NEPA Wing Tournament Next Round Postponed

Hello all. We wanted to keep you up to speed on the delay of posting the results of Round 1 and getting Round 2 out to you. Unfortunately, we have been unable to view the results of Round 1 through the Google application. There are two ways the results are tracked. One is through a Google spreadsheet, which is automatically pulled from your responses. This spreadsheet has a limit to how much data it can hold, and since we had such an amazing response, we surpassed that limit. Therefore, it cannot be an accurate measurement of the data.

Luckily, Google tracks all responses on their own server. Some of you may have recognized it as the charts that you saw when viewing the results after submitting your response. It used to work at this link HERE. As you may now see, this link results in an error. Honestly, I think there were too many responses. Technically, we found a way to break Google. (If this link is working for you, please let us know immediately so we can work with you on continuing the tournament).

This all occurred right before the end of the first round, so I can’t even get an accurate measurement of results. That’s why there has been no information on the results of Round 1 and why Round 2 has not started. We are currently communicating with Google to see if there is a way to get the information. So, instead of starting Round 2 immediately, it’s a better idea to postpone until next Sunday. We will update the website if there has been any progress made. If it is still not resolved by this Sunday, we may have to explore other options.

We are extremely sorry for the delay and appreciate your understanding in this situation.


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