Thirst T’s


Basic Information:

Location: 120 Lincoln St, Olyphant, PA 18447
Phone number: (570)-489-9901
Wing Price: $7.95 for 10
Wing Night: Every Weeknight from 5-7
Wing Night Price: 49 cent wings
Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, Barbecue, Fireball BBQ, Butter & Garlic, Spicy Caesar Parmesan, Peppercorn Ranch, Teriyaki Orange, Chipotle BBQ, Spicy Sriracha, Porketta, Taco

Second Visit – 11/16/16

Thirst T’s Podcast Review

First Visit

Overall Rating: 63

Lynch’s Rating: 31

Environment: 8
I believe this was my first time at Thirst T’s since it was re-opened from Runcos. I’ve been meaning to check it out sooner because I remember Runco’s had an interesting selection of wings. It is pretty similar to Runco’s, but it has been made much more modern. The place is mainly a bar for live acts. They have a lot of open floor, a big bar, and some tables for sitting. The place has plenty of TVs and stuff to keep you busy like darts, pool, and a jukebox. We sat at the bar, which is well lit and looks pretty cool with the bottle of liquor all lit up behind it. It wasn’t super packed so the service was pretty fast. The bartender was a nice enough guy who was always on top of getting our food and drinks. It seems like a great place to hang out if you’re from the Olyphant area.

Wing Flavors: 5
There wasn’t a crazy selection of flavors here. It is interesting that you can add garlic to any of the flavors, so that definitely expands the possibilities. It was nice to see a unique flavor like Tangy Barbeque Fireball on the menu.  It’s just hitting me now, but I did realize the place really advertised Fireball liquor, so I wonder if the wing included the liquor into it. Hmmm, it really makes you wonder.

Wing Size: 4
The wings were $0.49 each and were just an average size. You should be able to handle your usual number with no struggles.

Wing Taste (x2): 7
I ordered the Hot, Spicy Caesar Parm, and Tangy Barbeque Fireball. The Hot were not your traditional hot. They weren’t very saucy. It seemed like the hot sauce was baked into the wing. Generally, I’m not a big fan of baked wings, but these ones were tasty, in my opinion. I liked the flavor, which carried a great spice and buttery taste to them. I am curious how they would be with a wet Hot sauce. The Tangy Barbeque Fireball were pretty good in my book. I’m not crazy for a barbeque sauce, but this was one of the better ones I’ve had. They weren’t as spicy as your are led to believe, though. Again, I think they have the word Fireball in there because of the liquor. Finally, the best of the bunch was Spicy Caesar Parmesan. These wings were great. A lot of places tend to provide a Caesar parm wing, but Thirst T’s spiced it up a bit, quite literally. The added seasoning and herbs on these wings provided a great flavor


Serniak’s Rating: 32

Environment: 8
Thirst T’s, formerly Runcos, is a little town bar nestled in Olpyhant that brings the idea of the kind of place you can sit and put a shift in to the kind of place that has class to it. An extremely clean establishment equipped with darts and a pool table, Thirst T’s definitely welcomes all walks of life. With many flat screens available it is a solid place to watch a game or to watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Our bartender/server was real nice and gave the impression that he cared, which is nice to see. The other patrons were funny who sat next to us. I think that you will get that a lot at this place. People just letting all hang out. I like that. Getting weird on a Monday is a good thing… right?

Wing Flavors: 6
I wrestled with this particular rating. If there just a few more flavors I would of given it a 7. They have hot, medium, mild, bbq, butter and garlic, spicy Caesar parmesan and tangy fireball bbq. You can also add garlic to any sauce for 50 cents extra. See, right there, I wish they would just have hot garlic be an individual flavor. To me that matters.

Wing Size: 4
It was strange; we didn’t ask how much it was per wing on their wing night. But I got 20 wings and my bill was for like $11.45. That comes out to about 57 cents a wing. I seriously doubt that they are set on 57 cents a wing but it is what I got. The sizes of the wings were pretty good. I was satisfied after my meal with my fullness.

Wing Taste (x2): 7
I ordered the hot, butter and garlic, tangy fireball bbq and spicy Caesar parmesan. Interesting thing about the hot and the butter and garlic was that each sauce for these particular wings was baked in. so it wasn’t tremendously saucy. I don’t dislike baked wings if the sauce is profound. For the hot sauce, the taste was not overly profound. I got the taste, I just would of like more. The taste was that classic hot sauce taste, which is great but again just a little more would of even better. The butter and garlic were what you expected with the butter tasting baked in and then topped with minced garlic. Like I’ve said in other reviews, I wish places would take the time and chop real garlic because I feel it so much better tasting. The tangy fireball bbq was pretty darn good. You certainly felt the extra kick from the heat that was added to this sauce. The bbq sauce involved was more than just your usual kraft or Sweet Baby Ray’s. finally, the spicy Caesar parmesan was the best of the whole bunch. It was really different from a lot of sauces I have ever had. You got the taste of the Cesar sauce but it was loaded with a variety of spices that give it a zip accompanied by the parmesan cheese caked on it. All flavors came together to make a one of a kind sauce that individually I rank very high.

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