Rusty Nail Revisited Podcast

Rusty Nail 4.8.15

We are nearing the end of the 2015 NEPA Wing Tournament, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped podcasting. In fact, we have a new Wingcast for you in this very. Scroll down to check it out.

In this podcast, we review our revisit to the Rusty Nail. You can hear all about the secret flavors not on the menu, as well as the inception-like painting on the window of the establishment.

If you want to listen to our first podcast on the Rusty Nail or check out the written review, head over to the Rusty Nail Review Page.

Rusty Nail Revisit Wingcast


One thought on “Rusty Nail Revisited Podcast

  1. You were in South Scranton, great pod Maryann the owner cooks, Peggy is behind the bar, they are sisters, wonderful people I live 2 blocks from there, they will be thrilled at the review, another to try is the DUGOUT right on River St or the bar at the patch in Dunmore, both Wednesday wing nights

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