Legends Saloon

Legends Wings

Third Visit

9.8.14 – Legend’s Saloon Review Podcast

Second Visit

Overall Rating: 73

Location: Dickson City
Wing Night: Monday
Wing Price: $0.50
Phone number: 570-489-0900

Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, Buffalo Honey Garlic, Buffalo Mustard, Honey Mustard, Italian, Garlic Parmesan, BBQ, Teriyaki Ginger, Cajun, Zesty Jack Daniels, Chipotle Ranch, Legends House, Spicy Ketchup, Inferno.
Wing to get: Hot Ranch

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8
This is our second trip to Legends and second review. The environment was just as a remembered it. They definitely had an eclectic arrangement of music. It was all over the spectrum, which was not necessarily a bad thing. Even though it has that country theme, it wasn’t like Honkey Tonk, where it reeks of southern cowboyness. The service was great up until the end. I don’t know why some waitresses or bartenders don’t get that signal that people are obviously done eating. Our plates were taken away, our drinks were empty, and we were just sitting around for a good 15 minutes. I don’t get it.
Wing Flavors: 8
The selection was the same as the first time; your typical flavors with a mix of interesting choices. I enjoyed the selection.
Wing Size: 6
The wings seemed smaller this time.  I ordered 20 and took them down with no issues at all. Not sure if this was a small batch, but I was surprised.
Wing Taste: 8
This time around, I ordered Legends House, Hot, Teriyaki Ginger, Chipotle Ranch. Legends House were great as always. They were a nice sweet and spicy flavor with plenty of seasoning. The Hot were pretty tasty as well. Teriyaki ginger were not as impressive as I remember. There was a bit too much ginger seasoning on the wings. Chipotle Ranch were awesome. They remind me of cooler ranch doritos. Such a nice taste. I highly suggest them.

Individual Score: 38

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
Legends is a pub located in Dickson City that has a welcoming atmosphere along with a nice staff. It is interesting that nearly every square inch in the place is wooden. Like the Honky Tonk, Legends has that western feel to it but it doesn’t consume every move you make like it could. The mood was pleasant and our server was enjoyable. One thing that happened that happens to often is when the server collects your plates and you are waiting for the check and they don’t come back to your table for like 15 minutes. That happened and I hated it. Other than that, it was all good.
Wing Flavors: 8
Legends has a good variety of flavors. Flavors like hot, inferno, chipotle ranch , honey mustard, bbq, garlic parmesan, Italian, and a few others make for a well-rounded lineup of different tastes.
Wing Size: 6
The wings at Legends are not the biggest wings you will encounter but that is not always a bad thing. I would have liked it if they were a bit crispier for their size. Generally, the bigger the wing the less crispy it will be. These were small and not terribly crispy. For 40 cents, which you don’t see much anymore for a wing night, it was a good enough deal.
Wing Taste: 7
We have been to Legends before so I knew what to expect and I wasn’t really disappointed. I ordered the inferno because I really was in the mood for some spice, garlic parmesan, chipotle ranch and Italian. The inferno were pretty hot. I am glad I had water next to me. Real good spice with those. The garlic parmesan were exactly what I hoped them to be. I wish more places would add some herbs to this style just for a little extra kick. The chipotle ranch were my favorite. I solid combination of spice and with the coolness of the ranch, it just makes for a dynamite wing flavor. Finally, the Italian were what I thought they were going to be, Italian dressing on wings. It wasn’t a bad thing but I was hoping for more creativity here.
Individual Score: 35

First Visit

Overall Rating: 78

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8
Legends is an interesting little bar located in Dickson City with a western theme. It seems like it would be a happening place, but it was pretty dead when we went for their wing night. It does have an outdoor patio for smoking and a pretty big bar with some seating for eating. There were some darts and a jukebox to be played and there was a stage area for bands.  I can definitely see this place a great place to hang out on the weekend or in the summer. The entire place was lined with wood and everything seemed to be in great, clean order.  The waitress was not overwhelmingly fantastic, but she did her job, took our orders, and got our food in a timely manner.
Wing Flavors: 8
They had a pretty extensive selection of flavors. Definitely a lot you’ve seen at plenty of other places, but then a couple of interesting choices thrown in the mix. We’ve been to a lot of places, so it’s not fair to say they didn’t give any flavors I haven’t seen before, but definitely options that weren’t the norm. They have a flavor for everyone here.
Wing Size: 9
I thought these wings were humongous. For $0.40, you could hardly get a better deal. I generally order 15 and eat them all, but there were so many good flavors, I sprung for 20. This was quite the mistake because these wing were so big, I barely wolfed down 14. You will be quite full after leaving this place.
Wing Taste: 7
When I was ready to order, I had my three flavors down. I chose Chipotle Ranch, Teriyaki Ginger, and Hot. Within a split second, I decided to add Garlic Parmesan to the list because every time I go with a group of friends, I regret not getting the Garlic Parmesan. We always do some trading, but I usually only trade for one Garlic Parm. I decided to treat myself nice today by ordering my own. Well, I have to say I could have done without the Garlic Parm, they weren’t necessarily bad, but they were not as good as other places. They were a bit of a let down after I had such high expectations for them. The Teriyaki Ginger were not a let down though. They had a nice salty flavor and a great hint of ginger. The Hot was a bit of a spin of your standard hot. With some extra Italian seasoning thrown in. Chipotle Ranch were a hit. It’s more of a ranch sauce mixed with some chipotle, but both flavors came through distinctly enough. I also tried Legends House, and they were amazing. They had a sweet and sour taste to them. Though hard to describe, they were great.

Individual Score: 39

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
Legend’s, formerly Novak’s for those who remember that, has vibe that promotes a good time. The people in the bar seemed like they were grateful that they weren’t working and were laughing making my party feel welcome. You will notice that the whole inside part of the building is wood. Floors, walls, everything is wood. The staff was friendly and there was no confusion over our order.
Wing Flavors: 8
Legends had about 13-15 different individual wing flavors. They were interesting as well. they had chipotle ranch, cajun, buffalo mustard and their Legends/House sauce which is a pineapple bbq blend. A very good variety that was much appreciated.
Wing Size: 8
The wings were big. I didn’t think so when they first put on the table but when I picked one up I realized what happened. They were large and in charge. For 40 cents, it is a bargain. I get 20 wings when we go out and this was the first time since joining the Wing Men that I felt extremely full towards the end of my meal. You wont leave hungry unless you’re some kind of wildebeest.
Wing Taste: 8
I ordered hot, parmesan garlic, cajun and Legend/House. The hot wings were spicy to the point where if you weren’t careful, you could have your sinuses cleared out. The parmesan garlic were what I hoped they were going to be; just butter and garlic with parmesan cheese sprinkled on. It was on op-point. The cajun were good but I was expecting and hoping for a better taste. They had good spice to them but was just lacking something. The Legends/House sauce was a pineapple bbq mix that was well balanced and loaded with flavor. Everyone at our table really enjoyed this wing. I recommend this flavor.
Individual Score: 39

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