2015 NEPA Wing Tournament – Round 1

2015 Best Wings in NEPA_Round 1

Voting for round 1 is now over!

We had an amazing turnout and tons of responses. Click the link below to see the full results (please note, it may take a while to load):

 2015 NEPA Wing Tournament – Round 1 Results

Visit the 2015 NEPA Wing Tournament Page for information about everything related to the tournament, including other past rounds and current round.


35 thoughts on “2015 NEPA Wing Tournament – Round 1

    • This year, we only included places that we have previously visited before. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Champions Lounge. Do you know what night their wing night is? We are always interested in trying out new places.

      For a full description on the places we chose, head over to the 2015 NEPA Wing Tournament Page.

      • We have the best wings in the Hazleton Area. Many have tried to duplicate our sauce, but our secret recipe is closely guarded. We are Bowl Arena and the Ten Pin Lounge. Wing Nite is held on Mondays. You won’t find a better sauce than ours. Or a nicer wing. We would like to be included next year of possible.

  1. I’d say Bigsy’s bar in Scranton has amazing wings as well as the Windsor Inn in Jermyn…those 2 would of definitely had my vote!

  2. How does Haggertys and the V spot have 20,000 votes? That many people haven’t even tried their wings. I guess if you have people with nothing else to do voting 100 times a day that will happen. Haggertys wings aren’t even that good and the kitchen staff doesn’t seem very sanitary.

    • I don’t understand that either and I don’t understand how could one place go up by 5000 votes overnight, kinda weird.

    • The tournament was created to be a fun activity for people in NEPA. Additionally, it is meant to highlight and support local business. It seems to be getting the word out there for a lot of places, which is great! People do have the ability to vote more than once and I cannot control individual people. I’m still hoping people are enjoying the competition and look forward to seeing how it all ends!

    • Unfortunately, we visited Bart and Urby’s after we created the list. Expect to see them in the next wing tournament!

    • We had this posted to our Facebook page:
      “Quick Update: Round 1 is officially over! It seems is was more popular than we could have expected! As a result, we’re having issues viewing the data from the results in Google Forms. Once this gets resolved, we will post the results and get Round 2 underway. We are very sorry and appreciate your understanding!”

      I’m in contact with Google to try to get everything sorted out. I’m hoping sooner rather than later.

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  4. Thank you wingmen, for the opportunity to be involved in your wing tournament, greatly appreciated. Please come in again for wings. Sincerely Lyn Henshaw, owner of The Crossroads, Waymart,PA. .

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