The Wing Men is made up of two people who have an insatiable appetite for hot wings – Matt Lynch and Matt Serniak.

Prior to becoming The Wing Men, Lynch and Serniak would get their wing fix at Perv’s in Peckville, which provided amazing wings in the perfect atmosphere. Unfortunately, Perv’s closed and the boys were left scrambling to find a place that could fill that hole. As a result, the two created a spreadsheet of places across NEPA that were worth checking out. After visiting a few places, they decided to start rating each place on a specific scale and post their findings on a website, which brings us to NEPAWingmen.com.

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The Wing Rating Scale:

The rating scale runs from 1 as the lowest to 10 as the highest. With Serniak and Lynch’s scores combined, the highest score a location can receive is a 100. The scale is made up of four categories.

Environment – Is it a hole-in-the-wall bar? A commercially successful chain? This is taken into consideration for environment. The environment rating is a combination of the overall atmosphere of the location and the service provided within.

Wing Flavors – Sure, everyone can make a mild, hot, and BBQ wing, but the true skill comes from a large amount of flavors. Variety is the spice of life. Wing flavor rates a location on how many flavors they offer as well as uniqueness of flavors.

Wing Size – Whoever says size doesn’t matter has never eaten wings. The wing size rating is a combination of the size of the wing and the price. An average size wing at $0.35 will be rated higher than the same size wing at $0.50. Everybody has their price, just like every wing.

Wing Taste – Perhaps the most important rating is the wing taste, which is why it’s double-weighted. This is what wing night really comes down to. Was the teriyaki too salty, the hot too vinegary, the butter and garlic too buttery? Or were the wings just right?

Since beginning their quest in 2012, The Wing Men have rated and reviewed over 80 different locations spanning from Nanticoke to Waymart. Now, the goal of their website is to provide a one-stop resource for all things wings in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and the rest of NEPA.

The Wing Reviews:

Each place will receive it’s own post. Within a place’s post, you can find any assortment of reviews.

When we first started, we only had a number rating for a place. Much like the X-Men, we evolved and moved to more in-depth reviews. That’s where the written review comes into play. From that point forward, we only did written reviews of the places we visited. If we went to a place and only had a number rating, we would do a written review.

Now, if we already had a written review for a place and we went for another visit, we didn’t see a point in doing another write-up. We just updated the post with any changes to the scores and a short description why we made a change.

The next step in evolution has led us to the podcast. We are now revisiting places with written reviews and creating podcasts. If we visit a place for a first time, we will do a written review. For all places that have a written review though, we are creating podcasts.

Wing Awards:

Across their many years of eating and reviewing wings, The Wing Men have won a couple of awards.

2016 Podcast of the Year


2014 Food Blog of the Year


The Wing Men:

Matt Lynch:


Matt Lynch was born and raised in the quaint township of Greenfield, PA. Lynch, as he is often called by many of his friends, has blossomed into a young man with a certain affinity towards a miniature dachshund named Mars. He wants to make it very clear that this miniature dachshund is not named after the planet or candy bar. No, this particular dog is appropriately named after the great Roman god of war.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis (In fact, he is sometimes called Tennis Matt, but mostly as a joke), completing crosswords(Completing, as in the act of completing – never really completing one in it’s entirety), reading books(Book is a very general term here. His favorite “books” are Catch-22, Watchmen, Ready Player One, Collected Stories of Amy Hempel, The Raw Shark Texts, Calvin & Hobbes, and Fight Club), and brewing beer (He has a couple of good brews under his belt, including a Vanilla Stout, a Coffee Porter, a Honey Kolsch, a Lemon-Orange-Grapefruit Saison, and a Grapes and Grains Ale).

Lynch’s love for hot wings began at a very young age, which is likely the case for any child in America. Throw hot wings in any traditional meal, and Lynch is fated to fall in love with said meal. His favorite hot wing dishes include volcano fries, hot wing hoagie, and hot wing Stromboli.

To contact Matt Lynch, email him at MattL27398@aol.com (and yes, that is an AOL account. Why fix what’s not broken?).

Matt Serniak:


Growing up in the electric town of Mayfield, Matt Serniak knew very early in his life that he was destined to consume wings at an alarming pace and to eventually team up with another poultry crusader in hopes to inform the commoners about which establishments were really the places to get good wings.

When Matt is not slaying wings, you can find him doing improv comedy for group Unorganized Business or even performing stand up comedy at Wisecrackers. If you are lucky to get a sneak peek into the Sern’s private life, you may see him rooting for a certain team from the South that begins with an M and ends with an I and in the middle you get IAM. He roots for this team whether they are wining or losing and they are mostly always losing so that right there speaks to the character of Big Sern. It is also is worth mentioning that Sern is a avid athlete who partakes in nearly every sport that he can find. Perhaps his 2 biggest accomplishments are that he is a member of a big ball team that competes every Labor Day weekend and have won the tournament each of the past two years. He is also a back-to-back fantasy football champion and if you tell him that is not a sport, he will undoubtedly tell you that winning with your mind is more challenging than winning with your body.

Matt Serniak works as substitute teacher and aspires to have his own classroom one day hoping to guide children down a path of being moral, well mannered and to be evolved thinkers. He believes we never should stop our quest for knowledge and that we can learn so many different things every day.

To contact Matt Serniak for any reason, you may e-mail him at Serniak342@gmail.com. He won’t even mind if you message him late in the night because, as he says, “It’s only e-mail, it will never wake me up.”


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Your organization provides a great and important service. I am an avid wing connoisseur and have very high standands when come to all things wings. NEPA has a wonderful selection of quality wing establishments. However, I moved out of the area 12 years ago and only get to enjoy the luxury a few times a year. Your site will greatly assist me in making the all important decision of where to wing sample when am in. Thank you and God speed.

  2. Visited the Moontower last night for wing nite. Well they do not honor wing nite unless it is football season. Also an order is only eight wings for $7.95. I told them that I was there because of the website and they didn’t want to hear anything about your web site.

    I have visited other establishments without issue. Your ratings seem accurate so far. Keep up the great work..

    • Thanks for the info. I had no idea the wing night was only for football season. I will update the page with the info.

  3. If you are ever in the Hazleton Area, you may want to stop by two places Sally Purcell’s in Sugarloaf on a Wednesday and The Red Rooster in Harwood on a Thursday for some incredible wings! They are two of my favorite places and have amazing wings.

  4. Ok…I have a question. You appear to be using a 100 point scale but I only see 4 categories for each of you…which suggests an 80 point max…yet I see scores above 80????

    • Hey Craig. Great question! We decided the most important aspect of the wing is the overall flavor. As a result, we provide double weight to Flavor, which accounts for that missing 20 points.

  5. Just came across your site. Thank you for the kind words and the multiple visits. For anyone who enjoys Nepa wings, this info is priceless!

    Morganz (pronounced like “morgan’s)

  6. Hey u guys should really try pizza perfect in trucksville, wings are amazing.. pizza is awesome as well. Been going there since I was abt 9 yrs old.

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