Overall Rating: 27

Location: Olyphant
Wing Night: Tuesday and Thursday
Wing Price: $0.50
Phone number: 570-489-8867

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Hot Garlic, Mild Garlic
Wing to get: Honey Mustard

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 2
As soon as I walked into Schooner’s, I knew we were in for a weird time. It’s located on the hills of Olyphant as you’re approaching the Casey Highway. It’s a small place with a bar, some seating, a pool table, a couple dartboards, and a jukebox. The place as a whole is decent, but the atmosphere was absolutely abysmal. Once our group entered the bar, the commoners stared us down for quite a while. Even after we took a seat at the table in the side room, we were continually stared down like we were encroaching upon their territory. This is one of those bars where you have to get your drinks and place your orders at the bar. The bartender acted like we were a huge hindrance by showing up. It’s wing night, what did he expect. He was not friendly at all and was very vague on what exactly could be ordered and in what quantity. When the wings were finally done, we had to go up and grab them. The service was just horrible.
Wing Flavors: 3
I feel like I’m starting to run out of places with a huge selection or interesting arrangement of flavors. Schooner’s has your run-of-the-mill selection that you would find at almost any place. There was nothing crazy or out of the ordinary here.
Wing Size: 3
These were pricey wings for such a small place.  The wings run $0.50 each. The menu says orders of 10, and the bartender said orders of ten, but he could possibly do orders of 5, but he wasn’t very clear what would allow him to do that. I’m assuming it was OK if someone else got an order of 5 too, but again, it wasn’t very clear. The wings were not large by any means, and at $0.50 each, it’s not a good deal.
Wing Taste: 3
I placed an order for 10 Hot and 5 Hot Garlic. The Hot had a pretty good spiciness to it, but had a very strong tomato flavor. It could have done with a bit more butter to even out that acidic tomato taste. The Hot Garlic were covered in the same hot sauce with a tiny bit of garlic added. I also tried the Honey Mustard wings.  The bartender said these were the best wings at Schooner’s. They were much better than the other wings, and some of the better Honey Mustard that I’ve had from any place. I may not be the best judge of Honey Mustard though as I hardly ever order it as one of my wings.

Individual Score: 14

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 1
Immediately upon entering Schooners we were met with stares from the patrons at the bar as if they wondered to themselves collectively “who the hell are these people, this is our bar.” A very uncomfortable feeling indeed. There was no sound from music or even TV in the place just some guys talking. We took our seat at a table and no one came to us so there was no one to take our order. We had to order from the bar, which isn’t to big of a deal. I ordered a water and so did Lynch and the guy behind the bar who very well may be the owner seemed befuddled that men can go into a bar and just order water. Another sign that gave way to the place being odd was that, for a wing night, no one was eating. The service was poor as well. Besides the stare of ordering water, when asked if the wings come in orders of 5 the man said “tell me what you want and I’ll see what I can do.” What is that? What does that mean? At this point I internally confused/upset. I said well then I guess I’ll get 5 hot and 10 honey mustard since I don’t really know if I could get 4 different flavors in increments of 5. I just wanted to sit down/bolt for the door.
Wing Flavors: 3
They had hot, mild, bbq, garlic and a honey mustard that the bartender/potential owner swore were the best in the world.
Wing Size: 4
They weren’t the smallest wings I have ever had but they were nothing to write home about. Also, they don’t tell you that that celery and blue cheese comes with the wings and it is 75 cents for each. Thanks for letting me know.
Wing Taste: 3
The hot were not hot at all and were basically tasteless. The world class honey mustard wings were descent but not earth shattering like I was lead to believe.
Individual Score: 13

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