Poor Richard’s Pub

Overall Rating: 45

Location: Scranton
Wing Night: Tuesday and Thursday
Wing Price: $0.40
Phone number: 570-344-4555

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Super Hot, Sweet and Sour, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Garlic, Teriyaki
Wing to get: Honey Mustard

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 5
Poor Richard’s Pub is located inside the South Side Lanes bowling alley in Scranton. It is a bar/restaurant with a bar about 25 feet in length and an area dedicated to a number of tables for dining. There are plenty of activities within the restaurant. They have a dartboard, tune touch, and there is always the option of bowling. In fact, we planned on bowling a game while waiting for our food, but there was about a two-hour wait for a lane. So, that was out. The bartender just seemed to be going through the motion. He wasn’t a very friendly fellow, and it did take us a while to get our check when we were clearly finished. I wish that an empty glass of water, a cleared plate, and us leaning back with our arms crossed was a good enough sign, but apparently it wasn’t.
Wing Flavors: 4
The wing selection was pretty slim, but there were some nice additions to the usual fare.
Wing Size: 7
The wings cost $0.40, but they were pretty large. I was feeling quite full with my order of 15 that I generally polish off with no problem.
Wing Taste: 4
I went into Poor Richard’s Pub knowing I wasn’t going to be blown away by the taste of these wings. I mean, it’s a restaurant inside a bowling alley. They pretty much fit what I imagined. I ordered the Hot, Teriyaki and Hot Garlic. The Hot were average – just a typical hot sauce that you could find at any wing place. The Hot Garlic were interesting. Instead of using actual garlic on the wing, it was just garlic powder. I have never seen this before, and I have to say I was not a huge fan. The Teriyaki were enjoyable. It’s hard to mess up a Teriyaki, and they succeeded in making an enjoyable Teriyaki. It had that great salty taste that I love. It was a little thicker than most Teriyakis, which made it better for dipping. I also tried the sweet and sour. This tasted like the sweet and sour sauce from burger king that you can get with your chicken tenders. It wasn’t a bad taste, but not very interesting.

Individual Score: 24

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 6
Poor Richard’s Pub, which is located inside of South Side Bowl in Scranton, actually is a very nice bar. It’s very clean and has a pool table, darts and a lot of space. And of course, it has a bowling alley attached to it so you can go bowl if you’d like. However, don’t expect to do much bowling on Tuesdays because it is league night. The service was alright, nothing bad nor good.
Wing Flavors: 4
There were about 5 different flavors. They had hot, honey mustard garlic(which is infused with hot or mild sauce) bbq and sweet hot. Nothing off the wall, typical stuff.
Wing Size: 7
The wings were pretty dang big. I left very stuffed. The wings were 40 cents so it was an all around good deal.
Wing Taste: 2
The tastes of the wings were not very good. Nearly all of them tasted like a waste of time. The garlic, which is infused with hot sauce, was just coated with garlic powder. What a bad idea it was and how lazy is that? Also, the wings to me just looked bad. They looked dried out and like the skin was falling off but not over cooking because they were a bit rubbery but by some other kind of means. Perhaps they were old pieces of meat I don’t know. I know they were strange looking and I did not enjoy it.
Individual Score: 21

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