Waldo's Wings 1.21.16

Basic Information:

Location: 406 Green Ridge St, Scranton, PA 18509
Phone number: (570) 961-8904
Wing Price: $6.50 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 40 cent wings
Wing flavors: X-Mild, Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot, Mild Ranch, Medium Ranch, Hot Ranch, Mild Bleu, Medium Bleu, Hot Bleu, Butter Garlic, Mild Honey Garlic, Medium Honey Garlic, Hot Honey Garlic, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Captain Morgan (you have the option of adding garlic to any flavor)

Second Visit

1.21.16 – Waldo’s Review Podcast

First Visit

Overall Rating: 56 out of 100

Location: Scranton
Wing Night: Monday and Thursday
Wing Price: $0.30
Phone number: 570-961-8904

Wing to get: Hot Ranch

Lynch’s Rating: 26 out of 50

Environment: 3
Waldo’s is a pretty small bar located near the bottom of Green Ridge Street. It is a very missable building with a sign of a walrus over the door. I always thought it was a townie bar, but I was surprised by the crowd once I entered. There were plenty of people who could be described as townies, but there was also a younger crowd there. It was surprisingly crowded, too. The bar does allow smoking, which the patrons were taking full advantage of. My clothes reeked of cigarette smoke the next day. It took quite a while for the food to come out, and the waitress said our drink orders can only be placed at the bar. We only wanted water, which is provided in water bottles. I hate when places don’t give you tap water and charge you for the water. Between the outrageous amounts of smoke and the many inconveniences of service, Waldo’s wasn’t exactly the best place to eat wings.
Wing Flavors: 7
There was a decent selection of flavors. A lot of the flavors I have seen before, but they had a whole menagerie of wing choices.
Wing Size: 8
These wings were slightly above average, but at $0.30 a wing, they are the cheapest around. You will be filled up without spending a pretty penny.
Wing Taste (x2): 4
I ordered the Hot, Hot Ranch, and Hot Honey Garlic. I was underwhelmed by the flavors I ordered. The Hot was very spicy, but didn’t hold much flavor. That buttery taste that I love from a wing was absent. It was just a salty hot flavor. The Hot Ranch were decent. The Ranch added a good flavor to the Hot sauce. The Hot Honey Garlic were lacking the Honey part. The Hot and Garlic were pretty dominant, but I didn’t get a sweet honey taste. I was looking forward to it, but I was let down. I also tried the Captain Morgan. It could have done with a bit more sauce, but it was actually pretty tasty. It’s more along the lines of a sweet sauce, but I can go for those once in a while.


Serniak’s Rating: 30 out of 50

Environment: 5
The atmosphere at Waldo’s was average. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t great. Just a typical bar/restaurant. The service was a bit shaky. Our waitress wasn’t very friendly and when are food came she just kind of heaved them on our table and didn’t say anything. Getting a beer at Waldo’s wouldn’t be a bad idea but don’t expect to do more than drink.
Wing Flavors: 6
There were about 15 flavors. There weren’t anything that was off the wall or interesting. All standard flavors with a few others that I’ve had before but not at a ton of places.
Wing Size: 7
The size of the wings weren’t that bad. They weren’t tiny by any means and they were also 30 cents, the cheapest that the Wing Men have come across.
Wing Taste (x2): 6
Like the environment, the taste was just alright and averageish. I got hot, butter and garlic hot ranch and Captain Morgan. The hot were solid but the butter and garlic used minced garlic instead of fresh garlic , which I prefer. The Captain Morgan were some kind of bbq sauce but were very weak in flavor. The hot ranch is the wing to get here. They were a good blend of the 2 flavors.

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