Saints and Sinners – Fourth Visit


It’s very difficult for us to stay away from Saints and Sinners for too long because they have such delicious wings. So, obviously, we made another trip. Check out the bottom of this post to listen to the podcast review of our latest visit.

One awesome thing about Saints and Sinners is that they allow you to mix and match any flavor combination on the menu. Well, our creative juices were really flowing on this trip and we stretched our imaginations on the sauces we crafted. Oh, and we have a brief discussion on what a bizarro-world Lynch and Serniak would be like. You know, normal, everyday conversation stuff.

Also, if you’re a local business, you’ll definitely want to check out this podcast to take advantage of an awesome deal for Condron Media offered exclusively through the Wingcast. We’ll give you a hint, it’s free stuff. You can’t beat that.

Finally, if you want to check out all our previous visits to this lovely place, head to the Saints and Sinner Review Page.

Saints and Sinner Wingcast

Vaudeville Inn Podcast Review


We’ve got quite a treat for you today! We made a return visit to Vaudeville Inn, so that means we recorded a podcast for you. Yes, that’s the treat referenced in the first sentence. Hopefully it lived up to your expectations. Either way, head to the bottom of this post to listen to the podcast.

In this podcast, we reference wrestling once again. In fact, I call Serniak out on all the wrestling references. I want to say at least 50% of our podcasts talk about wrestling in some regard. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. We also talk about our experience with the boneless wings from Vaudeville, which were all-around pretty darn good.

If you want read about our first visit to Vaudeville Inn, head over to the Vaudeville Inn Review Page. Otherwise, enjoy the podcast!

Vaudeville Inn Wingcast

Vaudeville Inn


Basic Information:

Location: 1259 Bryn Mawr St, Scranton, PA 18504
Phone number: (570) 703-0694
Normal Wing Price: 1 lb of Boneless or a Dozen Bone-in for $12
Wing Night: Monday (Bone-in) and Thursday (Boneless)
Boneless Wing Night Price: $6 for 1lb (Half Price)
Wing flavors: Hotsy Totsy, Medium “Moonshine”, “Milquetoast” Mild, “Bee’s Knees BBQ, Butter Garlic, Caesar Garlic, Maple Bourbon, Pecan Smoked Bacon Pineapple, Golden Gatsby, Honey Mustard, Buffalo Honey Pineapple, “Not your Fathers” Wing Sauce, Pickle “Pip” Buffalo
Wing to get: Golden Gatsby

Second Visit – 9.15.16

Vaudeville Podcast Review

First Visit

Overall Rating: 76

Location: Scranton
Wing flavors: Hot, Medium, Mild, BBQ, Caesar Garlic, Butter Garlic, Pecan Smoked Bacon & Pineapple, Maple Bourbon, Golden Gatsby

Wing to get: Golden Gatsby

Lynch’s Rating: 38 out of 50

Environment: 8

The Vaudeville Inn is a newer place located in the West Side of Scranton right off of Main Street. I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately as it is a speakeasy-themed restaurant, so I was excited to check it out. Walking in, you definitely get that speakeasy vibe with the décor in the bar and dining room. I was secretly hoping it would be much more hardcore, requiring a sort of secret knock or password to get in. Alas, that was not the case. It was not super busy and we sat right at the bar. I didn’t get to see much of the place, but apparently it is pretty large with a room that has a pool table and other fun activities. I hear there is a secret room behind a bookshelf that has a one-way mirror that allows you to view a part of the restaurant. I didn’t check it out, but it does sound really cool. Our waitress was very nice, friendly, and attentive. The wings did take a bit to come out, but some Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, favorites among The Wing Men, kept us entertained. Overall, I did enjoy The Vaudeville Inn and recommend it to others to check out.

Wing Flavors: 6

The Vaudeville Inn makes up for its lack of wing flavors with some very interesting options. I’d be amazed if you’re able to find a Pecan Smoked Bacon & Pineapple wing anywhere else in the world. Also, the Golden Gatsby, which was a Hot Ranch and Garlic wing, is a nice twist on a traditional flavor.

Wing Size: 8

The wings at Vaudeville Inn were extremely big. Serniak and I got the same amount, but it seemed like my pile was much more heaping. While I’m definitely not complaining, I was really struggling towards the end of my order. Order your regular amount and you will be stuffed to the gills.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

The Vaudeville Inn allows you to place orders of five, so we had a nice variety in our flavors. The Hot is your traditional Buffalo wing with a bit more of a kick. It had a nice little spice that I truly enjoyed. The Caesar Garlic was a whiter, creamier sauce, which had a good flavor. These wings didn’t blow me away, but if you like a Caesar Garlic wing without the mix of hot sauce, you’ll be happy. The Maple Bourbon wing was a sweeter wing that worked surprisingly well. The maple syrup flavoring really came through and the taste worked with the saltiness of the wing. The Pecan Smoked Bacon & Pineapple was a wing flavor I couldn’t wait to try. I am a huge fan of bacon and pineapple on a pizza, so I thought I would love these wings. These were probably my least favorite out of the mix though. They were mainly wings with shredded pineapple and a small amount of bacon on them. I think they would have benefited with some sort of sauce on them, perhaps a small amount of teriyaki glaze or similar sauce. If they tweak this option a bit, it could be one of the most unique and tasty wing flavors out there. Finally, the best wing of the bunch, was the Golden Gatsby. First, I love how they named it to fit the theme of the restaurant. That’s a smart move. I don’t think they should do that with too many flavors because it would most likely lead to confusion, but I was OK with it here. Basically, it is a mix of hot sauce, ranch, and garlic. It sounds simple enough, but they really do it well here. The taste is fantastic. It was the cat’s pajamas. If you get one wing at The Vaudeville Inn, make it the Golden Gatsby. You will not leave disappointed.

Serniak’s Rating: 38 out of 50

Environment: 8

The Vaudeville Inn, located of Main St. in Scranton is fairly new place. I think it’s only a few months old. With a name like Vaudeville Inn, you can imagine what types of things you may see inside. Covering the walls are all types of pictures and old flyers paying homage to the classical time that the restaurant represents. If you look hard enough, you may even find some secret passage ways. Equipped with a bar, the Vaudeville Inn also has many tables and two other rooms for seating. There also is a pool table and darts to keep the completive juices flowing. Our server was also our bartender because that’s where we sat. She was extremely nice and helpful in explaining everything on the menu.

Wing Flavors: 7

Now I’ve been to places that have many more flavors, the Vaudeville gets a 7 because the uniqueness of their selection is splendid. They have your hot, medium, mild, bbq, Caesar garlic and butter garlic but they add some original ones with spicy honey soy glaze, maple bourbon golden Gatsby and pecan smoked bacon pineapple.

Wing Size: 7

At one time 50 cents a wing for wing night would have been crazy. But, that’s right around what the average is any more. Gone are the days of the 10-25 cent wing nights, I’m afraid. Fortunately, the wings at the Vaudeville were pretty large. It was a slight chore for me to polish away 20.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

I got the hot, maple bourbon, golden Gatsby and pecan smoked bacon pineapple. The hot were solid. They had some nice spice to them. They weren’t wildly spicy or anything but they your typical kick. The maple bourbon were great. They had that classic stickiness to them, which I love in this flavor. The sweetness of the bourbon balanced with the smokiness of the bourbon made a lovely choice. When I saw the pecan smoked bacon pineapple my eyes lit up because I’ve never seen anything like that. When I saw them I was still impressed. Eating them, however, I thought there was too much pineapple. I know I know, I always say give more of ingredients on my wings. But the pineapple, for me, drowned out the other flavors. The bacon and pecan were there but pineapple was little overwhelming. Now as for the golden Gatsby, that was a tremendous flavor. It was kind of hot ranch that certainly had those elements but what set it apart was that it had a buttery and smoothness to it was divine. It was silk, but a wing flavor.

Tommyboy’s Bar & Grill

Tommyboys Wings


This place is closed for business until further notice.

Overall Rating: 80

Location: Nanticoke
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Price: $0.50 a wing
Phone number: 570-735-2023

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Spicy Ranch, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Inferno, Spicy Parmesan Ranch, Mild Honey Garlic, Butter Garlic, Red Garlic, Sweet & Spicy, Inferno Honey Garlic, Honey Mustard, Cajun Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard Inferno, Hot Honey Garlic, Louisiana Lightning, Cajun Butter Garlic, Caribbean Hoe Garden, Mild Cajun, Patriot, Asian Spice, Asian Bleu Cheese, Crabby Butter Garlic, Holy Schnikey, Sweet Tai Chili
Wing to get: Patriot

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 7

It’s a bit of a drive to Tommyboy’s from Scranton, PA, but we decided to take the trek based on suggestions from a number of people. This is only our second place we visited in Nanticoke, and I had high hopes of naming Nanticoke the wing capital of the year based on a well-known wing place also in the area. The bar/restaurant is a pretty big place. They have some family-style seating close to the front for the kiddies. They also have a large square bar with plenty of seating around it along with a number of bar tables. They also have a section I just not termed the Tommyboy’s Funzone. In this area, which is pretty open, they have a pool table, darts, shuffleboard, and a pong table. I imagine this is where they allow bands to play as it looked like stage lighting was set up here. It is definitely a place to go hang out with some friends on a Saturday. There is even a sort of smaller lounge area with a couple of couches. I didn’t really explore this area too much as it was in a separate section. I’m not sure what the purpose was really, but maybe it’s just a place to reflect. Tommyboy’s really seems like a fun place to hang out. Our waitress was super nice too. She was very friendly and talked to us about our experience. It wasn’t that busy while we were there, but it did take quite a while for the wings to come out. It was easily about an hour wait for the food. It’s good that they have all those activities that kept us busy because I would have started to get agitated otherwise. Also, they don’t allow you to split orders of ten, so we had to coordinate to get all the wings we wanted. They do allow you to get plain, sauceless wings though and get sauce on the side for more variety. I didn’t go this route because I like my wings drenched in sauce.

Wing Flavors: 10

I was ecstatic with the wing selection here. They have all your traditional wing options as well as a couple with an interesting twist. I wish I had a bottomless stomach and wallet so I could order all the flavors and try them out. They may have to stay reserved for a future visit.

Wing Size: 7

For their wing night, which is Thursday, they sell the wings at 50 cents a piece. For the most part, the wings are pretty hefty. You will definitely leave more than full if you place your usual order.

Wing Taste: 7

As stated above, Tommyboy’s only allows at least an order of ten, so the group of us coordinated to get the biggest variety. The regular Hot had a more vinegary taste to them as opposed to a buttery taste. Personally, I prefer the more buttery ones, but these weren’t a bad wing. The Caribbean Hoe Garden seemed really interesting. I assumed the name is based on the idea that Hoegaarden was mixed into the sauce. Perhaps because I was looking for it, I seemed to get a very slight taste of the alcoholic beverage. It was a bit lacking in the Caribbean spice area of the name, so I was a bit let down. The Mild Cajun and Honey Mustard Inferno tasted very similar, which you would not expect as they seem like two very different flavors. That’s not to say they weren’t tasty. They both had a nice spice and good seasoning on the wing. If I had to choose one of the two, I would go with the Honey Mustard Inferno as that mustard flavor came through just a bit more. Spicy Parmesan Ranch were very tasty. We say it all the time, but if you mix Hot sauce with Parmesan or Ranch, you cannot go wrong. I had really high hopes for the Crabby Butter Garlic, which is the Butter Garlic mixed with Old Bay. The amount of butter caused all the Old Bay to fall off the wing, leaving me trying to scoop it up from the bottom. At the place, I was disappointed, but I did bring some of these home. The next day when I tried them, the butter, garlic, and Old Bay formed into a thicker sauce and blended perfectly together. I wish there was a way they could capture this technique in the restaurant. Perhaps add some Parmesan cheese to thicken up the butter. This would make it also like an “Aww Shucks” corn, which is an awesome Allentown area treat that you should probably google if you have never heard of it before. Finally, the best wing I had from Tommyboy’s was the Patriot. I forget exactly the combination of sauces in the wing. I want to say Hot sauce, Bleu cheese, Cajun and Garlic. You will have to check with them when you go. Regardless, the flavor was just out of this world. It had such a nice, smooth, delicious flavor that left me wanting more. Unfortunately, the friend who ordered it got it on the side, so I had to dip my wing into the sauce. Next time, I am getting a full order of these wings so I can get the wings drenched in this sauce.

Individual Score: 38

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 10

I don’t know what or how they do it up in Nanticoke, but they sure know how to run a wing joint. Wait a second, yes I do and I’m going to tell you. Like the R-Bar, Tommy Boy’s is a place known for their wings and they not just those but an inviting atmosphere, with a lot to do. They have a large bar area that is cast in a real cool red light but they also have tables that surround it. While you’re waiting for your wings, you have several options. You can play your traditional parlor games like pool and darts. Or you can play their cousin; shuffle board. If you’re feeling really froggy, you can play their drunk uncle; beer pong. They also have a nice collection of vintage concert posters, for you to admire. They even bring you chips and salsa while you wait. How cool is that? The answer is very cool. Our server added to the great experience. She was sociable, genuine and damn good at her job and it showed. Tommy Boy’s is the kind of place you can go there with a group of friends and spend all night there. The place just spawns fun.

Wing Flavors: 10

This place brought “IT” when it came to amount and variety of wing flavors. With over 25 sauces, you will know doubt find more than a few sauces that tickle your fancy. Sauces such as Cajun bleu cheese, Louisiana lightning, crabby butter garlic and Patriot along with your traditional and not so traditional creations, Tommy Boy’s brings intelligence and flare to their menu.

Wing Size: 8

They’re large at Tommy Boy’s and at your typical wing night price of 50 cents, you’ll be feeling pretty good about everything when you leave.

Wing Taste: 7

We split 4 different flavors because you can’t order them in orders of 5. I really don’t understand why places do that. Just make it easy for the costumer, so that I can experience more sauces. We ordered hot, Caribbean Hoegarden, crabby butter garlic and spicy parmesan ranch. The hot reminded of some Bob wings if anyone can recall what they are. With these wings, you could taste the vinegar in there, which made them very flavorful. The Caribbean Hoegarden was pretty similar to the hot only these had chunks of pineapple. Honestly, I didn’t really taste much of the pineapple. The crabby butter garlic was kind of a dry rub mixed with butter that brought much flavor. One thing with this style, I thought there was too much butter and the old bay seasoning was running off of them. Just a bit less butter and they would have been not just good, but stellar. Finally, my favorite flavor was the spicy parmesan ranch. This was complex but simple, if that makes since, which it doesn’t. it had a lot of different elements but was basic in theory. It had a fair amount of heat and then the cooling off the ranch was terrific. Then adding the parmesan cheese brought the whole thing together.

Individual Score: 42

The Court Street Tavern


NOTE: This place is closed until further notice.

Second Visit

02.12.15 – Court Street Tavern

First Visit

Overall Rating: 64

Location: Scranton
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Price: $0.45 a wing
Phone number: 570-344-2239

Wing flavors: Hot Honey Mustard, Court Street Screamer, Parmesan Peppercorn, Hot Ranch, Hot Caesar, Mild, Hot, Bar-B-Que, Honey Mustard, Mild Honey Mustard, Mild Garlic, Hot Garlic
Wing to get: Court Street Screamer

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 6

The building that is now Court Street Tavern has been through a lot of changes. From what I know, it used to be known as Jilly’s. From there, it lived a short life as McMullen’s. Now, we are at Court Street Tavern, which has been open only about a month on our visit. We entered through the front and sat in the bar section, which is a big square bar with some seating around it. They have plenty of TVs if you wanted to catch the game while you take down some wings. A lot of people did walk into the place, and it seemed like they all knew each other. In fact, we were recognized early on. You know you’ve made it when you get recognized at Court Street Tavern. The place also has a dining room, upstairs area, and outdoor patio. I did not see these sections, so I cannot comment on them. The bar is very reminiscent of Jilly’s, so I imagine the rest of it must be too. The place is slightly updated. It is very clean and all my experience with the staff has been great. They are very attentive and always keeping an eye on your needs. I will say I had a bit of a bad experience on this trip. There were three of us in total. My two friends’ orders came out first. Then, about thirty minutes later, my order came out. There must have been a mix up in the back or my order got lost in the shuffle. It was a bit disheartening because this place would have received a slightly higher score if it weren’t for this issue. This was my first time eating here, so I am definitely willing to go back and give it a second chance. I’m not one to let a bad experience forever change my mind about a place. Plus, with it being so new, maybe they’re still trying to get into the swing of things.

Wing Flavors: 7

They didn’t have a huge amount of flavors on the menu, but I can see this place really expanding on the options. The Parmesan Peppercorn was a featured wing not on the menu. Also, the waitress said the cook is willing to experiment with ideas, which is just awesome. In addition to the items on the menu, I know they will at least make a Hot Ranch and a Hot Caesar. Ask your waitress if they can make a wing with an idea you come up with. You may just invent a new wing flavor for Court Street Tavern.

Wing Size: 5

The wing size at Court Street Tavern is nothing to write home about. They run on the average range for the price that is given. You should order your normal amount and be just fine.

Wing Taste: 7

On this visit, I tried Hot Parmesan Peppercorn, Hot Ranch, Court Street Screamers, Honey Mustard, and Hot Honey Mustard. Let me start with the best. The Court Street Screamers are an amazing extra hot wing sauce. In fact, I’m willing to say it’s one of the better extra hot wing sauces in the area. The level of spice is just right and the flavor isn’t overwhelmed by it. I highly suggest these wings if you like a spicier sauce. The Honey Mustard were also a very good wing. These wings were more honey than mustard, so they were a bit on the sweeter side. Honestly though, I think I preferred this to the traditional honey mustard. It was a great wing. Now the rest of the sauces had a real chance to be something great, except they had one pitfall, they all tasted very similar. As I stated before, Court Street Tavern is relatively new, so they may still be toying with the balance of the sauces. In my opinion, I feel like all the wings had too much of the hot sauce and not enough of the second ingredient. For example, the Hot Parmesan Peppercorn had that hot sauce base, which is good on its own. Then, you only slightly get that peppery, cheesy taste on the backend. The problem is that you really have to search for it. I would say the balance is 80 percent hot, and 20 percent Parmesan peppercorn. This is also true with the Hot Honey Mustard. You got mostly hot sauce, and then a slight hint of honey sweetness. I understand the Hot Ranch was a new wing for the night, but it had the same problem. There was only the slightest hint of ranch. If they play around with the balance a bit more, they will have some of the best wings in the Scranton area.

Individual Score: 32


Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7

For being your typical corner bar, Court Street Tavern is a lot of fun. There isn’t a pool table or darts or anything like that but the atmosphere is a welcoming one that fosters good vibes. Perhaps it’s because of their very pleasant and sassy wait staff, I don’t know. I just know that you’ll feel good when you enter and pending on how you play it, feel pretty good when you leave. Court St. Tavern has a regular bar area which serves a few good drafts such as Ithaca Flower Power and a dining area so no matter what your angle is, you can get done what you’re trying to get done. We had to wait a bit for our order but from based on past experiences, I think that was an isolated occurrence.

Wing Flavors: 6

There are a good amount of flavors at Court St. Tavern but not a ton of variety. They have hot, mild, Screamer (extra hot), hot honey mustard, hot garlic, hot ranch and parmesan peppercorn. All good on their own, but adding hot or mild to everything kind makes everything run together is you get a fair amount of wings.

Wing Size: 7

For 45 cents a wing, you get a good sized wing at Court St. Tavern. Very meaty and they had just enough crispiness to them. I got my usual 20 and I walked feeling full. There’s bigger, but not to many.

Wing Taste: 6

I ordered hot, screamer, hot garlic and parmesan peppercorn. The hot had a classic hot taste to them. Buttery but they also had a kick to them. The screamer wings I feel are the best they had. Hotter than the regular hot but it wasn’t anything unbearable. The screamer had a distinct flavor to them of other tangy and zesty spices. They were quite enjoyable. The hot garlic exactly what they were, their hot with chunks of garlic. They weren’t bad but I think they could have used just a bit more garlic. Same thing with the parmesan peppercorn, they were tasty but I could have used more parmesan and peppercorn on them. If you give that visual that there is good amount of whatever the wing is supposed to have then people like myself will be looking forward to that experience every time.

Individual Score: 32

Serafina Restaurant


Basic Information:

Location: 984 E Drinker St, Dunmore, PA 18512
Phone number: (570)-507-9861
Wing Price: $8.99 for 12
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 65 cent wings
Wing flavors: Mild, Hot (Add Garlic), BBQ, Italian, Teriyaki, Sweet & Tangy, Honey Mustard

Second Visit – 11/10/16

Serafina Podcast Review

First Visit – 6/6/2014

Overall Rating: 63

Lynch’s Rating: 33

Environment: 7

Serafina’s is located near the end of Drinker Street in Dunmore. It is located in the building that used to be known as Anna Maria’s, which was a business well known in these parts for being on Restaurant: Impossible. I have never been to Anna Maria’s or seen the show, so this will be the last that I speak of it. I say, out with the old, in with the new, and Serafina’s is a newer place. It is a very interesting Italian restaurant. It provided plenty of parking behind the building. I entered through the dining room, and I must say that it is really nice in there. The dining room has plenty of tables for some good Italian dining and a well-stocked bar. I was confused though because it was completely empty. That’s when the hostess advised me that the bar is in the front. The bar is a completely different scene. It is a smaller bar with some small tables. You have a couple sit down tables and some higher bar tables. The bar was packed and I could see a lot of people eating wings. I was there for the open mic comedy night. This was actually in the basement. When we were settled, we told the bartender we were hoping to see the open mic, so he said we can head downstairs and he would bring the food down to us when it was ready. They were really nice about the whole thing and very accommodating. The basement is another scene altogether. It reminded me of a bar someone would have in his or her own basement. It was very low key. The place sort of reminded me of Mulligan’s. I don’t mean there was a bunch of drunk dudes hitting on a bunch of girls, it’s more that there is three distinct and completely different areas of this one restaurant. It was nice because not only did we get to eat some wings, but we got a comedy show. Granted, it was an open mic, so it’s a lot of local comedians practicing their jokes. If you approach it with that mind set, it is quite enjoyable.

Wing Flavors: 3

Not many flavors to choose from. You get mild, hot, hot garlic, bbq and ranchero, which is ranch mixed with either mild or hot sauce. I’m not surprised that there aren’t many flavors. I got the impression that Serifina is more of a classy destination as opposed to your typical bar that caters to people who really only wants wings and other bar food. It’s not wrong of them by any means, it’s just the way it goes.

Wing Size: 9

It is such a breath of fresh air to see a place that has a low wing price. At $0.25 a wing, you will find it very difficult to find a place that offers a wing at the same price. The wings themselves were a pretty decent size too. Maybe they’re trying to draw people in with the low wing price. I’d have to say it worked.

Wing Taste: 7

I was pleasantly surprised at how good these wings were. In my past experiences, Italian restaurants didn’t exactly excel at good wings. There wasn’t much variety, so I got the Hot and the Ranchero. The Hot wing sauce is a buttery, tobacco-based sauce. I love wings that are more buttery than vinegary. They had an enjoyable, spicy taste to them. The Ranchero uses the same hot sauce as a base and mixes it with Ranch dressing. Although the wing taste was very similar between the wings, the Ranch did give it a little bit of a different flavor. With a nice hot sauce as a base, it’s hard to mess it up. Personally, I liked the plain Hot more, which I found surprising.


Serniak’s Rating: 30

Environment: 8

Serafina, located in Dunmore is a different kind of place considering their night for wing night. The upstairs gives the impression of fine dining equipped with a full bar and separate dining area behind the front dining area. It is very clean and I bet it would be a great place to go if it’s just the two of you. Thursday is their wing night and it is also newly started open mic comedy night. This is where up and coming comics can go and try out their new material. The comedy club is located in the downstairs area and it is a very intimate room. You can order your food from the upstairs or you can order in comedy club. Our server was a nice guy who was very helpful in explaining to us the situation. The comics that performed were really funny people who deliver a real entertaining show. I highly recommend you check the place out on a Thursday especially that guy who said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Wing Flavors: 4

Not many flavors to choose from. You get mild, hot, hot garlic, bbq and ranchero, which is ranch mixed with either mild or hot sauce. I’m not surprised that there aren’t many flavors. I got the impression that Serifina is more of a classy destination as opposed to your typical bar that caters to people who really only wants wings and other bar food. It’s not wrong of them by any means, it’s just the way it goes.

Wing Size: 8

We have found a place that has tied for the cheapest wing night with Mazie’s. The price for wings is 25 cents a wing. You simply don’t see wings for that price any more. It was nice to see and consume. The size of the wings was slightly above average. I got 20 and I was very satisfied.

Wing Taste: 5

I ordered 10 hot and 10 hot ranchero. One thing I noticed about the wings was you can tell they were very greasy. Now I know wings are naturally going to be a greasy based on the fact they are fried. But you could see that orange color on them and no, it wasn’t just the color of the hot sauce. The hot had that classic valley hot sauce taste. What I mean is, they balance the hot sauce with adding butter making it very tasty and you wanting more. They weren’t that hot or spicy but I’m so used to that that it hardly fazes me anymore  The hot ranchero had a great light orange color to them. Wait until you see the picture of them. They were your typical hot ranch flavor Lynch and I will always order and they represented the style well.


Overall Rating: 27

Location: Olyphant
Wing Night: Tuesday and Thursday
Wing Price: $0.50
Phone number: 570-489-8867

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Hot Garlic, Mild Garlic
Wing to get: Honey Mustard

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 2
As soon as I walked into Schooner’s, I knew we were in for a weird time. It’s located on the hills of Olyphant as you’re approaching the Casey Highway. It’s a small place with a bar, some seating, a pool table, a couple dartboards, and a jukebox. The place as a whole is decent, but the atmosphere was absolutely abysmal. Once our group entered the bar, the commoners stared us down for quite a while. Even after we took a seat at the table in the side room, we were continually stared down like we were encroaching upon their territory. This is one of those bars where you have to get your drinks and place your orders at the bar. The bartender acted like we were a huge hindrance by showing up. It’s wing night, what did he expect. He was not friendly at all and was very vague on what exactly could be ordered and in what quantity. When the wings were finally done, we had to go up and grab them. The service was just horrible.
Wing Flavors: 3
I feel like I’m starting to run out of places with a huge selection or interesting arrangement of flavors. Schooner’s has your run-of-the-mill selection that you would find at almost any place. There was nothing crazy or out of the ordinary here.
Wing Size: 3
These were pricey wings for such a small place.  The wings run $0.50 each. The menu says orders of 10, and the bartender said orders of ten, but he could possibly do orders of 5, but he wasn’t very clear what would allow him to do that. I’m assuming it was OK if someone else got an order of 5 too, but again, it wasn’t very clear. The wings were not large by any means, and at $0.50 each, it’s not a good deal.
Wing Taste: 3
I placed an order for 10 Hot and 5 Hot Garlic. The Hot had a pretty good spiciness to it, but had a very strong tomato flavor. It could have done with a bit more butter to even out that acidic tomato taste. The Hot Garlic were covered in the same hot sauce with a tiny bit of garlic added. I also tried the Honey Mustard wings.  The bartender said these were the best wings at Schooner’s. They were much better than the other wings, and some of the better Honey Mustard that I’ve had from any place. I may not be the best judge of Honey Mustard though as I hardly ever order it as one of my wings.

Individual Score: 14

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 1
Immediately upon entering Schooners we were met with stares from the patrons at the bar as if they wondered to themselves collectively “who the hell are these people, this is our bar.” A very uncomfortable feeling indeed. There was no sound from music or even TV in the place just some guys talking. We took our seat at a table and no one came to us so there was no one to take our order. We had to order from the bar, which isn’t to big of a deal. I ordered a water and so did Lynch and the guy behind the bar who very well may be the owner seemed befuddled that men can go into a bar and just order water. Another sign that gave way to the place being odd was that, for a wing night, no one was eating. The service was poor as well. Besides the stare of ordering water, when asked if the wings come in orders of 5 the man said “tell me what you want and I’ll see what I can do.” What is that? What does that mean? At this point I internally confused/upset. I said well then I guess I’ll get 5 hot and 10 honey mustard since I don’t really know if I could get 4 different flavors in increments of 5. I just wanted to sit down/bolt for the door.
Wing Flavors: 3
They had hot, mild, bbq, garlic and a honey mustard that the bartender/potential owner swore were the best in the world.
Wing Size: 4
They weren’t the smallest wings I have ever had but they were nothing to write home about. Also, they don’t tell you that that celery and blue cheese comes with the wings and it is 75 cents for each. Thanks for letting me know.
Wing Taste: 3
The hot were not hot at all and were basically tasteless. The world class honey mustard wings were descent but not earth shattering like I was lead to believe.
Individual Score: 13