R Place on 590

Basic Information:

Location: 482 Hamlin Highway Route 590, Hamlin, PA 18427
Phone number: (570) 689-6200
Normal Wing Price: $7.95 for an order of 10
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 60 cents
Wing flavors: J&J Spicy, Classic Mild Buffalo, Classic Hot Buffalo, Honey Mild, Bar-B-Que, Honey Bar-B-Que, Beez Neez (honey Dijon & garlic), Asian Blazin’ (sweet chili & teriyaki), Sweet Jalapeno

Overall Rating: 69

Lynch’s Rating: 32 out of 50

Environment: 9
I’ll be honest, I hardly find myself in Hamlin, but over the past couple weeks prior to our visit, I drove past R Place multiple times and it caught my eye. I would say the biggest draw was the huge sign blazing “Thursday Wing Night”, so there’s that. It’s a very large place with plenty of different sections. We sat within the bar area, which had a decent sized square bar, some bar tables, darts, and a pool table. I didn’t get a good look at the dining room, but it seemed quite big. Also, there’s a small patio section right outside the bar entrance where you can enjoy some outdoor eating and drinking. From my understanding, R Place is relatively new, taking the place of an older restaurant called Bennoco’s Beef & Brew. You can tell it’s newer because it feels fairly modern inside with updated stuff all around. One thing I liked about the bar was that it was well lit while we were there. Sometime, I just want a well-lit room while I’m taking down my wings. I thought our waitress, I believe her name was Sheila, did a pretty good job. She was friendly and just seemed cool. It’s hard to describe, but she was just a nice, laid back lady who knew how to do her job. Also, it didn’t hurt that it didn’t take that long for the wings to come out.

Wing Size: 7
There was a time that a 60 cent wing night was unheard of. Boy, times have changed. Slowly, 60 cent wings are becoming the norm. The reason I say this, as you could have probably guessed, is that R place offers a 60 cent wing night. And with 60 cents becoming the norm, I had to give R Place a 7 for size. The bone-in wings are pretty large here. I ordered my normal amount and could barely take them down.

Wing Flavors: 4
You’re not going to get a huge variety at R Place. Don’t worry, they do have your popular options like Buffalo and Bar-B-Que. They also have some interesting sauces like Beez Neez and Asian Blazin’, which is pretty cool in my book. It’s also nice that they have a weekly wing sauce that I imagine changes for each wing night. I feel like that is becoming harder to find. On a side note, I haven’t seen Serniak’s review yet, but I’m going to guess that he’s calling for additional sauces that include ranch, sriracha, Caesar, and/or garlic. I have to agree with him one hundred percent on this one. Just these minor items mixed with existing sauces could greatly increase the menu options when it comes to wing flavors.

Wing Taste (x2): 6
Whenever I head to a new location, I have to order the Classic Buffalo to see how they stack up with the traditional flavor. I thought the Classic Hot Buffalo from R Place was a slightly above average wing. It had a good level of spice that I want in a sauce labeled Hot, plus the cayenne pepper flavor really came through. The Asian Blazin’ is described on the menu as a sweet chili and teriyaki sauce, but I got more of a sweet and sour taste from it, which I thought was still pretty tasty. The sesame seeds sprinkled on the wings were a nice touch. Personally, I would have liked more of that teriyaki flavor in these wings. They were definitely more on the sweet end of things. Finally, the J&J Spicy were OK. I didn’t think they were that spicy, and I got a tomato sauce vibe from them. I’m not crazy about tomato sauce flavoring in my wing, so that may be why I wasn’t blown away by these wings. If you’re more of a tomato-base sauce wing person, go for these wings. Maybe they will be more up your alley.

Serniak’s Rating: 37 out of 50

Environment: 8
It’s not his place, it’s not her place and it’s not even your place. It’s R-Place. And that’s exactly where we went. Not to be confused with the R-Bar, R-place is it’s own separate entity. I remember when I saw the place if businesses were all going to start to follow this idea of sticking the letter R in front of their business name. Imagine the possibilities with me. R-Gas Station, R-Hospital, R-Funeral Home. Endless possibilities. As for R-Place, the place we went for wings, the place is enormous. It has a dining hall that leads into a bar that leads to an outside area. They also have maybe the biggest parking lot of all time. Breathtaking pavement. We sat in the bar area and let me tell you, a cleaner bar would be hard to find. Place was spotless. Pretty sure R-Place has only been around for half a year or so but still, the place pristine. The bar itself had a beautiful wooden top to it. They had a few quality brews on tap but don’t expecting a crazy selection of craft brew. The place had a pool table and a good amount of seating in the bar area. Our server was a very nice lady and she was diligent with us. If you’re looking for a place to get nuts at I suggest trying somewhere else. But if you’re looking to relax in a calming atmosphere this is the place for you.

Wing Size: 6
The trend continues where another place is seemingly feeling the effects of higher wing prices. The wings on R-Place’s wing night is 60 cents. That’s something like 4 places in a row where where wing prices were 60 cents. I know that’s what the market is dictating but I’m just not ready to accept 60 cents as the new 50 cents. I’m close though. As for their size, they were in the middle of big and small, right in the middle. I think you could get your typical order and feel satisfied. One thing to note was the presentation of the wings. They were served to us in individual silver bowls. They looked amazing. Even the color of each wing had a distinct sharpness to them. They really popped.

Wing Flavors: 7
There are 10 flavors to choose from on the menu and they have a flavor of the week that is not located on the menu and instead is on the wall. The flavors are JandJ Spicy, classic mild buffalo, classic hot buffalo, honey mild, BBQ, honey BBQ, Beez Kneez(honey garlic), Asian Blazin(sweet chili, teriyaki), garlic parm /herb butter and OMG Hot. The featured off menu flavor was sweet jalapeno. They have some cool names for some of their flavors that I’m always a sucker for. In fact their entire menu is loaded with cool and interesting names for their food. I wish they would get ranch involved in their flavor lineup. Ranch is a can’t miss with just about any other flavor.

Wing Taste (x2): 8

I got the JanJ Spicy, Asian Blazin, Bees Knees and Sweet Jalapeno. Let’s start with the Asian Blazin. They had what you want in an Asian sauce. Had some heat, had some spice and had that saltiness that you expect from Chinese food. Nothing overpowered the other. More of a thicker sauce compared to what you get with just a teriyaki sauce. Next we have the JanJ Spicy. Not sure who JanJ is. Perhaps they’re paying homage to the fallen J and J security who were the henchmen of Triple H. Gotta be that. This sauce was spicy but not wildly spicy, just right. You knew it was there but it didn’t take over your tastebuds. It was a very flavorful sauce. To me, it was like their house hot sauce kicked up a notch. Continuing on I went of menu and had the sweet jalapeno. Didn’t hate this sauce, but I was left wanting more. I figured with actual jalapeno on the wing it would have much more kick. They didn’t. It was much more sweet, which is fine but I was hoping there would of been a more give and take between sweet and spicy. Oh well. Lastly, and the best that I had there were the Beez Kneez. I was a bit skeptical of just a honey and garlic combo but man they were excellent. The honey and sweetness were there but it was garlic that took the lead here. It was prominent throughout each bite. I there were some added herbs in there as well that played a nice role. I typically don’t get excited about honey but I’m glad I went against my grain and got them because they were the truth.