make sure we had everything we needed. You cannot split your order of wings at Benny’s, so just be wary if you planned on getting a variety of flavors. It never got crowded on our visit, but it did appear to get livelier as the night went on. Overall, Benny’s is a great new bar in the area that you’re bound to enjoy for some food or late-night activities.

Wing Size: 4
Most aspects of Benny’s had high marks. Size is not one of them. Benny’s does this awesome thing where they offer three wing nights – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On any of those nights, you can get an order of ten wings for $5. That is about the standard going price on wing night these days. When the wings came out, I knew I would have no trouble finishing all 20 as they were a bit on the smaller side. Usually, I finish my 15 feeling overly stuff, but I took down the 20 with no issues.

Wing Flavors: 10
Benny’s really brings it to the table (pun intended) with wing flavors. They have a huge amount of wet and dry options to cover your wings. In fact, there were so many to choose from, I struggled on my final selection. It’s interesting because Benny’s doesn’t have a traditional “Hot” flavor listed on the menu, but they do have a Mild and plenty of other “Hot” flavors, so I’m sure you could order a plain Hot if you wanted. Benny’s offers classic flavors as well as some great, unique styles such as Volcano Style (just like volcano fries, but on a wing), Pete’s Sauce (we were told this is a very spicy wing), and Applewood Dry rub. I definitely expect another visit in our near future just to give different wings a try.

Wing Taste (x2): 9
Before we get into the actual taste of the sauces I ordered, I wanted to mention that I like that they ask if you want your wings crispy. The wings came out with just the slightest, and rightest (in my opinion), amount of crisp. To start off, I ordered the Tai Peanut, which I believe is supposed to actually be Thai Peanut. Regardless, whenever I see a peanut sauce on a menu, I almost always make it a point to order. Serniak is not a fan of peanut sauces, but that’s his problem. I really enjoyed this wing. It had a good peanut butter taste up front with a decent kick of spice on the back end. It’s certainly not a wing sauce that everyone would order or enjoy, but since I am a sucker for peanut sauces, I thought Benny’s did a good job on it. I also ordered the Hot Caesar. This is another classic wing flavor that I always enjoy. Benny’s starts with a great hot sauce base and adds some Caesar to it to really amp up the taste. The balance between the hot and the Caesar were great. You won’t go wrong if you order these wings. The other two wings I tried – Benny’s Bacon Brown Sugar and Sweet Cajun – were Serniak’s picks, and may actually have been better than the two I talked about, but I will leave that to the other half of The Wing Men to describe.

Serniak’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 9
A real new-comer to the ever growing wing scene in the NEPA area(can’t imagine who or what is responsible for this) Benny’s takes over right where its predecessor left off. Benny’s is located in Peckville in the same location that Duke’s was it. Duke’s was known for their legendary double crust steak and cheese pizza. A possible national treasure it was. Now, Benny’s is in there and it appears they have decided they are heading in the wing direction. Great for wing bloggers, bad for no one. It’s nice to see all the hard work put into remodeling the place from when it was Duke’s. The layout is pretty much the same. They have two pool tables, a big bar area with a good amount of seating that wraps around it. It looked like they updated many things like the bar countertops and the amount of tvs. If you’re a sports guy or gal, it’s a great place to catch some competition of whatever sport you’d like minus perhaps croquet and badminton. We sat at the bar. Our bartender/server was quite pleasant and joked around with us while she attended others. There’s something to be said about being able to do both of those things without slowing down. I’m always appreciative of that. The atmosphere of the whole place also seemed to a positive one. People just seemed to be in a good mood. It’s always better to be in that kind of company. Fact. Equipped with a solid beer selection, I think you could easily spend days inside of there and not get bored. Maybe they should do a lock-in like bowling alleys used to do. That be somethin.

Wing Size: 7
You can go and find wings that are larger. You can find wings that are smaller. To me, they are slightly above average in size. And they’re right around the average for price at 50 cents a wing on their wing night. One thing you can’t do is order them in orders of 5. You need to get them in orders of 10. I’m a guy who craves multiple sauces so I suggest you go with a companion so that you could try our more flavors.

Wing Flavors: 9
It took me a god while to decide between an 8 or a 9. But, after further review, I went with a 9 because they have over 20 flavors and several of them are unique and they put their own twist into some classics. I’m a fan of innovation and Benny’s certainly is thinking outside the standard flavors in trying to stand out. Flavors such as horsey sauce, boom boom and speedie sauce, sauces that you don’t normally see can be found here. But sauces such as sweet cajun, one that I’ve never seen before, cider glaze and Benny’s bacon brown sugar show me that they’re looking to really plant a flag in the wing society that we live in. I hope they aren’t finished with exploring their brains for new flavors. All of us can benefit if they keep thinking.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

We got the hot caesar, thai peanut, Benny’s bacon brown sugar and the sweet cajun. The hot caesar was a very solid representation of what that flavor is all about. The heat of the hot mixed with subtle bite of the caesar dressing did some very good things out there. I do wish the caesar dressing was caked on instead of drizzled on. That’s me nitpicking I know, but I still like to have all sauces on every centimeter of my wings. I’m a real stickler for sauce distribution. It’s a curse I know. Now the thai peanut is a sauce that I typically avoid. I’ve just never been a guy who enjoys that flavor regardless of where it comes from. Lynch wanted to get it and I was in no position to challenge it. I checked. But, if you’re into that style then I’m rather sure you’ll like Benny’s take on this eastern staple. Had the peanutbuttery taste you’d expect. Moving on. The sweet cajun, a sauce I said I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, which is surprising because it doesn’t sound like something that should be that hard to come up with, was excellent. I thought it was real good because it focused a lot on the sweet facto. I figured it would be more spicy but nope, I thought it was real tangy. Real good combo of sweet and spicy. The sweetness wasn’t overpowering but I thought it was the leader of the flavor. Finally, the Benny’s bacon brown sugar is everything that those words are. There was bacon, there was brown sugar and it was at Benny’s. Thought it might be a dry rub but it was more like a hybrid of dry and wet. This might of happened because it had the brown sugar as dry but there was an extremely large showing of fresh cooked bacon on it and perhaps the grease from the bacon mixed in making wet. Either way, it was delicious. The brown sugar had a taste to it that wasn’t fully sweet. Something else was going on in there. Something they don’t want me to know. Whatever it was, it worked and that’s all that matters.

DeLeo’s Podcast Review


Well, well, well. What do we have here? It’s another podcast! This time, we’re bringing you a review of our second visit to Deleo’s. Head to the bottom of the post to give it a listen.

I will say, it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted to the website. We’ve been so busy with the Holidays and filling our faces with wings that we’ve been posting a lot on Facebook but hardly anything on here. Don’t you worry though. We’re back!

Deleo’s Bar N Grill is a bar in Dalton that serves some fantastic wings. We were blown on our first visit with not only the great service and huge amount of flavors that we knew we’d be back. Our experience this time was slightly different, so definitely check out the podcast to hear all about it.

If you’re more of those reading types, head over to the Deleo’s Review Page to get the scoop on our very first visit.

Deleo’s Wingcast

The Beacon


Basic Information:

Location: 5916 PA-171, Union Dale, PA 18470
Phone number: (570) 679-2371
Normal Wing Price: $7.50 for 10
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Night Price: $0.50 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Mild, Hot , Holy Cow, Honey Mustard, Honey BBQ, Butter & Garlic

First Visit – 9/28/16

Overall Rating: 56

Lynch’s Rating: 27 out of 50

Environment: 4
The Beacon is the farthest north we have ever travelled for wings. It has been recommended to us a number of times in the past so we figured it was about time we check it out. It is located along PA-171 in Union Dale. When I walked into the place, I was pleasantly surprised at the interior. There a large-sized bar area with a long bar and a number of bar tables for eating in groups. They also have darts, pool, a jukebox, and shuffleboard. It just seems like a really cool place to hand out. The Beacon also has a dining room area that I didn’t get too good of a look at, but seemed pretty roomy. That may explain why there were so many cars in the parking lot. We sat at the bar and unfortunately had to wait a bit. Our waitress was very nice, but it seemed like she had a lot to handle in the bar area, so service was a bit slow and the wings took quite a while to come out. It seems like people started to filter out of the bar area a bit after 7, so it may behoove you to wait until later to hit up the Beacon on a wing night. Keep in mind that wing night only occurs on Wednesday between 5 and 9 PM. While the place itself was nice, there were a number of tiny things that added up to make my overall experience less than pleasant.

Wing Size: 8
Most of the wings I received from The Beacon were absolutely massive. While it seemed to be a mix from extremely large to average, most of the wings tended to be on the larger size. In fact, one of the wings I received may have been the biggest regular wing I have ever had.

Wing Flavors: 3
For some reason, I had this idea in my head that The Beacon offered a huge variety of wings. That was not the case. While they do provide the basics, there’s not much outside of that. It was nice to see an amped-up hot called Holy Cow on the menu. Oh, and be sure to see if they have anything not offered on the menu. We asked and were told that they offer a Sweet Chili sauce.

Wing Taste (x2): 6
Since there was a limited selection at The Beacon, I went with a classic Hot and tried the Sweet Thai. The regular Hot is a runnier type of hot sauce. The wings were more coated in the sauce than they were swimming in it. The taste of the regular hot was good. It found a nice balance of a slight spice and flavor. The Sweet Chili definitely lived up to its name. The sweetness of the sticky sauce was pretty apparent when I tried it, but not to the point where it was overwhelming. The sauce also had a slight saltiness to it that I enjoyed quite a bit.

Serniak’s Rating: 29 out of 50

Environment: 7
The Beacon, which is all the way up in Uniondale is a real genuine, mans man bar. I gotta believe that everyone there were the toughest people in the world. Everyone there just seemed that they can handle themselves. But on the flip side, they weren’t intimidating at all. Real sweethearts. Real salt of the earth bunch. The bar itself looks like a real throwback to bars of yesteryear. No screwing around, just bar. We sat at the bar so our server was also our bartender. She was nice and personable with us.

Wing Size: 7
The wings are 50 cents each and had a nice size to them. Right where the average is. You certainly will feel full if you get whatever your standard order is. For me, they could’ve been crispier, but I understand not everyone is down for that.

Wing Flavors: 5
Just the basics here. Nothing really out of the ordinary. I was hoping there would be a bigger selection of flavors, but they really only carried your standard flavors that you can get at pretty much anywhere else. They do have a flavor called Holy Cow which is their hot just amplified with more heat. Also, they have a sweet chili that’s not on their menu.

Wing Taste (x2): 5

The wings were fine, but were uneventful. It’s a symptom of being spoiled by all the wings I’ve consumed on this quest of trying wings all over the area. They were straight up wings that did their job but weren’t flashy. The hot were a general hot. Had some heat, nothing overpowering. The honey mustard were exactly that. Had everything you’re looking for with this flavor. The butter and garlic were represented just fine. There even was a good amount of garlic which is always a great thing. Finally, I got the sweet chili which want on the menu. They also were fine. Had your sweetness accompanied by the heat of the chili seasoning. Solid stuff.

Ice House Pub


Basic Information:

Location: 2658 Nuangola Rd, Mountain Top, PA 18707
Phone number: (570) 868-6098
Normal Wing Price: $8.50 for 12
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Night Price: $6 for 12 wings ($0.50 cents each)
Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, Hot Garlic, Sweet N Hot, Cajun Blue Cheese, Bacon Chipotle Ranch, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Garlic and Butter, Fire House Habanero, Spicy Thai Peanut, Cajun Dry Rub, Dill Pickle Dry Rub, Taco Dry Rub, Old Bay Dry Rub. You can add blue cheese to any sauce or mix any sauce you want.


First Visit – 7/20/16

Overall Rating: 71

Lynch’s Rating: 37 out of 50

Environment: 9
The Ice House Pub is a bit of a trek from our home base location of Scranton, but I was willing to take the trip after seeing the menu and hearing many good things. Ice House Pub is located right off 81 in Mountain Top. The place is larger than I expected with a big bar area, and an even bigger dining area complete with a pool table, plenty of seating, and a small arcade section. We sat at a high table in the bar section where our waitress immediately brought us menus and told us about their specials. Little did she know that’s exactly what we were there for. Our waitress was great. She was quick to take our orders and was always checking up on us to make sure we had everything we needed. There was a small wait for the wings, which was surprising as it wasn’t overly crowded. As we waited, we passed the time by playing some darts by the bar and enjoying one of the many craft beers offered by Ice House Pub, which our waitress said we could sample before we buy. We also discussed how much we love all the different special nights they have, such as a build your own pizza night or a build your own mac and cheese night. Overall, I liked the place. It had a welcoming atmosphere and great service.

Wing Size: 8
Wings come in orders of 12 at The Ice House, but they do allow you to split orders to enjoy two different sauces if you please. On wing night, which is Wednesday, wings are $6 for a dozen. If you’re one of those genius mathematicians, you probably immediately realized that comes out to 50 cents a wing. These wings are pretty large. I ordered 24 because I wanted to try as many flavors as possible. Let’s just say I struggled to put down my normal number of 15.

Wing Flavors: 9
I love the number of options for wing flavors at the Ice House Pub. They have your typical fare of Hot, BBQ, and Garlic and Butter. On top of that, they offer some variety like Bacon Chipotle Ranch, Spicy Thai Peanut, and Dill Pickle Dry Rub. They allow you to add Blue Cheese to any sauce or mix any sauce you want for an additional 50 cents. That greatly expands your wing choices. It seems that they also offer a weekly wing special for wing night. For our visit, we were treated to something like a Sweet Garlic Barbecue. I didn’t quite catch the name, so I’ll leave it to Serniak to fill in the space.

Wing Taste (x2): 6
For the wings themselves, I felt like they were a little hit and miss. The Spicy Thai Peanut was definitely interesting. It had a strong spicy Thai flavor with a slight hint of peanut. Honestly, I wish the peanut flavors was amped up in the sauce. The Fire House Habanero definitely brought the heat. It seemed to be sprinkled with the sauce, which you would know was intentional once you tried one of these wings. It had a strong habanero heat that lingered in your mouth. If you order these wings, save them for last as you may not be able to enjoy your other wings. The Cajun Blue Cheese was another wing that I felt could have amped it up a bit in flavor. The seasonings and taste were there, but they seemed to be on the backburner. I wish it had a stronger Cajun and Blue Cheese taste to it. Finally, the best wing of the night was the Bacon Chipotle Ranch. If this was the only wing I tried, Ice House Pub would have received a glowing 10. This sauce was fantastic. It was full of great flavor with each part of the bacon, chipotle, and ranch somehow standing out. If you try one wing from this awesome establishment, go with the Bacon Chipotle Ranch.

Serniak’s Rating: 34 out of 50

Environment: 7
They call it the pride off of the Nuangola exit. Go ask them they’ll tell you that. Alright, I’ll tell you that. Probably after this, they’ll all start calling it that. I’m talking about the Ice House which is located right off the Nuangola exit. Don’t tell me that it’s to far because it’s not. Unless you live in New York or something, then it’s far. The Ice House gave the vibe that it’s all tame and low key during the week, but when Friday night hits, it’s time to get wild. It’s equipped with a big bar and a big area for seating that I’m guessing gets pulled for dancing or some kind of activity. At least I hope that’s what happens. The size of the inside is one that I would classify as a Roadhouse size meaning there is a lot of room but with less 40 year old adolescents, felons, power drinkers and trustees of modern chemistry. Tons of specials to choose from and every night is a different menu item that they specialize in. Wings, burgers, pizza and other items can be had on different nights of the week. Our server was really nice and made sure we were always comfortable.

Wing Size: 6
Don’t get bogged down with the score of a 6. It literally means that they fall in line with the average size and price for wings at wing night in the year 2016. Wings are $6 a dozen, feel free to do the math on your own time. They were even a bit meatier than typical wings thus getting an extra point. Not many places fall under the 50 cent mark anymore. Ice House is no different.

Wing Flavors: 9
The Ice House really delivers the spice of life, which of course is several options for wing flavors. Keep up. With 16 flavors on their menu and also a few that aren’t that are there feature sauces of the week, the Ice House keeps your brain toggling between many out of the box flavors. Flavors such as bacon chipotle ranch, cajun blue cheese, taco dry rub, old bay dry rub and dill pickle dry rub will have you making the tough choices in life. Now you may be thinking that some of these flavors I listed are becoming more common. I would say I agree and I would also say you’re welcome.

Wing Taste (x2): 6

I’m greedy. And I always want more. Maybe my expectations were to high, but the wings at the Ice House were good but nothing out of this world like I hoped. I wasn’t feeling like my gluttonous self and only ordered 15. I got the cajun dry rub, chipotle bacon ranch and the bourbon glazed garlic, which were the feature, off the menu sauce of the week. The cajun dry rub were cooked very well, and were loaded with seasoning but it somehow wasn’t loaded with flavor. It was truly baffling. Visibly, it seemed like it was going to blitz my taste buds out of orbit, but they didn’t. Strange happenings. Next the feature sauce, the bourbon glazed garlic were a healthy attempt at something you don’t usually see, bbq and garlic, and it was just alright. Nothing that encouraged me to tell our server to make sure they should always have it on the menu permanently. Again, it’s not that it tasted bad, it just was decent. Finally, the chipotle bacon ranch were the bell of the ball. This sauce had it all. It had a beautiful appearance with its deep yellow color laced with bacon bits. It had had a ton of sauce, which is always a plus. And it simply tasted great. The spiciness of the chipotle ran up against the ranch with a great ground attack then from the top rope came the bacon which sealed the deal and made me the winner of this flavor showdown. Gotta get this flavor. It’s a must.