Sport Hill Inn

Sport Hill Inn 8.24.17

Basic Information:

Location: 984 E Drinker Street, Dunmore, PA 18512
Phone number: (570) 507-9861
Wing Price: $7.99 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 50 cent wings
Wing Flavors: Mild, Hot, XXX Hot, Honey Hot, Sport Hill Inn BBQ, Honey Mustard, Garlic Parmesan, Sweet & Spicy, Ranch, Garlic Mild, Teriyaki

Overall Rating: 69

Lynch’s Rating: 32 out of 50

Environment: 8
What was old is new again. Sport Hill Inn, known previously as Serafina, which was known previously as Anna Maria’s, is the newest name tied to the restaurant located at 984 E Drinker Street in Dunmore. The place hasn’t really changed much since Serafina. In fact, the menus still have the Serfina name on the front. The inside is made up of distinct areas that really have their own feel. The front entrance brings you into a large, modern-looking bar area with plenty of seating at the bar and high tables. There is also a very large dining room if you wanted to sit down for a nice meal. My favorite part, which happened to be where we sat, was a nice outdoor, covered patio area for some killer outdoor dining. I didn’t get a chance to check out the dining room section, but based on the patio and bar area, it was definitely not busy. Unfortunately, they only allow orders of ten, even on their wing night, so we all had to agree on the flavors we wanted to ensure we got a good variety. We got our orders in quickly and received our food in no time. All in all, it was a pretty good experience. If you’ve been to Serafina in the past, expect much of the same with Sport Hill Inn.

Wing Size: 9
There was a time when the world was a much simpler place. Kids went outside, people actually talked to each other, and wings were 25 cents. This day in age, it’s becoming very difficult to find these things in the wild. Well, except for 25 cent wings, which Sport Hill Inn serves on their wing night. It’s crazy, it’s almost impossible to see a price like this anymore for regular wings. When that check came, I was amazed at how low it was, especially considering the amount of wings we got. While these aren’t the biggest wings you’ll see, you can’t beat that price,. So, go crazy, order 5 more, because, you know, you only YOLO once.

Wing Flavors: 5
You will most likely not be blown away by the wing options at Sport Hill Inn. While this will make most people happy, we at the Wing Men prefer variety and surprises. Don’t get me wrong, there were enough options for us to have a decent selection to eat, but maybe put a weekly special on the menu to experiment with what works. Or start allowing mixture of any sauces. Even better, include some Cajun, Chipotle, Sriracha, Bacon, or Blue Cheese in the mix to really expand your options.

Wing Taste (x2): 5
We had a big share fest with the 40 wings we ordered. The Hot were pretty well executed. It was a classic Buffalo sauce with the right amount of spice and flavor. I really do like the Hot from Sport Hill Inn. Is it the best around? No, but it is a tasty wing that I’m sure you will enjoy. Another standout flavor for me was the Sweet & Spicy sauce. In fact, this was my favorite of the night. It reminded me a lot of a Jack Daniel’s Sauce with a good, spicy kick. The Ranch was a bit of a letdown. Basically, it was ranch dressing on a wing. I will say it did seem slightly different, almost spicier, but it was pretty darn similar to ranch dressing. The Garlic Parmesan was a thick white sauce consisting, as you probably could have guessed, of garlic and parmesan cheese. The garlic was strong in this one, but the parmesan cheese was a bit lacking. Overall, the Garlic Parmesan was a bit underwhelming. I wish both the Ranch and Garlic Parmesan were mixed with hot. I think this would add another level of flavor that would make these wings stand out a bit more.

Serniak’s Rating: 37 out of 50

Environment: 7
We have an old building that we’ve been to before but it is a new place, sort of. We went to Sport Hill Inn, which is located in Dunmore and occupies the space that was formerly Serafina’s. Their emblem for the place looks like a Milwaukee Bucks logo, which I think is sharp. Not many bars around here that embrace the Greek Freak but we might have one now. The setup was pretty much the same. Nice clean, classy bar on the inside with a fair amount of tables and equipped with an outside seating area that has plenty of room with TVs to watch whatever you’d like. We didn’t check it out, but if all things are the same as before, there’s another side to the place past the bar that also has plenty of seating. There’s even a downstairs area that I used to perform stand up comedy in that can really be utilized if the right idea gets implemented. I said the place was sort of a new place because when we got the menus, the name Serafina’s was on the menu. Perhaps the business is still in the family and they kept everything the same but changed the name of the place. Who knows. It was however surprising to see that. Our server was very nice and joked around with us. She was personable and in good spirits. That goes along way. The place is called Sport Hill Inn but I couldn’t really notice if it’s trying to be a sports bar or a classy type of cocktail loung place. It’s the kind of place, and we’ve seen this before, where a place has a wing night but wings aren’t their flagship meal. Maybe at Sport Hill, their best dish is Italian? Couldn’t tell you. The place is pretty new so maybe they’re trying to do a hybrid kind of a thing.

Wing Size: 10
Like Billy Bob would say ‘I give it a ten a ten a%#@%^#) ten.” Why? Because wings on Thursdays are a classic 25 cents a wing that’s why. Makes you feel like it’s 1999 when you get the bill. The size of the wings are around the average mark. Not to wildly big but also not way tiny or anything like that. You did however have to get 10 for them to be 25 cents, which if that’s a problem for anyone please escort yourself to another planet.

Wing Flavors: 6
Sport Hill has 12 flavors to choose from and they’re all mostly the classics. Mild, hot, honey mustard, garlic parm, sweet and spicy, ranch and teriyaki to name the majority. Nothing to out of the ordinary but it’s nice to see that they had the essentials with a few more that I would say are more than just the usual with the teriyaki, sweet and spicy and their Sport Hill BBQ, which stupidly, I didn’t get.

Wing Taste (x2): 7

We split 40 wings and got the hot, sweet and spicy, ranch and garlic parm. The hot were fine but kind of forgettable. To me, they just didn’t have any oomph to them. No sizzle. They weren’t that hot, which I’m used to but they were also kind of just there. Oh well. The sweet and spicy were loaded with flavor. Excellent balance of twang and sweetness that was good with every bite. They had a beautiful thick sauce that could make you think they were designed as an Asian style. Either way, they were spot on. The ranch were exactly that. Just ranch dressing or perhaps even ranch dip. Not exactly sure but if you like ranch on everything, and I know some of you do, this is the flavor you’ve always wanted. Lastly, were the garlic parm. I thought maybe these would end up being infused with hot or mild sauce, which happens often, but I was pleasantly surprised find out they were just garlic parm. I love when that happens. Don’t get me wrong, try getting me right and hear me when I say that i thoroughly enjoy when garlic parm wings are just that: garlic and parm. It goes together so well and so did these. Copious amounts of garlic and parmesan cheese all over them. I highly recommend them.



Grande Pizza Podcast Review 2


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In this podcast, we talk about the changes to Grande Pizza since our last visit. And let us just say, they have changed a lot. Grande Pizza has expanded their wing options a bit and moved into a completely new building across the street. Thing are much different than they used to be, that’s for sure. Also, as The Wing Men often do, we got a little bit off topic. We may have spent a little bit of time talking about the limitations of human evolution. As they say, nothing goes together better than hot wings and the destruction of planet Earth as we know it.

Once again, this podcast was sponsored by Condron Media, so definitely give it a listen if you’re a local, small business that wants some free services.

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Serafina Podcast Review


We’ve made a return trip to Serafina’s Restaurant after more than two years away. And we have to say, they’ve really upped their game. Head to the bottom of the post to listen to the podcast review!

In this one, we kind of lacked in the intro department. Well, I’m sure you’ll hear when you give the podcast a listen. We also talk about how Serafina expanded their wing selection, which is always a plus. And, we talk about their sweet outdoor area. It’s pretty spectacular.

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Loading Dock – Revisited

Loading Dock 5.17.16

Wow! Can you believe it’s been almost four years since we’ve been to The Loading Dock. In fact, The Loading Dock was the very first place we went to and this was our first time back. It’s crazy to think that we are four years closer to the robot apocalypse now.

Things have changed quite a bit since that first visit, too. Loading Dock has grown and expanded. The Wing Men have grown and expanded (mostly due to eating four years worth of wings).

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Serafina Restaurant


Basic Information:

Location: 984 E Drinker St, Dunmore, PA 18512
Phone number: (570)-507-9861
Wing Price: $8.99 for 12
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 65 cent wings
Wing flavors: Mild, Hot (Add Garlic), BBQ, Italian, Teriyaki, Sweet & Tangy, Honey Mustard

Second Visit – 11/10/16

Serafina Podcast Review

First Visit – 6/6/2014

Overall Rating: 63

Lynch’s Rating: 33

Environment: 7

Serafina’s is located near the end of Drinker Street in Dunmore. It is located in the building that used to be known as Anna Maria’s, which was a business well known in these parts for being on Restaurant: Impossible. I have never been to Anna Maria’s or seen the show, so this will be the last that I speak of it. I say, out with the old, in with the new, and Serafina’s is a newer place. It is a very interesting Italian restaurant. It provided plenty of parking behind the building. I entered through the dining room, and I must say that it is really nice in there. The dining room has plenty of tables for some good Italian dining and a well-stocked bar. I was confused though because it was completely empty. That’s when the hostess advised me that the bar is in the front. The bar is a completely different scene. It is a smaller bar with some small tables. You have a couple sit down tables and some higher bar tables. The bar was packed and I could see a lot of people eating wings. I was there for the open mic comedy night. This was actually in the basement. When we were settled, we told the bartender we were hoping to see the open mic, so he said we can head downstairs and he would bring the food down to us when it was ready. They were really nice about the whole thing and very accommodating. The basement is another scene altogether. It reminded me of a bar someone would have in his or her own basement. It was very low key. The place sort of reminded me of Mulligan’s. I don’t mean there was a bunch of drunk dudes hitting on a bunch of girls, it’s more that there is three distinct and completely different areas of this one restaurant. It was nice because not only did we get to eat some wings, but we got a comedy show. Granted, it was an open mic, so it’s a lot of local comedians practicing their jokes. If you approach it with that mind set, it is quite enjoyable.

Wing Flavors: 3

Not many flavors to choose from. You get mild, hot, hot garlic, bbq and ranchero, which is ranch mixed with either mild or hot sauce. I’m not surprised that there aren’t many flavors. I got the impression that Serifina is more of a classy destination as opposed to your typical bar that caters to people who really only wants wings and other bar food. It’s not wrong of them by any means, it’s just the way it goes.

Wing Size: 9

It is such a breath of fresh air to see a place that has a low wing price. At $0.25 a wing, you will find it very difficult to find a place that offers a wing at the same price. The wings themselves were a pretty decent size too. Maybe they’re trying to draw people in with the low wing price. I’d have to say it worked.

Wing Taste: 7

I was pleasantly surprised at how good these wings were. In my past experiences, Italian restaurants didn’t exactly excel at good wings. There wasn’t much variety, so I got the Hot and the Ranchero. The Hot wing sauce is a buttery, tobacco-based sauce. I love wings that are more buttery than vinegary. They had an enjoyable, spicy taste to them. The Ranchero uses the same hot sauce as a base and mixes it with Ranch dressing. Although the wing taste was very similar between the wings, the Ranch did give it a little bit of a different flavor. With a nice hot sauce as a base, it’s hard to mess it up. Personally, I liked the plain Hot more, which I found surprising.


Serniak’s Rating: 30

Environment: 8

Serafina, located in Dunmore is a different kind of place considering their night for wing night. The upstairs gives the impression of fine dining equipped with a full bar and separate dining area behind the front dining area. It is very clean and I bet it would be a great place to go if it’s just the two of you. Thursday is their wing night and it is also newly started open mic comedy night. This is where up and coming comics can go and try out their new material. The comedy club is located in the downstairs area and it is a very intimate room. You can order your food from the upstairs or you can order in comedy club. Our server was a nice guy who was very helpful in explaining to us the situation. The comics that performed were really funny people who deliver a real entertaining show. I highly recommend you check the place out on a Thursday especially that guy who said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Wing Flavors: 4

Not many flavors to choose from. You get mild, hot, hot garlic, bbq and ranchero, which is ranch mixed with either mild or hot sauce. I’m not surprised that there aren’t many flavors. I got the impression that Serifina is more of a classy destination as opposed to your typical bar that caters to people who really only wants wings and other bar food. It’s not wrong of them by any means, it’s just the way it goes.

Wing Size: 8

We have found a place that has tied for the cheapest wing night with Mazie’s. The price for wings is 25 cents a wing. You simply don’t see wings for that price any more. It was nice to see and consume. The size of the wings was slightly above average. I got 20 and I was very satisfied.

Wing Taste: 5

I ordered 10 hot and 10 hot ranchero. One thing I noticed about the wings was you can tell they were very greasy. Now I know wings are naturally going to be a greasy based on the fact they are fried. But you could see that orange color on them and no, it wasn’t just the color of the hot sauce. The hot had that classic valley hot sauce taste. What I mean is, they balance the hot sauce with adding butter making it very tasty and you wanting more. They weren’t that hot or spicy but I’m so used to that that it hardly fazes me anymore  The hot ranchero had a great light orange color to them. Wait until you see the picture of them. They were your typical hot ranch flavor Lynch and I will always order and they represented the style well.

Sanderson Street Tavern

Sanderson Street 10.21.15

Basic Information:

Location: 655 Sanderson St, Throop, PA 18512
Phone number: (570)-382-3493
Normal Wing Price: $6.75 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Night Price: 40 cent wings
Wing flavors: Cajun BBQ (featured), Bloody Mary, Porketta (not on menu), Mild, Hot, Barbeque, Dr. Pepper Barbeque, Hot Dr. Pepper Barbeque, Caesar, Steakhouse, Jamaican Jerk, Honey Mustard, Sweet & Spicy Mango Habanero, Mild Honey Garlic, Hot Honey Garlic, Mild Garlic Parmesan, Hot Garlic Parmesan, Vinegar & Old Bay, Taco, Lemon Pepper, Ranch

Third Visit – 10/21/2015

Overall Rating: 75

Lynch’s Rating: 37

Environment: 9
Sanderson Street Tavern is appropriately located along Sanderson St. in Throop. The place features plenty of floor space with a nice, long bar and some sit-down tables in a back area for a more cozy dining experience. Opened just under two years ago, Sanderson Street has a very clean and modern look to it. We sat at the bar and had great service. In fact, we sat down, ordered our food, ate, and left all within about 45 minutes. It was not super busy during our visit, so that probably helped speed things along. Out bartender was friendly and was constantly checking on us. Overall, we had a great experience at Sanderson Street Tavern.

Wing Size: 5
Sanderson Street Tavern has their wing night on Wednesdays, offering wings at 40 cents each. It’s becoming harder and harder to find places that offer wing night prices that low. The wings themselves were nice and crispy, but a bit on the smaller side. You may want to order more than you normally would to ensure you don’t leave feeling hungry.

Wing Flavors: 9
The first time we went to Sanderson Street Tavern, around the time they first opened, they were lacking in the flavors department. Boy, have they grown. On top of you classic flavors, they offer some truly unique and varied options such as Vinegar & Old Bay, Dr. Pepper Barbeque, and Taco. It seems they are trying new things too because there were some flavors not on the menu like Bloody Mary and Porketta. Sanderson Street also features new flavors on wing nights. On our visit, they were serving Cajun BBQ.

Wing Taste (x2): 7
A lot of the flavors at Sanderson Street Tavern stood out to me, so it made it difficult to choose just four. The Steakhouse is a dry rub seasoning of something similar to Montreal Steak Seasoning. It’s such a simple idea that tastes great on a wing. The Hot Garlic Parmesan is a tasty wing that consists of garlic, parmesan cheese, and Sanderson’s Hot, which is a Sriracha-based sauce. The Vinegar & Old Bay is a dry rub wing with Old Bay seasoning and malt vinegar added. I really enjoyed the addition of the vinegar to add a bit more flavor to that Old Bay spice. Finally, the Sweet & Spicy Mango Habanero was a sweeter sauce with a hint of heat in the back. I personally could have used a bit more of that habanero spiciness in the sauce, but I think it gets the job done for the general masses.

Serniak’s Rating: 38

Environment: 8
The Sanderson St. Tavern has only been in business for about a year or more, and they have continued to up their wing game. When we first went here a while back when they first opened, they only had a few wing flavors. Now they have around 20 flavors. That shows me they care about what they’re doing and that’s awesome to see. Equipped with a large bare area, with ample room, they also have an area for just tables. The place is super clean, and the whether you sit at the bar or not, you will get fine service. Our server was attentive to us and pleasant.

Wing Size: 8
They aren’t the largest wings that you will ever encounter, so I suggest you order 1 more order of 5 from your usual order, just to be safe. But, they get and 8 because their wing night price is 40 cents, which is under the average. That may not mean a lot to the old timers who remember the days when wings used to be 10 cents on wing nights. Well wake up, those days are over, Sega Dreamcast didn’t make it, Clinton is out of office (for now)and everything has risen in price including wings. Deal with it.

Wing Flavors: 8
Like I said, Sanderson St. has really upped their wing game. Not only do they have upwards to 20 flavors, they also have a very unique flavor list. Flavors like Dr. Pepper bbq, lemon pepper, porketta, sweet habanero and taco really makes this flavor list pop out at me. Also, their regular hot sauce is made with sriracha sauce, something I really appreciate not only as a flavor but also as taking a slight risk on the traditional hot sauce taste. They also have a feature sauce of the week that is not on the menu and changes every week. This week it was Cajun bbq. One thing I wish they did however was to inform me about which flavors on their menu were dry rubs and which ones weren’t. Flavors such as taco, lemon pepper, which I ordered, I thought would have been wet sauces. Not the biggest deal that they weren’t, I just would like to know what I’m getting myself into.

Wing Taste (x2): 7
The lemon pepper was a solid combo of exactly what you’d expect; lemon and pepper. And what was nice about this dry rub was that they didn’t overdue it with either the lemon or pepper. Just the right amount of each. Next was the porketta. This is one I’ve had at many places and the only way to really screw it up is to under season it. Fortunately, Sanderson St. Tavern know how to season a wing and didn’t happen. It was seasoned just fine. The last of the dry rubs I got was the taco. It was coated with a sufficient amount of taco seasoning that tasted fine, I just wish they would perhaps add some cheese to or maybe sour cream and salsa. Something to make it stand out. Lastly, I got the feature flavor; the Cajun bbq and it was excellent. I’m not even a big bbq sauce on wing kind of guy but when I saw the word Cajun attached to it I was very intrigued. It had the sweetness of the bbq sauce for sure. But then it had the zestyness and slight heat of the Cajun added to it that made a solid combination, one that I hope they add to their permanent menu.

Second Visit

10.29.14 – Sanderson Street Tavern Review Podcast

First Visit

Overall Rating: 53


Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 9
As soon as you walk into Sanderson Street Tavern, which is located in the lovely city of Throop, you can tell they are a very modern joint. The place is a new restaurant in Throop, and you can tell by the interior. The place is well-lit, very clean, and decorated to appeal to a hipper, younger crowd. The main area is dedicated to a long bar with an open floor separating some bar tables on the opposite side. There is also a back room sort of area that contains a couple more sit down tables. While we were there, a lot of country music was being played. I attribute this mostly to my one friend who was there when I arrived, who loves country music. This is the extent of my ability to deduce from the obvious. The service was good and the wings came out very fast. The waitress was friendly as well. Overall, it’s a great place to hang out if you’re looking for a classier establishment.
Wing Flavors: 4
The flavors can essentially be boiled down to Regular, Barbecue, and garlic flavors. There is nothing outrageous here, but the addition of Dr. Pepper to Barbeque sauce is a nice little touch. Also, the Hot sauces are made with Sriracha.
Wing Size: 4
The wings were a real mixed bag here. You did get some big ones, but then other ones were smaller. It was hit or miss, and at $0.45 each, it’s not the greatest deal around.
Wing Taste: 4
I was very excited to try this place out. It’s new and a lot of my friends suggested as a place to try. I was let down in the end, though. The menu states all Hot sauces are made with Sriracha, but I didn’t really get that from the wings. It may be because a lot of the wings were lacking sauce. The Hot seemed like the sauce was almost baked on the wing. There just wasn’t enough there. There was hardly any flavor either. It was like eating a plain wing with no sauce. The Hot Honey Garlic were a bit more tasty than the Hot. It added a slight sweetness to the bland hot flavor. The Hot Garlic Parmesan appeared to have freshly grated parmesan flakes on it. I liked the touch, and it did enhance the flavor of the wing. The garlic flavor was a bit lacking, though, in my opinion and with a bland Hot sauce as a base, it didn’t really help. The only shining beacon in the dark here was the Dr. Pepper Barbeque. I’m not even a huge fan of Barbeque, but maybe in comparison to the hot, it made them that much better. Even though I didn’t get much of a Dr. Pepper flavor from this wing, it still had a nice, tasty zing to it. It had a certain sweetness, like Brown sugar and a bit of a tanginess to boot. If you get a wing here, get this one.

Individual Score: 25

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 8
I first heard of the Sanderson St. Tavern while reading the newspaper a few weeks ago. They were featured. The picture was a good one that showed a new, interesting place to spend an evening. The Sanderson St. Tavern caters to all walks of life and to any age. When we walked in I made the comment that there people who were about 23 to people that appeared to be in their 60s. It was cool to see that. Inside the Tavern, you will notice that it has a lot of space. I would imagine that on a weekend night that it can get pretty crowded due to the fact that it is very clean inside and it also has a very large bar area. The actual bar was like 15 yards or so with tables on the outskirts of it. They also have an area where live music can be played. The atmosphere was a welcoming one. Our server was kind and gave us liberty to order and which way.
Wing Flavors: 5
They have 9 flavors at the Sanderson St. Tavern, which in past reviews of other places with similar number of flavors has resulted in better scores. The reason they have better scores is that their variety of wings was better. You can get mild, hot, bbq, Dr. Pepper BBq, hot Dr. Pepper BBQ, mild honey garlic, hot honey garlic, mild honey parmesan and hot garlic parmesan. I really wish that they had more flavors and more different types of flavors. It’s like they have 3-4 flavors and then you can switch hot or mild with them, thus giving them more flavors.
Wing Size: 5
For today’s average wing prices, the wing size to price was right around average. 45 cents a wing for a wing night is sadly becoming the norm. The size of the wing at Sanderson St, Tavern was average as well. Not the smallest we had but nowhere near large. You might want to order a few more if you have a big appetite.
Wing Taste: 5
I ordered the hot, hot honey garlic, hot garlic parmesan and Dr. Pepper BBQ. The plain hot were strange. To me, they just didn’t really have much taste to them. It was bizarre. The hot honey garlic had a solid sweet taste from the honey and you could taste the garlic but I wish they had more garlic. The hot garlic parmesan was interesting. They actually were topped with real shredded parmesan cheese, something I have never seen before. It was a really good touch. Finally, the Dr. Pepper BBQ was the best I had there. They had the tang you would get from the BBQ sauce but also the added sweetness form the Dr. Pepper. Don’t go thinking that you are going to taste the 23 flavors of a can of Dr. Pepper, that’s not going to happen. But you will taste a well-balanced flavor that delivers.
Individual Score: 28

Honkey Tonk

HonkeyTonk Wings

Second Visit

11.5.14 – Honkey Tonk Review Podcast

First Visit

Overall Rating: 56

Location: Dunmore
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Price: $0.50
Phone number: (570) 961-2328

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Garlic, Sweet and Sour, Honey Mustard, Hot Garlic Parm
Wing to get: Hot Garlic Parm

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8
Honkey Tonk is a country-themed restaurant at the top of Drinker Street in Dunmore. I was there once before for a night out, and a band was playing country music and people were line dancing. There was a band there for this wing night, but no line dancing, perhaps for the better. The crowd in the bar area was older and seemed to be familiar with the band as there was a lot of banter. The place seemed to be made completely of wood. The bar, walls, ceiling, floor – everything was wood. You could buy your own cowboy hat if you wanted, which, surprisingly, I did not. There is also a restaurant section that is separate from the bar and pretty roomy. Plenty of space to eat.  The service was top notch as well. Our waitress was very friendly and was always prompt on refills and ordering. The food came out pretty fast too. If you’re not a fan of country music, then you should stay away from this place, because that’s all you’re going to here the whole time. Otherwise, it was a pretty great place to get food.

Wing Flavors: 3
I couldn’t find a menu online for Honkey Tonk and went into the place blind. I had a feeling there wouldn’t be a huge selection. I was correct. Although, there was some Hot Garlic Parm to be had, which was not on the menu.

Wing Size: 6
I thought these wings were quite big for a hot wing. I was stuffed after only 12. I couldn’t have anymore. They were on the pricey side though.

Wing Taste: 8
I placed an order for Hot, Hot Garlic and Sweet and Sour. The Hot Garlic came out as Hot Garlic Parm. These wings were pretty interesting. They had a thin later of batter on them. It reminded me of the batter on KFC wings. No other wing place had something like that. I really enjoyed them though. It absorbed a lot of the flavor and made the wings crispy and chewy as well. The Hot were good. They had a nice spice to them and plenty of sauce.  The Hot Garlic Parm were very good too. The parm, garlic and hot sauce were mixed well. The Sweet and Sour were delicious as well. The sauce reminded me of the sweet and sour sauce from Burger King. That is more than alright with me.

Individual Score: 33

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
The Honky Tonk is probably exactly like you have been told it was. It is a bar in Dunmore that has a Western feel to it. With cowboy merchandise all over the place to the separate dining room attached to the bar, you certainly get the yee-hay feeling. On this particular Wednesday, there was a band playing country songs and Neil Young by request. The patrons in the bar were friendly and funny with how they were communicating with the band. Our server was very nice, attentive to us and quick with everything she did.This place, I bet, would have very good other food as well. They even have a challenge burger called the Bronco Burger that is in total 4lbs that I wouldn’t mind taking a run at. A good time will be had at the Honky Tonk.

Wing Flavors: 3
With only 5 flavors to choose from, the Honky Tonk loses points here. They had mild, hot, sweet and sour, honey mustard and bbq.

Wing Size: 5
The wings were pretty large but at 50cents each that brings the rating down a bit. But I assure you, you will leave full if you get at least 15-20. Trust me.

Wing Taste: 4
Okay, something that you need to know about these wings. This is the first place the Wingmen have encountered that put breading on their wings before frying. If you have ever had Hooters wings, you know what I mean. It was real interesting at first but soon at around me 12th wing I started to get a bit full. I always get 20 wings and usually at the end of 20 I am full, but at 12, for me, has never happened. Don’t get me wrong they were big anyways, but the amount of breading that was on them was a bit too much in my opinion. It just started to get a bit too rich as well. That intense breading with every bite took its toll. I ordered hot, honey mustard, bbq and sweet and sour. The hot might have been the best out of the bunch. They had a nice tang to them. The honey mustard, I thought could have had more of a mustard flavor to them. The bbq were typical, nothing special to them. And the sweet and sour I though need more flavor of both sweet and sour. They were a bit dull.

Individual Score: 23