Newfoundland Hotel (Wing Buffet Night)

Overall Rating: 63

Location: Newfoundland
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Price: $11.99 Wing Buffet
Phone number: 570-676-8646

Wing flavors: Korean BBQ, Dry Rub Buffalo, Boom Boom, Strawberry Chipotle, Hot, Timay
Wing to get: Korean BBQ

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8
I would have never heard of Newfoundland Hotel if a friend didn’t suggest it to me for its wing buffet. It’s a very quaint place in the middle of nowhere, at least from Scranton. If you feel like making the trek, it’s about a 30 minute drive from downtown. It’s got a nice sized bar right next to a bunch of table as soon as you enter. It then opens up into a much larger seating area for dining. The place has a country feel to it, and it is most definitely a local hangout, but it was a very welcoming place. In fact, while we were there, at least 3 groups of people struck up a short conversation with us. The waitress was extremely nice and always prompt to serve us.
Wing Flavors: 7
I was torn as to how to rate the flavors. I originally thought this wing buffet was going to be like Quaker Steak, where they would have every flavor available to you and if there wasn’t out, you can place an order. Unfortunately, that was not the case. So if you’re sticking to the buffet, you’re limited to the six flavors that are currently out. You could always order anything from the menu, but it would be at regular wing price. With that being said, I’m going to stick to what was served at the wing buffet. There was not a huge selection, but what they had was definitely interesting. If you look above at the flavors, there were some that you would never expect to be wing flavors. Included with the wing buffet was a soup or a salad of your selection and a loaded baked potato bar, which was a nice touch.
Wing Size: 6
It’s always hard to rate a wing buffet. Technically, you could get a thousand wings at the $11.95 price, but I’m going to rate the wings on what I usually get and their size. Some of the wings were pretty small, but there were some that were outright massive. These massive ones were a combination of the thigh and drumstick still stuck together, like the kind you would get at Hooters. Regardless, you’re going to leave this place at whatever hunger level you want to be at.
Wing Taste: 7
There was a mix of hits and misses with the flavors provided, but overall, I’d have to say I was pretty satisfied. Korean BBQ was fantastic. It was neither Korean or BBQ in my opinion, but what was going on was definitely delicious. It was closer to a teriyaki and italian mix with a bit of a pepper flavor. I was interested in the strawberry chipotle, but I was ultimately let down. There was no chipotle taste to it and plenty of sweetness. I didn’t get strawberry out of the sweetness though. The dry rub buffalo is hard to describe. It was a dry rub, as you could guess from the name, but I’m not sure if I would classify it as a buffalo. It’s almost like it was a mix of chile powder and salt. It had a good taste, but was very rich and strong. You couldn’t handle to many of these without being overwhelmed. Boom Boom was a pleasant surprise to me. It was a sweeter wing, with a sauce mostly made from pineapple and a hint of salt, but enjoyable nonetheless. According to the menu, the Timay wing is a combination of the hot sauce, BBQ and honey. I mostly got BBQ from it though. I’m not usually a fan of BBQ, and I was also not a fan of this wing. Finally, the regular hot was a slightly above average hot wing. It was drenched in their hot sauce and had plenty of that buttery taste. I liked them. I was really looking forward to Newfoundland Hotel because the menu promised a lot of good flavors, but a lot of the flavors on the menu were not a part of the buffet. I’m interested to see how they rate on their regular wing night, which is a Monday. This place warrants another visit on their regular wing night to test the other flavors. Honestly, I think it’s going to be a higher rating, but we will have to see.

Individual Score: 35

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
The atmosphere is very conducive for bringing a family for dinner but I felt comfortable and welcomed by the patrons there. People were suggesting to us what to get and the staff were friendly. There is a bar that is placed right with the eating area so you had guys joking right next to people who were eating. It had a lively feel to it. The service was also good.  People were very courteous to our party.
Wing Flavors: 6
Here’s the deal. We knew it was going to be a wing buffet and we had a menu of which flavors would be on it and we were very intrigued. When we got there however, the flavors were not at all the ones that we expected. The flavors were hot, Korean bbq, boom, Timmay, a dry rub and strawberry chipotle. It was an all you can eat which was cool but I would of liked to of had the flavors that were on their menu.
Wing Size: 5
It was a real mixed batch here. Some were large, others were average and some were tiny and burnt to nothing. You wouldn’t expect that to happen. The price was 11.50 for the buffet, which I have no objections with. Leaving full is your responsibility.
Wing Taste: 5
The best wing that I had was Korean bbq. It was the only one that was baked, not fried, and had a spices all over them. The dry rub hot was intensely flavored but at times the taste was overpowering. Everything else either was average or didn’t have much taste at all and just tasted like fried meat.
Individual Score: 28

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