2015 NEPA Wing Tournament – Round 2

2015 Best Wings in NEPA_Round 2 Voting for Round 2 is now over.

For Round 2, the competition had been cut in half and we were down to 32 contenders. Voting ended at  5:00 PM EST on March 29. To view the full results, click the below link (please note, it may take a while to load due to the amazing amount of responses we received):

2015 NEPA Wing Tournament Round 2 – Final Results

Visit the 2015 NEPA Wing Tournament Page for information about past rounds.

Round Results throughout the week:

Round 2 – Day 1

Round 2 – Day 3

Round 2 – Day 6

Round 2 – Day 7


19 thoughts on “2015 NEPA Wing Tournament – Round 2

    • Oops. Looks like we were a victim of auto-correct. I updated it to reflect the correct name. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hello. Our plan is to post updates throughout the week with the results. We will place them at the bottom of the Round 2 page, as well as place it on our Facebook page.

  1. How in the world do you leave out Mcgintys bar and restaurant (Scranton) and Nina’s restaurant (Scranton)? Both places have awesome wings and would go far in this tournament and I know a lot of people would agree with that statement. Other than that I hope Haggertys wins it all.

  2. i live in Florida now put everytime i’m in town I have to go to Waldo they have the bested wings and the bested bartender Chris she awesome ……so you ever go to Scranton make sure you stop and have there wings and have a drink with your hottie bartender Chris

  3. Why is there no limitations on how many time people can vote? I don’t understand how the city of Scranton has 76,000 (round up) TOTAL citizens (children and adults) but the Scranton Bars account for OVER 135,000 votes? Every voter should be limited to just one vote..these votes are not coming from out of towners since most people tend to stay local anymore when going to bars. The votes are being manipulated by using different email addresses/ip addresses/devices and voting multiple times per person. Kind of makes it more of a popularity contest than people legitimately voting on their favorite wings.

    • Hello JR. Based on the the survey form, it was either people could only vote if they logged into their Google+ account, or have unlimited voting. I know many people don’t have Google+ and other are not comfortable with submitting their email in a form, so that would really limit the number of people who could participate. And we intended this to be a fun activity everyone could contribute to and enjoy. We are definitely looking for ways to modify this for next year. We appreciate your feedback and glad people are so actively involved in the tournament.

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