Studio 590

Overall Rating: 58

Location: Olyphant
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Price: $0.40
Phone number: (570) 383-0508

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Teriyaki
Wing to get: Teriyaki

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8
This place used to be known as The Clock Tower, but due to recent run-ins with the law, it changed ownership and names. Do a little Google search if you need more background. It’s located off the beaten path a bit on the Burke Bypass. It’s actually much bigger inside than I expected. It appears they’re going for a more refined sort of dining experience, as the dining room is very large. On top of that, the place is very nice inside with chandeliers and all that fancy stuff. The bar is pretty small, but that is where we decided to sit. Since not that many people were there, it was pretty good service. The food and drinks came out in a timely manner and out waitress was very friendly and nice. Not to mention, there was a big TV where we sat showing a little Resident Eve – not too shabby. I think the fact that it is so new contributed to the low number of patrons. I can see this place picking up pace with time since it is such a nice restaurant.
Wing Flavors: 2
It was a bit of a let down here in the number of flavors. They obviously have your standard flavors, but did provide a couple extra options with the Garlic Parm and Teriyaki.
Wing Size: 7
These wings were pretty big. For $0.40, it’s not a bad deal at all. You’ll leave here feeling stuffed if you get your regular order.
Wing Taste: 6
Serniak and I ordered together and got Hot, BBQ, Garlic Parm, and Teriyaki. The Hot were pretty good, but didn’t carry a lot of spice with it. I’m never a huge fan of BBQ, and this place did not change my opinion of the flavor. The Garlic Parmesan were very interesting. They weren’t like most Garlic Parm as they tasted just like a dish of chicken parm. The sauce was much more tomato based. It was very much like a spaghetti sauce and less like a hot wing sauce. In my own opinion, it wasn’t for me. It was intriguing at first, but in the end I really wanted my traditional Garlic Parm wing sauce. The Teriyaki were very good. I say this every time about Teriyaki, but a Teriyaki sauce never disappoints me. The saltiness and flavor is right on par for Teriyaki sauces.

Individual Score: 29

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
Studio 590, formerly the lovely and always abiding of the law Clocktower, is a lavish bar/eatery on the Birk Bypass. It is really huge inside. Tons of space, tables to dine at and a very clean bar area is what you will find here. I didn’t notice any kind of entertainment like a pool table or darts or anything like that. Our server was very kind and talkative. The atmosphere is that of an upscale, classy joint. It is the type of place that you would want to take your special lady friend. Also, you have to order in orders of 10, which I always find to be annoying.
Wing Flavors: 2
Not a ton of flavors to choose from. They have mild, hot, garlic parm teriyaki and bbq. Like always, I was hoping for more.
Wing Size: 6
The size of the wings at Studio 590 is nothing to brag about but they aren’t anything that should infuriate a normal person. They were typical and for 40 cents a wing that isn’t a bad thing either.
Wing Taste: 7
I thought were overall pretty good. I recommend them. I ordered hot, garlic parm. Teriyaki and bbq. The hot were had a descent spice to them and were flavorful. I think butta is a key ingredient with them. The teriyaki were like teriyaki wings that you find any where. Not saying I was dissatisfied, I just wish somebody would add something more to the teriyaki wing sauce. Bbq were just like the usual bbq you find. But unlike the teriyaki where I like that flavor, the typical bbq is regrettable every time I get them. It’s basically Kraft bbq sauce on wings. Lastly, the garlic/parm was my favorite. They were good because they actually pieces of garlic and not minced garlic that you can buy in a small jar. There is a difference and it showed.
Individual Score: 29

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