Minooka Pub

Overall Rating: 39

Location: Scranton
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Price: $5.95 for 10
Phone number: (570) 209-7172

Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, Herb and Garlic, Hell Caesar
Wing to get: Herb and Garlic

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 6
When Minooka Pub was suggested to me, I pegged it as your typical Minooka Pub. I may have based this unfairly on the previous places I visited in the area, such as Diskin’s and Joyce’s. Honestly though, this place was pretty classy. From what I was told, they recently went through a remodeling. It was very clean and it had a nice looking bar. There were no pool tables or dart boards to be had, and I don’t recall a juke box to play some of your favorite jams. It is more of a mellow place. The crowd was older and seemed to be enjoying their compadres. The service wasn’t anything spectacular. It actually took a while for the bartender to take out order. He walked by us a number of times without taking our order or acknowledging us, but was sure to cater to the other people at the establishment. Once our order was taken, the wings did come out pretty fast and he was completely cool with splitting the check for us, which sometimes causes problem at other places. It is more of a place to chill, but not necessarily a place for a younger crowd. At least that was the impression I got from it.
Wing Flavors: 2
There is no menu online for Minooka Pub. I went in there with no idea what to expect in the options of flavors. Unfortunately, I was let down.  The Herb and Garlic and Hell Caesar added a little variety.
Wing Size: 2
These wings were a pretty decent size wing, but for nearly $0.60 a piece, you better be throwing quarter pounders at me.
Wing Taste: 5
With such a limited selection, I ordered the largest variety I could get.  The Hot, Herb and Garlic, and Hell Caesar were the route I took.  The Hot were described perfectly by my fellow Wing Man Serniak as the typical valley wing. Almost all the wings in the NEPA valley area remind me of this wing – A pretty bland wing with hardly any sauce on it. It’s almost as if the wing was baked with the sauce on it. The Hot wing was pretty bland in flavor and lacked any real zing.  It was a hot sauce with hardly any flavor. The Hell Caesar (which is what it stated on the menu, although Hail Caesar would have been cooler). If you do get a wing from Minooka Pub, make it the Herb and Garlic (again, Urban Garlic would have been cooler).  This wing was awesome. I have not had a garlic quite like this from anywhere else.  Usually, I stay away from plain garlic wings because they are usually pretty generic and blah. These wings were outstanding. It was comprised of a butter garlic sauce with a mixture of herbs on it. I have no idea what the herbs were, but it was an amazing combination of Italian seasonings. It made me regret not ordering more of them. Unfortunately, it was not enough to overpower the lackluster performance of the other two wing flavors I tried.

Individual Score: 20

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 5
I was surprised about how the inside of the Minooka Pub was going to look. I thought it was going to be a dive bar situation, which I like. But it was not that. Instead it was a much classier and professional atmosphere. It was very clean and it had a very polished bar. There were a few patrons but it was certainly an older crowd. It had the feeling of a family restaurant that was a pub instead. There were no activities like pool or darts to do and the mood, quite honestly was unenthusiastic. It was blah. Our server was nice and attentive when he got to us. One thing that could be changed is that the menu we had did not have everything that the place offers. Our server rattled off about 10 different things that are not included on the menu so ask for them if no one tells you.
Wing Flavors: 2
Not many flavors to choose from. There were medium, hot, mild, herb and garlic and hell Caesar. Not even bbq or honey mustard made the cut here. Also, is there any reason to have medium and mild both on a menu? Someone explain to me what the differences between them are.
Wing Size: 2
 The price for wings is $5.95 for an order of 10 wings. That comes out to 60 cents a wing, pretty terrible in my opinion. They weren’t tiny but you would never mistake them for big either. I left not full.
Wing Taste: 5
Originally, I had this rating at a 4 but I bumped it up to a 5. First off, let me say that we ordered 10 hot, 10 herb and garlic and 20 hell Caesar wings (we had a third person with us). The hot to me tasted like your typical sauce that you would get in the valley at places like JW’s and Barrets and places like that. It was just okay. The hell Caesar, to me, tasted bland. I could taste the Caesar part of it but if the hells part was supposed to their hot sauce, I did not notice it. Why I bumped this rating to a 5 was that the herb and garlic was the best butter and garlic style wing I have ever had. It was outstanding. Finally, someone got this right. It had a consistent butter flavor all over it and it also had garlic on both sides of it, not just on the side that was facing up. But what really separate this particular wing from the other butter and garlic ones I have had is the herbs that were covering it. They were right on and brought out the best qualities of the garlic. I highly recommend to everyone to get and order of these wings.
Individual Score: 19

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