The Wingcast Update

Good evening  all. Looking at The Wingmen website, you may notice a couple updates. This is because we have started making audio podcasts for our wing reviews! The website has some changes as a result.

First of all, on the left hand, notice a new page titled “The Wingcast”. This page will house  all the podcasts. At this point, we only have one podcast, but that is only going to grow as time moves forward. Any podcast can also be found in the individual post for a place. For example, the Diskins Podcast can be found on the Diskins page and on The Wingcast page. Head over to the Diskins page to check it out.


Also on the left hand side is an audio player. This will allow you to see all the podcasts and play them right from the front page. How convenient!

The About section has been updated to reflect our review process and how there can be different reviews on different posts. Head over to the About page to check it out.


As we continue to move forward, we welcome all feedback and comments. We appreciate all your support and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

– The Wingmen


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