Frog Pond

Overall Rating: 63

Location: Wilkes-Barre
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Price: $0.45 a wing
Phone number: (570) 824-2222

Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, Hotter, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Red Garlic, Bull Frog, Honey Mustard
Wing to get:  Bull Frog

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8
The Frog Pond can be located among the streets of Wilkes-Barre.  It is just past the Arena and Mall and before the downtown area. The place itself is a nice clean corner bar that seems to cater to the locals. The place is well kept and the service is great. The bartender is very friendly and very good at his job. He was able to juggle the many people at the bar as well as provide great service to the people sitting around eating food. The place is mostly a bar, but there are some tables to sit and dine. There’s not a ton of room in the place, but it never got too crowded. There’s also a nice dartboard and pool table to help pass the time. Our food came out super quick, which I am always thankful for. A knock against them is that they don’t allow orders of five for wings. You must get a minimum of 10 before you can start getting odd numbers.
Wing Flavors: 4
The Frog Pond offers a good variety of flavors, but nothing out of the ordinary. It is a mix of your traditional flavors. The Bull Frog definitely sounds interesting, but it is mostly just butter and garlic.
Wing Size: 6
The wings were not a bad size, but they certainly weren’t anything huge. You tend to get a mix here of some bigger wings and then some smaller ones. They aren’t anything to write home about.
Wing Taste: 7
We ended up splitting orders of Hot, Honey BBQ, Bull Frog and Red Garlic. The Hot were interesting. They were a very orange sauce, meaning they were orange in color, not in flavor. I tend to like the more orange colored sauces. The flavor was spicy and salty, but not too much so. You think with an orange sauce it would be very buttery, but they were only slightly so. Honey BBQ were only alright. The Sweetness of the Honey worked with the BBQ, but the flavor was something you’ve had many times before with Honey BBQ. The Bull Frog were one of the better butter garlic wings I’ve had. They add some extra seasoning to the mix, which gives it a nice taste. The Red Garlic were also pretty good. It uses the same Hot wing sauce as a base, but the addition of garlic gives it a slightly different taste.  The nice thing with all the flavors is that they give you tons of sauce, so dipping in other flavors is an option. For example, the Bull Frog mixed with the Hot was very good. I suggest that move.

Individual Score: 32

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 8
The Frog Pond is a little pub type place in Wilkes Barre that does what it does and they do it well.  What they do is nothing to fancy but you can obviously see they care about their work. The place is as clean as you will find with a nice bar with a few tvs to watch the games if you would like. The atmosphere is one that you can sense that the locals really influence. I could tell that people in there are their often mainly because the bartender knew most people’s names.  It was also a welcoming feeling. Though I was an outsider, I felt real comfortable. The bartender, who was our server as well, was really nice and diligent. He checked up on us often to make sure we were good.
Wing Flavors: 5
There were 9 flavors to choose from, which has garnered higher ratings before but the variety was not to different. They had mild,medium, hot, hotter, bbq, honey bbq, red garlic, Bull Frog(butter/garlic) and honey mustard. Pretty much every standards flavor you can get most everywhere.
Wing Size: 6
The wings were your typical, average size for larger wings. Sometimes you get the real small ones sometimes you get all massive ones and sometimes you get a mix of both. This was one of those times. At 45cents a wing, it wasn’t too bad. I left full enough. Also, you have to order them in order of 10s, something I always find as unnecessary and not helpful for the costumer.
Wing Taste: 6
Lynch and I got 40 wings, ten of each flavor. We got hot, red garlic, Bull Frog and honey BBQ. The hot weren’t Franks red hot but I believe it was some other sauce you can buy in a bottle from the grocery store. I wish that wasn’t the case and perhaps I’m wrong but it’s what I thought it was. They were just alright. The red garlic were their hot mixed with minced garlic. It tasted fine. Nothing out of this world or anything but they did the job of what that flavor calls for.  The Bull Frog, which is just butter/garlic, were real good. I am a big fan of butter/garlic wings and most times they are just average with not enough herbs mixed in. These wings had a lot of herbs to them and a healthy amount of garlic as well. These were the 2nd best butter/garlic wings I have ever had next to the Minooka Pubs version. Lastly, the honey bbq were simply that, honey mixed with bbq. Again, they weren’t bad but there wasn’t anything to memorable about them. They did their job of being honey bbq wings.
Individual Score: 31

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