2015 Wings at the Waterpark


On August 9, get your best bathing suits on and head up to Montage Mountain for the second annual Wings at the Waterpark. It’s going to be a great event where you get to eat a bunch of wings from some fantastic places. You’ll even get to vote on which wing was the Hottest, which wing was the Craziest, and which wing is the Best of NEPA. Click HERE to sign up early to receive a discounted rate.

On top of it being an awesome event all around, it’s for a good cause! Proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club of NEPA. You get to eat awesome wings and feel good doing it. That’s a win-win in my book.

Plus, for another $10, you get admission to the water park! So, eat some hot wings, go for a nice swim (after 30 minutes, of course), and come back and eat even more wings.

You can also check out the Facebook event HERE. Join the event to get the latest updates on vendors as they sign up. It also includes information on how you can sign up if you’re a vendor.

And, just because we’re nice, here’s a list of all the wing vendors so far:

  • Ale Mary’s
  • Andy Gavin’s Eatery & Pub
  • Backyard Ale House
  • Court Street Tavern
  • Legend’s Saloon
  • Market Street Sweets
  • Olde Brook Inn
  • OTOWN Craft House
  • Slocum Hollow
  • The Penalty Box
  • The V Spot Bar

We’ve been to a bunch of these places, and they were great! Check out the reviews under our Wing List.

Hope to see you there!


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