Cangiano’s Main Street Bistro

Overall Rating: 62

Location: Dickson City
Wing Night: Monday
Wing Price: $5 for 12
Phone number: 570-207-2667

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Asian, Garlic, Italian, Caesar Garlic, Raspberry Chipotle
Wing to get: Italian

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 7
I always drive by this place on Main Street in Dickson City, but never actually went in. I believe it’s a fairly new place, which you can tell when you enter. It’s very clean and neat. It’s mainly a bar with small tables along the side for people who want to dine. There is a dining area in the back, but it is extremely small. If you were looking for food outside of the wings, they do have an extensive menu of various varieties. The atmosphere is relaxed and the waitress was very nice. The wings came out in a timely manner, and the waitress was always good at refilling our waters when needed. It seems to me to be more of a local bar based on the clientele. Overall though, it was a pretty decent place. The major part that sucked was that you could only place orders of 12. You could get two flavors in that order, but if you wanted to get three flavors, you would have to spring for 24, which I knew was well above what I could manage to eat. 18 would have been perfect, but that was not an option.
Wing Flavors: 6
I had no idea what to expect when I walked into Main Street Bistro, and was surprised by the flavors. There were a couple common ones, but the Raspberry Chipotle was a flavor I never heard of before. The addition of the Asian and Italian were also nice.
Wing Size: 7
These wings were pretty massive. They came in orders of 12 for $5. That equates to about $0.42 a wing. Although it’s a bit of rub that you need to get it in orders of 12, they aren’t too pricey.
Wing Taste: 5
I ordered the Hot, Italian, Raspberry Chipotle, and Asian. The last couple places I have eat have been only serving moderate tasting Hot wings. The Hot is a plain Hot sauce – nothing out of the ordinary here. The Italian was essentially a creamy Italian dressing on a wing. I was hoping that it would be mixed with the hot, but it seemed to only be the creamy Italian dressing. Raspberry Chipotle were interesting. The raspberry flavor was very pronounced. It was a great and unique taste on a wing. I only wish that the chipotle flavor was present. It would have really benefited from a sweet and spicy flavor. The Asian was average too. It was a mixture of a Teriyaki and Sweet and Sour sauce. It also had sesame seeds sprinkled over it, which was a nice touch. I also tried the Caesar Garlic. It was very similar to the Italian sauce, which lacked the mixture of a hot sauce. It was basically a mixture of a creamy Caesar dressing and some garlic.

Individual Score: 30

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Colangio’s Main Street Bistro. In case you are wondering, Colangio’s used to be called The Blackhound. It wasn’t anything over the top but it was clean, quiet and had a few descent beers on draft. I also feel that you will the feeling that you walked into an Italian families living room. I felt welcomed and that people cared I was there. The place really reminded me of Billy B’s in Dunmore. Our waitress was also nice. One thing that happened however is that I ordered 24 wings and I believe I only got 21. Remembering is important in that line of work as is writing things down properly.
Wing Flavors: 7
There wasn’t a huge selection of flavors but the ones they did have were interesting and somewhat original. They had Asian, ceasar garlic, Italian and raspberry chipotle. I’ve had these flavors else where but when I did they were at places that specialize in wings and have many more flavors. I like the effort.
Wing Size: 6
The wing night price was 12 wings for $5. Not a terrible deal but just weird that is how they break it down. You are able to get 4 different flavors pending you order 24 wings. The size was adequate as well.
Wing Taste: 6
I ordered hot, Asian, caesar garlic and raspberry chipotle. I was really pumped about my selection. The hot weren’t anything bad but were just standard wing sauce that you can get at many places. I was disappointed in the ceasar garlic and Asian wings. Both did not have much flavor in them. Plain and weak attempt at what they were supposed to be like. The raspberry chipotle wings were definitely interesting. They had a lot of raspberry flavoring but not a ton of chipotle and I really feel if they had spice to them then they would have been tremendous.
Individual Score: 32

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