Newfoundland Hotel (Wing Night)

Overall Rating: 56

Location: Newfoundland
Wing Night: Monday
Wing Price: $0.35
Phone number: (570) 676-8646

Wing flavors: Buffalo, Thai Peanut, Sesame Ginger, Sriracha, Timay, Timay Too (Only the $6.95 wings were included in the wing night)
Wing to get: Timay Too

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 4
Newfound Hotel is a bit of a trek from Scranton. It takes about 30 minutes to get there. Newfoundland is a small town with some quaint charm to it, at least the part that I drove through. The same could be said about the restaurant (except I didn’t drive through it). It’s been remodeled since the first time we went to make it a little more refined. It has plenty of seating and a large bar for those beer drinkers out there. Our waitress was nice enough, with a sassy attitude. She did seem a bit forceful at time.  She was a good waitress though – very attentive and always on top of drinks. The food came out pretty fast. The two times we went to Newfoundland Hotel we got burned though. The first time was for the wing buffet, which I was psyched for. I saw the menu online and was really interested for the flavors. The problem is that not every wing was allowed for the buffet.  You couldn’t order from the menu like Quaker Steak allows. I wanted to go again because I thought the wing night would allow you to choose any wing from the menu, but the wing night only includes wings priced at $6.95 per order. They also had a minimum of orders of ten. It is pretty cool that they will have special flavors for the buffet or the wing night that aren’t on the menu, for example the wing special that night Buffalo Ranchero. I don’t know why didn’t just add five cents more for the higher priced wings, or even ten cents more. I would be totally fine with that.  Not cool, Newfoundland Hotel.
Wing Flavors: 6
If all the flavors were available for the wing night, this would have received a higher score for flavors. More variety and unique flavors would have made this a great score. Regardless, the options available were unique. I don’t believe I have seen Sriracha wings anywhere else.
Wing Size: 7
For $0.35, these were some hefty wings. It was not a bad price at all. Again, I wish they did allow the purchase of the other flavors on the wing night at a higher price.
Wing Taste: 6
Since it only allowed orders of ten, we ordered as a group. We got Buffalo, Ginger Sesame, Sriracha, and Timay Too. I really dug the regular Buffalo wing. Something about it just grabbed me the right way. They had a slight spice too them, but mainly a great buttery flavor mixed with some saltiness. The Ginger Sesame were another hit in my opinion. The ginger in these wings really came through. They were a goo dmix of sweet and tangy. I was a bit let down by the Sriracha and Timay Too wings. The Sriracha flavor really came through and added additional heat to the Buffalo flavor. I am a huge fan of Sriracha sauce in general, but these wings just didn’t do it for me. The Timay Too wings is a mix of Buffalo, Honey, and BBQ sauce with Chipotle pepper and spices added. I think that the BBQ flavor really came through, but they were mostly dull in my opinion.

Individual Score: 29

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
We came to the Newfoundland Hotel for their wing buffet months ago. Since then, they really remodeled the place. There were all new flooring and booths, just a sharper place all together. People from all walks of life filled the place inside and outside. You can eat on the outside and on the back porch, which is always a good thing where applicable. Our server was a woman who was very nice, pleasant and interested in making us feel welcome. You could sit at the bar or a table. A family place that could get real interesting based on the behavior of the bar crowd.
Wing Flavors: 5
Here’s the deal with the wing selection. They have 10 flavors of wings. But only 6 of them are allowed to be ordered on their wing night. Go ahead and wrap your head around that. The flavors you can choose from are buffalo, Thai peanut, sesame ginger, sriracha, Timay and Timay too. The reason you can order these wings on wing night is that are priced at 6.95 whereas the garlic, teriyaki pineapple, garlic hot and garlic parmesan are all priced about 6.95. So what they are saying that is that it costs much more money to make garlic wings than Thai peanut. I call shenanigans on that. Also, it doesn’t say that anywhere on their menu so remember this write up before ordering. Again, you have to order them in orders of 10.
Wing Size: 5
They were 35 cents a wing and they mildly sized. Some were large whereas some were small. It was a real mixed batch but 35 cents it’s not terrible.
Wing Taste: 5
Some were good and some were just alrightish. The hot were not at all but they did have a good butter taste to them. The sriacha, which is a spicy sauce, were also surprisingly not very spicy and were a bit dry. I was disappointed in those ones. Now the sesame ginger was pretty good. They were real sticky, something I really enjoy when it is done right. Good sweetness throughout the whole wing. Finally, the Timay too were the best. These wings are  their Timay wings with added chipotle and other spices. The best part about them is that you think it will be very spicy but it also very sweet due to high levels of cinnamon in the sauce. Excellent balance of flavors.
Individual Score: 27

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