Third Time to Waldo’s was a Charm

Waldo's Wings 7.13.17

Basic Information:

Location: 406 Green Ridge St, Scranton, PA 18509
Phone number: (570) 961-8904
Wing Price: $7 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Monday and Thursday
Wing Night Price: 40 cent wings
Wing Flavors*: X-Mild, Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot, Waldo’s Death Sauce, Mild Ranch, Medium Ranch, Hot Ranch, Mild Bleu, Medium Bleu, Hot Bleu, Butter Garlic, Mild Honey Garlic, Medium Honey Garlic, Hot Honey Garlic, Porketta, Old Bay, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Captain Morgan, Caesar Parm, Cajun Dry, Mild Cajun, Medium Cajun, Hot Cajun, Taco
*Combine any wing flavors

Third Visit

Overall Rating: 85

Lynch’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 8
We decided it was time to make another trip to Waldo’s since our last visit over three years ago. Our decision was made very easy by the fact that we heard they had redid the menu, added plenty of new flavors, and build an outdoor patio area. I drive by Waldo’s quite a bit since I’m always on Green Ridge Street of Scranton, but I somehow never noticed the new patio, most likely due to the fact that it is mostly fenced in with a small gate to enter. I entered through the patio gate and immediately thought it was fantastic. There is a covered outside bar area with some tables for dining around it. There are also plenty of tables not covered if you want the full outdoor experience. It looks like there are some heaters for those colder nights, but we went on a warm day so there was no need for that. Looking at the covered dining area, I am going to guess that they will put up some type of wall and bring the heaters into the enclosure to create an awesome outdoor/indoor place for hanging out. They have about 6 drafts on tap outside. We went during a Victory Tap takeover and got to enjoy some delicious brews while dining outdoors. They did provide table service outdoors, and all the wings we ordered came out pretty fast. My quick peek inside revealed that not much has changed on the interior. If you’re a fan of the old Waldo’s, you have the option to hang out inside, but personally, I highly recommend the outdoor dining.

Wing Size: 8
When compared to other places, Waldo’s wings were definitely below average. When compared to prices of other wing places though, Waldo’s excelled. On their wing night, which they feature on both Monday and Thursday, they offer wings for only 40 cents a piece. A price like that is very hard to find this day and age. On top of that, Waldo’s allows you to place an order in any amount you want. I’m traditional, so I stuck to my normal 5, but if you wanted to go crazy, you can probably get 3 or 4 of some flavors. Don’t go too crazy and order 1 of every flavor though. People would start claiming you’re a psychopath.

Wing Flavors: 9
Waldo’s offers a good base of a large variety of flavors containing a mix of the classics and some that are more unique. If you want your classic Mild or Butter Garlic, they’ve got you covered. Want to try a wing that’s a little crazier like Taco or Porketta? Waldo’s should be able to help you out. What really pushed them over the top for me was the note on their menu that states you can combine any flavors. That opens up (as Aladdin would say) a whole new world. They may even have some secret sauces that aren’t on the menu, so be sure to ask and you may be in for a little treat.

Wing Taste (x2): 8
I decided to amp up my usual Hot order by trying the X-Hot. In the past, any time I ordered the step up, I was always surprised at how tame the flavor actually was. Well, let me tell you, these bad boys were super spicy. It was a darker, red sauce full of peppery spiciness. Don’t get me wrong though, they had a ton of flavor that I enjoy quite a bit. Waldo’s didn’t sacrifice flavor just for the sake of heat here. Let me warn you though, it’s not for the faint of heart. I’d almost be concerned for anyone who wanted to try the next step up, Waldo’s Death Sauce. The Hot Cajun Bleu was a flavor thought up in the mind of yours truly. For the most part, it captured the essence of the combination. It had a great Cajun taste to it along with a spicy backbone of the hot sauce. I only got the slightest hint of bleu cheese on this one though. I wish there was a bit more because it would have mellowed out the heat and Cajun spice a bit, which I think would have been a fantastic flavor. Finally, the Caesar Parm is a classic combination that’s hard for me not to order. I love both flavors and Waldo’s does a really good job of combining them for the perfect balance of Caesar and Parmesan cheese. I ordered these with the mild sauce and I’m happy I did because it allowed the Caesar Parm flavor to come through with just the tiniest hint of hot sauce.

Serniak’s Rating: 44 out of 50

Environment: 9
Waldo’s on Greenridge St. reminds a lot Harvey Dent, who’s known to his friends as Two Face because when you walk in the place you get this grittier, throwback bar that reminds you of your classic corner bar. But when you round the corner and get to the outside area, you enter a more modern looking setup that’s all about chilling out and letting that hair down pending you have any. Even if you don’t like me, you could figuratively do it. We sat outside and lucky for us, the weather was on our side. We must of been riding with some serious luck because there was a Victory tasting happening so we got talk brew with a representative of the brewery and also have some fine tasting suds. Outside you’ll find several tables and a another fully operating bar. You’ll also find a cornhole game off to the side. That’s a nice touch because it’s a game you don’t see very often at places and it’s one that everyone is down to play and if they aren’t, well I just think you need to reevaluate your friends. Our server was nice and joked around with us and even the guy behind the bar joked around with is. Everyone just seemed to be in a good mood, which is always a plus. No one wants to relax in a tense environment and Waldo’s did a nice job of making sure people were feeling upbeat. The outside area I think has only been around for a few months. Dynamite idea to add it. I hope they enclose it for the winter. That be rad.

Wing Size: 10
The size of their wings are around the average mark. They aren’t crazy small or big, to me, they’re regular. But where they go against the grain in a positive way is that for their wing night, they buck the current trend and have a 40 cents wing night. I feel like for the past 5 or so reviews, all I’ve been having are 60 cents wing nights. And as I understand that the price of wings has gone up and wing joints have to keep up, Waldo’s says, nope, we’re staying at 40 cents.

Wing Flavors: 9
This is an upgrade like you read about. They have 27 flavors on their menu. The last time we were at Waldo’s, which was a few years ago, they only around 7-10 flavors. So they definitely made a decision to really concentrate on their wings and I’m really happy they did. They got your standards but then they have some rising stars like porketta, cajun, old bay, hot bleu and taco. They also have a Waldo’s Death Sauce, which sounds like if you have it then you’re going to have a bad time. But go ahead and test your might and give it a whirl. They also let you combine any of their sauces together in case you’re feeling like a mad scientist. What’s good and something I wish all places did is that they put it right on their menu that you can combine flavors instead of putting me in a kind of guessing state. An easy move that helps out everyone.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

I went with my classic 20 with 4 different flavors. We’ll go from my least favorite to my favorite because why not? I had the honey mustard. It was a typical honey mustard. All aspects of it were represented. I actually think there was more honey in it than mustard. If you’re into honey mustard, this wing won’t disappoint. Next, I had the cajun dry rub. They had a very healthy coating of cajun seasoning and every square centimeter(possibly a new unit of measurement, I have no idea) was caked with the seasoning. That’s something often gets overlooked. The cajun had a solid heat to it but nothing overbearing. Simply solid. Moving to a flavor that was a bit more intense, and that’s the X-Hot. I was feeling froggy and wanted something with a bit more heat and man did I get what I was looking for. These were legit hot. A lot of times I go out and get the next level up from someone’s regular hot and it’s fine but they don’t bring the heat like I thought they would. Well, that’s not what happened here because these had serious heat and I knew it immediately. But they also had a nice flavor of spice to them. I’ll say that they are my personal limit for hotness from a wing sauce. Any more, I’ll be to the point where I would be hurting eternally. I ate all of them and I’m proud that I did. Like I said earlier, if you want to get the death sauce, be my guest. I’m told no one ever ate them all there so go out and make history. Lastly, I got the taco. So much taco flavor with an assist from what I think was their regular hot sauce. The taco flavor was potent through every bite. Not sure I ever had a taco wing so much punch. Highly recommend them.


Benny’s Podcast Review

We went to Benny’s only a couple months ago, but we were such huge fans we decided to make another quick visit to enjoy their delicious wings. Since this is our second visit to Benny’s, we have a podcast review for you. Head to the bottom of the post to give a listen!

Benny’s takes the place of the old Duke’s in Peckville, PA. They updated the place a bit and added a ton of fantastic wing flavors to the menu that you need to try for yourself. In this podcast, we talk all about Benny’s and have a bit of an argument about what street it is on (Confirmed: It’s on Main St). Oh, we also made up a couple of new words that are bound to take the world by storm. Definitely.

If somehow you’re on this site and you don’t even like wings, give this podcast a listen because we talk about an awesome event coming up in Scranton called Over the Edge Scranton: A Rappelling Adventure. If you check them out on Facebook, you can register to be provided all the tools necessary to help raise money for a great cause. If you raise enough money, you will get to rappel from the tallest building in Scranton!

Finally, if you want to check out our past review of Benny’s, head over to the Benny’s Review Page.

Benny’s Wingcast


Benny's 5.3.17

Basic Information:

Location: 1216 N Main St, Peckville, PA 18452
Phone number: (570) 291-4190
Normal Wing Price: 10 for $7.50
Wing Night: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Wing Night Price: $0.50 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Mild, Mild Parm, Garlic, Garlic Parm, Hot Garlic, Hot Garlic Parm, Memphis BBQ, Benny’s BBQ, Hot BBQ, Speedie Sauce, Horsey Sauce, Hot BBQ Honey Mustard, Sweet Teriyaki, Sesame Teriyaki, Pete’s Sauce, Boom Boom, Caesar, Hot Caesar, Honey Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, Cider Glaze, Sweet Chili, Tai Peanut, Bacon Brown Sugar, Volcano Style, Bourbon Sugar, Sweet Cajun, Sriracha Ranch, Porketta Dry Rub, Old Bay Dry Rub, Hot Brown Sugar Dry Rub, Signature Smokehouse Dry Rub, Honey Garlic Dry Rub, Applewood Dry Rub, Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub

Second Visit – 5/3/2017

Benny’s Podcast Review

First Visit – 1/04/17

Overall Rating: 82

Lynch’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 9
While driving along North Main Street in Peckville, you may have noticed a change to the recognizable bar called Duke’s, which was well-known for its cheesesteak pizza. The place is now called Benny’s and it’s under new ownership, and with this new ownership came a number of positive changes. The place is still split between a large bar area and a small take-out section. The bar area has much of the same layout, but with a number of changes to modernize it for a new age. The bar top has been redone and the lighting updated to give it a slicker look. Benny’s also added some nice beer selections tailored to the craft beer drinker if that sort of thing floats your boat. There is a section dedicated to two pool tables in case you wanted to pass the time while you wait for your food. Our service was fantastic while we were there. We sat at the bar and the two bartenders were on top of their game. They were very friendly, conversational, and always checking up on us to make sure we had everything we needed. You cannot split your order of wings at Benny’s, so just be wary if you planned on getting a variety of flavors. It never got crowded on our visit, but it did appear to get livelier as the night went on. Overall, Benny’s is a great new bar in the area that you’re bound to enjoy for some food or late-night activities.

Wing Size: 4
Most aspects of Benny’s had high marks. Size is not one of them. Benny’s does this awesome thing where they offer three wing nights – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On any of those nights, you can get an order of ten wings for $5. That is about the standard going price on wing night these days. When the wings came out, I knew I would have no trouble finishing all 20 as they were a bit on the smaller side. Usually, I finish my 15 feeling overly stuff, but I took down the 20 with no issues.

Wing Flavors: 10
Benny’s really brings it to the table (pun intended) with wing flavors. They have a huge amount of wet and dry options to cover your wings. In fact, there were so many to choose from, I struggled on my final selection. It’s interesting because Benny’s doesn’t have a traditional “Hot” flavor listed on the menu, but they do have a Mild and plenty of other “Hot” flavors, so I’m sure you could order a plain Hot if you wanted. Benny’s offers classic flavors as well as some great, unique styles such as Volcano Style (just like volcano fries, but on a wing), Pete’s Sauce (we were told this is a very spicy wing), and Applewood Dry rub. I definitely expect another visit in our near future just to give different wings a try.

Wing Taste (x2): 9
Before we get into the actual taste of the sauces I ordered, I wanted to mention that I like that they ask if you want your wings crispy. The wings came out with just the slightest, and rightest (in my opinion), amount of crisp. To start off, I ordered the Tai Peanut, which I believe is supposed to actually be Thai Peanut. Regardless, whenever I see a peanut sauce on a menu, I almost always make it a point to order. Serniak is not a fan of peanut sauces, but that’s his problem. I really enjoyed this wing. It had a good peanut butter taste up front with a decent kick of spice on the back end. It’s certainly not a wing sauce that everyone would order or enjoy, but since I am a sucker for peanut sauces, I thought Benny’s did a good job on it. I also ordered the Hot Caesar. This is another classic wing flavor that I always enjoy. Benny’s starts with a great hot sauce base and adds some Caesar to it to really amp up the taste. The balance between the hot and the Caesar were great. You won’t go wrong if you order these wings. The other two wings I tried – Benny’s Bacon Brown Sugar and Sweet Cajun – were Serniak’s picks, and may actually have been better than the two I talked about, but I will leave that to the other half of The Wing Men to describe.

Serniak’s Rating: 41 out of 50

Environment: 9
A real new-comer to the ever growing wing scene in the NEPA area(can’t imagine who or what is responsible for this) Benny’s takes over right where its predecessor left off. Benny’s is located in Peckville in the same location that Duke’s was it. Duke’s was known for their legendary double crust steak and cheese pizza. A possible national treasure it was. Now, Benny’s is in there and it appears they have decided they are heading in the wing direction. Great for wing bloggers, bad for no one. It’s nice to see all the hard work put into remodeling the place from when it was Duke’s. The layout is pretty much the same. They have two pool tables, a big bar area with a good amount of seating that wraps around it. It looked like they updated many things like the bar countertops and the amount of tvs. If you’re a sports guy or gal, it’s a great place to catch some competition of whatever sport you’d like minus perhaps croquet and badminton. We sat at the bar. Our bartender/server was quite pleasant and joked around with us while she attended others. There’s something to be said about being able to do both of those things without slowing down. I’m always appreciative of that. The atmosphere of the whole place also seemed to a positive one. People just seemed to be in a good mood. It’s always better to be in that kind of company. Fact. Equipped with a solid beer selection, I think you could easily spend days inside of there and not get bored. Maybe they should do a lock-in like bowling alleys used to do. That be somethin.

Wing Size: 7
You can go and find wings that are larger. You can find wings that are smaller. To me, they are slightly above average in size. And they’re right around the average for price at 50 cents a wing on their wing night. One thing you can’t do is order them in orders of 5. You need to get them in orders of 10. I’m a guy who craves multiple sauces so I suggest you go with a companion so that you could try our more flavors.

Wing Flavors: 9
It took me a god while to decide between an 8 or a 9. But, after further review, I went with a 9 because they have over 20 flavors and several of them are unique and they put their own twist into some classics. I’m a fan of innovation and Benny’s certainly is thinking outside the standard flavors in trying to stand out. Flavors such as horsey sauce, boom boom and speedie sauce, sauces that you don’t normally see can be found here. But sauces such as sweet cajun, one that I’ve never seen before, cider glaze and Benny’s bacon brown sugar show me that they’re looking to really plant a flag in the wing society that we live in. I hope they aren’t finished with exploring their brains for new flavors. All of us can benefit if they keep thinking.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

We got the hot caesar, thai peanut, Benny’s bacon brown sugar and the sweet cajun. The hot caesar was a very solid representation of what that flavor is all about. The heat of the hot mixed with subtle bite of the caesar dressing did some very good things out there. I do wish the caesar dressing was caked on instead of drizzled on. That’s me nitpicking I know, but I still like to have all sauces on every centimeter of my wings. I’m a real stickler for sauce distribution. It’s a curse I know. Now the thai peanut is a sauce that I typically avoid. I’ve just never been a guy who enjoys that flavor regardless of where it comes from. Lynch wanted to get it and I was in no position to challenge it. I checked. But, if you’re into that style then I’m rather sure you’ll like Benny’s take on this eastern staple. Had the peanutbuttery taste you’d expect. Moving on. The sweet cajun, a sauce I said I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, which is surprising because it doesn’t sound like something that should be that hard to come up with, was excellent. I thought it was real good because it focused a lot on the sweet facto. I figured it would be more spicy but nope, I thought it was real tangy. Real good combo of sweet and spicy. The sweetness wasn’t overpowering but I thought it was the leader of the flavor. Finally, the Benny’s bacon brown sugar is everything that those words are. There was bacon, there was brown sugar and it was at Benny’s. Thought it might be a dry rub but it was more like a hybrid of dry and wet. This might of happened because it had the brown sugar as dry but there was an extremely large showing of fresh cooked bacon on it and perhaps the grease from the bacon mixed in making wet. Either way, it was delicious. The brown sugar had a taste to it that wasn’t fully sweet. Something else was going on in there. Something they don’t want me to know. Whatever it was, it worked and that’s all that matters.

Happy Valley Podcast

Happy Valley 9.28.15

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted a podcast. We’ve been busy this summer with various wingfests, TV appearances, and other great wing related events. But we’re back in full force and bringing you some of our backlog of podcasts.

First up is our second visit to Happy Valley Sports Bar. Check it out at the bottom of this post!

This Penn State themed bar is slowly becoming one of our favorite places. They have a great selection of delicious wings and it’s just an awesome place to hang out. A bunch of little touches on the way they present themselves makes Happy Valley a memorable place.

If you want to read about our first visit to Happy Valley, head over to the Happy Valley Sports Bar Review Page.

Happy Valley Review Wingcast

Primanti Bros.

Primanti Wings 4.3.16

Basic Information:

Location: 1249 Commerce Blvd, Dickson City, PA 18519
Phone number: (570) 230-7811
Wing Price: $9.95 for 10 Bone-in, $6.99 for 8 Boneless
Wing Night: Sunday for 51 cent Bone-in, Monday for 51 cent Boneless
Wing flavors: Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Smokey BBQ, Sweet Heat, Honey Buffalo, Authentic Buffalo, Hot Ranch, Spicy Garlic, XX Hot

First Visit – 4/3/16

Overall Rating: 75

Lynch’s Rating: 38 out of 50

Environment: 8
Primanti Bros., a Pittsburgh-based business known for their unique sandwiches, recently set up shop in Dickson City. Of course, The Wing Men needed to check it out. We were lucky enough to attend an opening event in early March, but our most recent trip was all business. First of all, there are multiple Primanti Bros. popping up across Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Not all of them offer hot wings. This location was smart in recognizing that NEPA is the self-proclaimed (by me) Wing Capital of the world. Upon entering, you will be looking straight ahead to a large, square bar that offers unique mixed drinks and a nice craft and domestic beer selection. To the right of the entrance is a traditional restaurant area with booths and tables. The left section is a small patio area with a small fireplace and high tables. This section has large windows that open in the summer. It is a very clean, modern place to check out. Just a warning, you may struggle to get a table at any time since it is so new. Hopefully, this rush will subside in the future. Our service was pretty good, too. The waitress was very fast at getting our drinks, taking our orders, and bringing out the wings. All in all, it was a great experience. It is a place definitely worth checking out, especially if you want to catch your favorite sporting event on one of their many TVs.

Wing Flavors: 7
Primanti Bros. doesn’t offer the biggest selection around, but they definitely have a good variety of options. Most of your classics are there with Authentic Buffalo and Honey Mustard. They also throw in some sure-fire hits in the form of Hot Ranch and Sweet Heat. You’re bound to find something that will catch your fancy.

Wing Size: 7
Primanti Bros. offers 51 cent bone-in wings on Sunday and 51 cent boneless wings on Monday. We prefer our bones, so we went on Sunday. The wings are pretty large. Additionally, they put a light breading around the wings, which makes for bigger and more filling wings. You will not leave disappointed if you order your normal amount.

Wing Taste (x2): 8
I was pleasantly surprised at the taste of the wings at Primanti Bros. All the wings are prepared with a slight breading that adds a great crispiness to the wing without overwhelming the wing itself. The Sweet Heat reminds me of a Thai Chili sauce. It is a sticky sauce with bits of chili pepper mixed in. The sweetness is well balanced with a nice hit of spice. It was absolutely drenched in sauce, which I am a huge fan of. The Authentic Buffalo had a very slight hint of sweet followed by a delicious peppery taste that you expect in a Buffalo wing sauce. Finally, I had the Hot Ranch, which is a class go-to for me. The wing had a thin layer of sauce, almost like a dry rub. I really enjoyed these wings. The ranch mixed well with the breading, almost like KFC original recipe chicken. Primanti Bros. makes it their own way though, making it a unique taste that you’re bound to enjoy.

Serniak’s Rating: 37 out of 50

Environment: 8
Finally, Primanti Bros has arrived to Dickson City. Honestly, I haven’t seen anticipation for a place arriving to an area since Sheetz hit the Dunmore 15 years ago. People were really jazzed for this and when I heard they had wings and wing night I was on board and wanted to test the hype. Primanti Bros. began in Pittsburgh and has grown to many locations throughout the country. The place is a very nice place. Uber clean and just has that feeling of a professional bar. Many taps, several areas to sit and an outside spot for those summer days where you’re down looking to throw a few back while staring at people enter a certain steakhouse from the lone star state that can’t have as fun as you. Our sever was kind and was steady with checking up on us but she didn’t over do it, which is the way to go.

Wing Flavors: 7
They have 8 Flavors to choose from. You’d love for them to have more, but for a place that’s a chain restaurant that isn’t a place specifically designed for wing consumption, you can’t be that surprised unless you’re surprised. In that case, okay, go ahead and be surprised. It’s your call. They do have some interesting flavors, which is is why I gave them a 6 and not something lower. They have garlic parm, sweet heat, XX hot, buffalo, honey bbq, hot ranch, spicy ranch and honey buffalo. They could of mailed it in and have you the standards and just called it a day, but they give you good variety of taste.

Wing Size: 6
Pretty good size of wings here. They also go the not so ventured route of breading their wings. You don’t see that to often but I was thought they did real good job with it. Their wing night is on Sunday, which is another thing you don’t run into often. I think that’s another smart choice. Cornering that Sunday wing night crowd can pay off later. I didn’t love the gimmick of having their wings at 51 cents. I’m just not a guy who likes a place to intentionally be different. Primanti Bros. don’t have to try that hard. Just make solid food and churn out those wings and sandwiches and leave the shtick for the beginners.

Wing Taste (x2): 8
I didn’t have high expectations coming into Primnati Bros based solely on them being a chain. When you think of chain restaurant wings, you’ll never think to yourself “oh man, those are going to be great” unless you’re some type of weirdo who’s never been to your corner bar for wings. But Primanti came out and really did quality work. Like I said, they put breading on their wings and fortunately for you, they don’t over do it with the breading. It’s the right amount that doesn’t give you the opportunity fill up on just breading. There’s a lot of meat under it. The first flavor I got was the hot ranch. A classic and one that’s hard to screw up. Primanti did it justice with their authentic buffalo mixed with the coolness of ranch. There was a lot of flavor with this one. Next was the garlic parm. What I liked about this one was that it wasn’t mixed with buffalo sauce, which happens more than I like it to. Sometimes I just want garlic and Parmesan cheese without it being drowned by hot sauce. These were real good because there wasn’t any sauce meaning the wings were extra crispy. And with the breading the way it was, everything came together beautifully. Finally, I got the spicy ranch. These were solid. These had a little bit different sauce compared to the hot ranch. The sauce was bit thinner. They had the spice and the ranch did its job with with mellowing out the spiciness. Good stuff all the way around.

The Wing Men at Primanti Bros.


Primanti Bros. in Dickson City is now officially open for business!

We were fortunate enough to be invited by The Boys and Girls Club of NEPA to a VIP event last night to celebrate the opening of the new Primanti Bros. location. First of all, we want to say we are most appreciative of the Boys and Girls Club for always keeping us in mind for any event and letting us be a part of their annual Wings at the Waterpark (FYI – The 2016 Wingfest is scheduled for August 7 this year!).

Now, to Primanti Bros. You may be wondering why The Wing Men, who write reviews for hot wing places across NEPA, is mentioning a Pittsburgh restaurant famous for their sandwiches. Well, surprisingly, Primanti Bros. serves hot wings. In fact, they have multiple wing nights – bone wings on Sunday and boneless wings on Monday, both for 51 cents. We tried two flavors, Sweat Heat and Hot, and we thought they were pretty darn good. We are going to save more detail for our official reviews, so keep an eye out for the Primanti Bros. Wing Review in the near future!

If you check out Primanti Bros. before we get there, let us know about your experience in the replies.

Champions Lounge

Champions Lounge 11.16.15

Basic Information:

Location: 1 Meredith St, Carbondale, PA 18407
Phone number: (570)-282-4664
Wing Night: Sunday and Monday
Wing Night Price: About $6.50 for 10 wings
Wing flavors: Hot, Mild, Hot Garlic, Mild Garlic, Sesame Garlic, Caesar Hot Garlic, Caesar Mild Garlic, Old Bay, BBQ, Garbage, Butter Garlic Parmesan, Hot Honey, Mild Honey, Spicy Ranch, Honey Mustard, Jamaican Jerk, Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Champions Signature Sauce, Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Chili, Porketta

First Visit – 11/16/2015

Overall Rating: 72

Lynch’s Rating: 34

Environment: 5
Champion’s Lounge, located within Valley Lanes of Carbondale, is a nice bowling alley lounge filled with a long bar and a couple high tables for eating. It is separated from the lanes itself, but there is a small window that leads to the bowling section where most of the ordering occurs. We arrived a bit early with the hope that we could fit a round of bowling in either before we ate or while we waited for food. Even though the place was completely empty, it was a league night, so we were unable to bowl. We definitely could have fit a game in before the league bowlers arrived. When the doors to the lounge opened, we waited a small while for the bartender to arrive as she was running late. When she did arrive, she was quick to set up and take our order. She was a nice enough bartender and made sure we had everything we needed. The wings did take some time to come out, even though we were the first ones to order any food. It may be that they had to warm up the fryers and mix some sauces.

Wing Size: 7
The wings are quite large at Champion’s Lounge – it won’t take very many to fill you up. Aim to go on Sunday or Monday in order to enjoy the wing night price. Although it wasn’t clearly listed how much wings were on wing night, it came out to about $6.50 for 10 wings based on the total of our orders. You must place orders of ten, but you can get two sauces in an order. A word of advice: It may be better to go on Sunday if you’d like to do some bowling since Monday was league night. That may change throughout the year, so if bowling is a major priority, be sure to call beforehand.

Wing Flavors: 8
We’ve been told multiple times in the past to check out the wings at Champion’s Lounge. I would always ask if they had a lot of flavors because I found it difficult to imagine a bowling alley lounge featuring a wide array of options. Well, consider me surprised once I saw the menu. There are 22 sauces listed, ranging from traditional options to unique choices. The outside-the-box choices include Salt & Vinegar, Porketta, and Old Bay. They even offer a Garbage wing, which I’m beginning to notice is a trend in Carbondale. It is usually mashing together of flavors like Hot, BBQ, Bleu Cheese, and Honey Mustard. It’s an odd combination, but I’m always a fan.

Wing Taste (x2): 7
With the large selection of wings offered at Champion’s Lounge, I decided to stick to safe options that I know I usually enjoy. The Caesar Hot Ranch is a mixture of their base Hot sauce with Caesar and Ranch dressing. They did a good job of mixing the flavors so that one did not over power the taste. It provided a nice spice that I enjoyed. The Spicy Ranch, while similar, did provide a slightly different taste. If you want more variety though, avoid ordering these two together. The Hot were a traditional hot sauce with a hint of spiciness. They were good, but I wasn’t blown away by them. Finally, the Hot Italian, as you could probably guess, was a mixture of the base Hot sauce with Italian dressing. The Italian dressing did not overpower the Hot sauce, as it easily could have, making it a tasty way to finish out my order.

Serniak’s Rating: 38

Environment: 7
Is it in Carbondale Twp. or Childs? I don’t know, but that’s not the point. The point is that Champion’s Lounge located inside Valley Lanes have terrific wings and that’s all that matters. We got there at about 5:45 knowing the kitchen wasn’t open until 6, so we decided to bowl. Unfortunately, a league was coming in at 6 and we were told that we couldn’t get a lane. It was kind of a bummer because we were down for throwing some rocks, but whatever the Dude Abides. Our server/bartender was nice and insightful about the wings when we asked about them. The atmosphere was mostly low key since we were the only ones in the lounge for the majority of it. But after 6:30 the league was all in there and it was all good.

Wing Size: 6
The wings themselves are very large. Trust me; you will leave full unless you’re one of those competitive eater type people. But for the rest of us, your standard order will suffice. They get a 6 because it’s odd that they are 6.50 for 10. In my opinion, if you go over the 50 cent mark on a wing night, even in today’s economic climate, then that isn’t much of a deal compared to any other night that you serve wings. I don’t run a business but the absolute majority don’t go over the 50 cent threshold.

Wing Flavors: 9
Who knew that Champion’s Lounge had such a robust list of flavors? Not me, but I know it now. They have 22 flavors in all that also promote uniqueness and variety. Flavors such as old bay, Jamaican jerk, hot Italian, salt and vinegar and their garbage sauce, which is a culmination of several of their sauces, it was easy to give such a good score.

Wing Taste (x2): 8
The hot were nice because they reminded me of that classic hot wing taste; just hot sauce and butter, real valley style. It worked very well and brought me back to a simpler time of wing crafting many years ago. The spicy ranch was another great flavor due to its simplicity. It had the heat of the hot sauce but then was backed up with the cooling of ranch. It didn’t out think itself, it just delivered the goods. Next , I had the Champion’s Signature sauce, which was a sweet/hot sauce. It was really good. Again, it had the heat of the hot sauce, but this time it was backed up by what I think was syrup. Finally, the garbage wings stole the show. It’s a mixture of who knows which and how many flavors. It was complex but also delicious. It was a thinker sauce so I definitely believe ranch was in there, but besides that, I cannot say. It was fantastic. You should definitely order this one, when you hit up the Lanes.