Wing Facts

These are the wing facts after our first year of eating wings.

Wings eaten by Serniak

Wings Eaten By Lynch

Total wings eaten by the Wing Men

Calories consumed by Serniak

49, 920
Calories consumed by Lynch

Calories consumed by the Wing Men

Total weeks missed by Serniak. He missed a week on vacation in Ocean City.

Total weeks missed by Lynch. He found a wing night in Ocean city and went to it, but there is no review for it.

Different establishments visited (Heils, Smilers, V Spot, and Diskin’s were repeats)

92 (Diskin’s)
Highest scored place

24 (Libassi’s)
Lowest scored place

Average score

Most Popular wing night

Average price of wing

Diskin’s Cajun Ranch, Anthracite Cafe Fumanchu, Smilers Asian Sesame
Lynch’s top three favorite wings

Diskin’s Cajun Ranch, Town Tavern Regular Hot, Penalty Box Chipotle Ranch
Serniak top three favorite wings

Loading Dock
First Place Gone

41.3 Miles
Farthest distance between wing places gone – The Chicken Coop in Wilkes Barre to Crossroads in Waymart

$0.30 (Waldo’s)
Cheapest Wing

$0.75 (Libassi’s)
Most Expensive Wing


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