Overall Rating: 67

Location: Dalton
Wing Night: Monday
Wing Price: $0.40 a wing
Phone number: (570) 563-2668

Wing flavors: Gold Fever, Better than Sex, Butter Garlic, BBQ, Hot, Mild, Medium
Wing to get: Better than Sex

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 6
I’ve heard of Mcgrath’s a number of times, but I have never even seen it or been to it before. It’s a bit past Clark Summit, in the small town of Dalton. The place isn’t overly appealing on the outside, but once you walk in, you’ll be surprised. It’s much bigger than it looks. As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice the large bar to your right with some small tables to the left. They also have a large area for table and dining that appears to double as an area for shows on the weekend. It’s a happening, clean place. The bartender was nice enough, but it did take a bit of work to get his attention when needed. Also, it appears on the menu that they only serve mild, medium, hot, but they actually have more flavors. Unfortunately, they don’t have them marked anywhere, so you’ll have to ask your server what flavor are available. You can only get orders of ten or more. Also, they don’t accept cards unless you spend over $20.
Wing Flavors: 3
Again, make sure you ask for the available flavors while you’re there, but your mileage may vary. I’m not sure if they always switch it up or if what we got is their usual options. They have your usual flavors. Two are interestingly named, but they are flavors you can find elsewhere. The Gold fever is a Hot and BBQ mixed, and the Better than Sex is a Hot, Blue Cheese, and garlic mix. There is nothing super crazy here.
Wing Size: 8
I think these wings were pretty generously sized. $0.40 ain’t a bad price for wings either. You’ll definitely walk out of McGrath’s feeling full if you get your usual order.
Wing Taste: 9
We did combined orders since you can only get orders of ten or more. We ordered Hot, Gold Fever, and Better than Sex. Let me just say, there’s nothing manlier than two dudes sharing an order of wings called Better than Sex. Regardless, I was a huge fan of the flavor of all the wings. The hot was a near perfect blend of spice, butter and vinegar flavor. They tasted delicious. Gold Fever, the hot and BBQ blend, were pretty good too. Generally, I don’t like BBQ, but these wings had a taste I could get behind. The Better than Sex wing, which was a bleu cheese, hot sauce and garlic mix, were pretty amazing as well. The bleu cheese and minced garlic added an awesome flavor to an already great tasting hot sauce. I would highly suggest these wings.

Individual Score: 35

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
McGrath’s, located in Dalton, is a bar/restaurant that is a very clean establishment that has an atmosphere that welcomes you inside. The place is a lot bigger than I thought from looking at it. You can tell that they live music there because they have an area for a stage. The bar is long nice piece. The patrons who were there nice and even talked some trash at me for wearing my Mike Wallace jersey. I realize now that they were right for calling me out for wearing it. You can play pool or darts if you’d like. Also, McGrath’s would be a nice place to watch a game. They had 2 jerseys on the wall for Monday Night football. We sat at the bar but there are tables to sit at as well. Our bartender was pleasant and explained everything us thoroughly. He was also very diligent in re-filling our drinks.  I was going to give it an 8 for a rating but it gets a 7 for one simple thing; the list of the other flavors besides mild and hot were not in the menu and if we didn’t ask we wouldn’t of known about them. Put them in the menu please!
Wing Flavors: 5
They had about 6 different flavors none of which were out of this world crazy flavors, but it was more than just hot and mild. They had mild, hot, butter garlic, better than sex(hot garlic), bbq and I believe one called gold fever(hot, bbq).
Wing Size: 6
The wings at McGrath’s were fine. Some were large, some were smaller than I would have liked but overall they were a good size. For 45 cents, you might expect bigger but like I said they were fine.  One thing I hate to see that happened here was that you have to order them in orders of 10. I feel it should be in orders of 5 so that people can sample more flavors if you have them.
Wing Taste: 7
For not having a ton of flavors, they wings tasted pretty good. I would get them again. Lynch and I split 30. We got hot, better than sex and gold fever. The hot were alright. They weren’t boring but they were typical. The better than sex, which is hot garlic were very good. The garlic taste was represented extremely well. Every bite was loaded with goodness. The actual chunks of garlic also added to this flavor. Finally, the gold fever wings were the best in my opinion. The bbq taste was there but the reason why they were so good was that hot bbq flavor which what this flavor was supposed to be were hotter than the regular hot. I think there was more spices in play. It was a phenomenal taste.
Individual Score: 32

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