Farr Street Tavern

Overall Rating: 73

Location: Scranton
Wing Night: Monday and Wednesday
Wing Price: $0.45 a wing
Phone number: (570) 961-9641

Wing flavors: Benny’s, Frank’s, Hot Garlic, Blastin’ BBQ, Garlic Parm, Hot Garlic Parm, Bourbon, Thai Sauce, Old Bay, Teriyaki, Barbecue, Honey Mustard
Wing to get:  Hot Garlic Parm

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 6
The Farr Street Tavern is located, as you can probably guess, on Farr Street. I will not use any of my brilliant jokes about how it’s not that Farr from downtown Scranton or anything, but it really isn’t. It could easily be missed though as it is on the side streets of Scranton and there are no real signs hanging above the door. They do have beer lights in the windows, but they weren’t on yet when we arrived at 6:55 because the place doesn’t open until 7:00. I think that’s an odd time to open for a bar that serves food. I think this place really bases it business on locals and regulars, and I guess a lot of the locals don’t come into the bar until later. A few people did trickle in, but it wasn’t like a rave or anything. The bar is super nice inside though, with a large, square bar and plenty of area for sitting. They have a pool table, dartboard, and lots of TVs all over the place. It is definitely more of a sports bar. The place is well kept and very clean. The service was very fast and accommodating. It may be because we were the first people in the door. Hey, I’m not complaining. I thought the staff was nice enough, but they weren’t going out of their way to be overly nice. Another thing I didn’t like was how they don’t accept cards. It’s not that surprising, but what really surprised me was that they didn’t have an ATM. I have never come across a place that takes cash only, but doesn’t provide an ATM. That left me in quite the pickle and I had to rely on a friend to pick up my bill. I felt like a lowlife.
Wing Flavors: 8
Farr Street Tavern isn’t going to blow you away with the number of different flavors, but the variety and uniqueness of the options can really get your motor going.  I’m a sucker for Teriyaki and Thai flavors, so it was nice to see them on the menu. Plus the Old Bay comes with a side of cocktail sauce, which adds a nice touch to the options.
Wing Size: 7
These $0.45 wings were a pretty large size. When I walked into the place, I thought I can take on a whole fleet of chickens, but the size of the wings filled me up quite fast. I couldn’t finish the twenty that I ordered.
Wing Taste: 7
I love when places allow you to do orders of 5 like here. That gives me an opportunity to order more varieties. I got the Benny, Hot Garlic Parm, Teriyaki, and Thai. The Benny were only alright in my book. I know Serniak loved them, but they just weren’t for me. The sauce was more like a spaghetti sauce with some spice to it. It wasn’t that it tasted bad, but I would have preferred my traditional hot (so I probably should have ordered the Frank’s). Some people will love it, so definitely try it out and judge for yourself. The Hot Garlic Parm were the best wings of the bunch. They had such a perfect mixture of hot sauce, garlic, and parmesan cheese. I couldn’t get enough of them. I was a bit let down by the Teriyaki. Usually, Teriyaki is my bag. These ones were a thick, sticky sauce, but it didn’t have that saltiness and strong flavor that I love in a Teriyaki wing. The Thai were quite awesome though. This was also a very thick sauce. It was a great combination of sweet and spicy with the Thai chili mixed in with the sauce.  I also tried the Old Bay. I’ve said it many times before, dry rubs are hard to make super good. The Old Bay wings at Farr Street were probably some of the better ones I’ve tried. The addition of a side of cocktail sauce will make it more appealing to some people. I personally thought it was a nice touch and enjoyed the Old Bay wing with the cocktail sauce.

Individual Score: 35

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
Located in Scranton right in the middle of a residential area, the Farr Street Tavern can easily be missed if you are not looking for it. For one, it doesn’t open until 7, which you don’t see very often. Farr Street Tavern is the kind of local bar that I wish was in walking distance of where I live. It’s quite clean, has a kind bartender and it doesn’t insist upon itself. Meaning, it doesn’t promote itself, it just simply exists and it leaves it up to the patron to decide if it’s worth a damn. Let me tell you, it is worth a damn. This place caters to the sport watching kind of person because it is equipped with several flat screens. The bartender was also socialable and the banter from him to the other people was funny to listen and chime in on.
Wing Flavors: 8
There are 12 different sauces to be had at the Farr Street Tavern. They are Benny’s(their house recipe for “hot”) Franks(Frank’s Red Hot), hot garlic, blazin bbq(Frank’s Red Hot mixed with bbq sauce), garlic parmesan, bourbon, Thai sauce, old bay, teriyaki, bbq(Sweet Baby Ray’s) and honey mustard. There is good variety with a ride flavor range.
Wing Size: 7
Just about all the wings were large and at 45 cents, it’s a descent deal. I could have used them to be a bit crispier but that is just a small request for wings at that size.
Wing Taste: 8
Solid wings all around at the Farr Street Tavern. I had the Benny’s, which is their version of a hot sauce, old bay, garlic parmesan and Thai sauce, which is a sweet and spicy sauce. The Benny’s sauce was a thicker hot sauce than usual. It was almost like a marinara sauce but it had spices to it that made it a hot sauce. It wasn’t overly hot, it actually was kind of sweet. It actually was pretty good. The old bay dry rub was one of the better old bay wings I have mainly because they actually added butter to it first before adding the old bay seasoning. A little bit more old bay and it would of knocked it out of the park. The garlic parmesan might have been my favorite. The garlic was superb and the parmesan cheese was smothering it but there was creaminess to it. It might have been Caesar dressing, I’m not really sure.  It was all together grand. Lastly, the Thai sauce was enjoyable. A well put together sweet and sour sauce it didn’t wow me but it did its job. It represented sweet and spicy admirably and at the end of the evening I will easily take that.
Individual Score: 38

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