Joyce’s Cafe

Overall Rating: 25

Location: Scranton
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Price: Menu states $0.50 and $0.55 (for garlic), but we paid $0.50 and $0.60 (for garlic)

Phone number: 570-343-4041

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, X-Tra Hot, Flamethrower, BBQ, Garlic, Honey Mustard, Sweet Hot
Wing to get: If pressed, we would choose Sweet Hot.

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 2
Joyce’s is a small townie bar located in Minooka right on the edge of Scranton. I’ve got to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Minooka bars I’ve been too. This place was not a pleasant surprise. After entering the bar, we headed to the back to the dining area. It was like it was placed in the back of someone’s house. Actually, I imagine it was someone’s house converted to a bar. We were told we just missed the dinner rush, which was interesting because everyone must have left at exactly the same time. There were three people at the bar and then us in the back. The bar allows smoking, which was hanging in the air bothering my eyes. Generally, I don’t mind smoking, but this was a bit overwhelming. The waitresses are a bunch of nice, middle-aged women, but did not provide good service. Perhaps they were winding down after a busy night, but that was no excuse. The wings took forever to come out, then we were sitting there for a while when we were done. We actually put our jackets on and stood up to signal that we were ready to leave. We are usually patient men, but this outrageous wait warranted a sign. The place was clean though. It had that going for it. And the waitresses did ask us how we liked the wings, which was a nice gesture.
Wing Flavors: 3
This place contained your standard, run of the mill mix of flavors. The addition of the sweet hot wing was a nice touch, but there wasn’t a big selection and definitely nothing out of the ordinary.
Wing Size: 1
These wings were pathetic. They were by far the smallest wings I have had at any place I have been to. As I stated previously, the wings took quite a while to come out, which means they were very crispy and super cooked, which might explain why these wings were so ridiculously small. On top of that, the menu states that wings run $0.40 for most wings, then $0.45 for garlic. When we got the check, the wings cost us $0.50 for most and $0.60 for the garlic.  I don’t know why it was worth so much more. Maybe it was the addition of the blue cheese with each order. The thing is, we didn’t ask for blue cheese. In fact, we never eat blue cheese. We made a blue cheese tower out of all the containers of blue cheese provided to us. If it was more for blue cheese, this should have been relayed to us. It’s like those hidden fees with cell phone contracts that everyone hates.
Wing Taste: 3
The biggest factor with taste for this place was the fact that these wings were extra crispy. Generally, I like my wings rubbery. I know it’s an oddity. I know most people like them crispy, but I know most people would not have enjoyed this level of crispiness. It was like I was chewing straight into bone. It had an annoying crunch. With them being so deep-fried, it left very little meat on the wing. I ordered Hot, Sweet Hot, and Hot Garlic. The Hot had an all right taste to the, but were extremely salty. I could feel my lips drying up with each bite.  The Hot garlic weren’t all that bad. The garlic tasted decent enough, but since they were mixed with the hot sauce, you had a lot of that salty taste again. The Sweet Hot were a pleasant surprise after the other two. It had good flavor to it, with a great level of spice and sweetness. If you had to order one wing at this place, these would be the wings to get. I also tried my friend’s BBQ, which also tasted pretty good. I’m not the biggest fan of BBQ, but these were pretty enjoyable.

Individual Score: 11

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 3
Joyce’s is a clean place that is a bar/restaurant. You would have no problem going there at any time of the day. It had a very old family/Italian feel to it.  They have a pool table and their staff were sweet and very friendly. However, when it was time to leave which was late in the evening for a weekday, we sat for an extra 20 minutes upon completion of our meal. No one walked by to check if were done and wanted the check. Very annoying.
Wing Flavors: 2
There were only a few flavors and they were what you might expect. Hot, mild, bbq, honey mustard, hot garlic and sweet hot. Nothing out of the ordinary besides sweet hot.
Wing Size: 2
They were small and extremely dried out. I just didn’t get it. I like my wings to be crispy but that was out of hand. They were fried so long that holes were created in the meat to where the meat just fell off in the fryer.
Wing Taste: 3
There was nothing special from this batch of wings. The hot and the sweet hot were alright but nothing memorable. It just wasn’t very good.
Individual Score: 13

6 thoughts on “Joyce’s Cafe

  1. Love the reviews. Just an FYI. Minooka is IN Scranton. It’s simply a neighborhood name. Also, its Irish – not Italian. They’d be more upset about you calling it Italian than they would about the less-than-stellar review lol

    • Ah, I’ve always wondered how Minooka and Scranton were related. Thanks for clearing that up!

      Yeah, a lot of the places in the Minooka area are definitely Irish proud. I think Serniak was saying it felt like an Italian restaurant, and not necessarily that it was Italian. I’m not sure if Irish restaurants have a specific feel to them haha.

      Glad you’re digging the reviews. Keep checking back for more in the future.

  2. You should try at least to get the right night of the week is wing night! It’s Thursday. If you really were men. If there was a discrepancy be an adult and ask the server if there was a mistake. It must be nice to go around secretly critiquing others. I read your review of Joyce’s & you said you don’t like blue cheese & thought they worked it into the price. Really? 40 cents is 40 cents with or without blue cheese. To say you built towers from the cups of blue cheese they gave you is just down right ignorant, rude & wasteful!

    • Hello, “Me”. Thank you for the information regarding the wing night. We have the correct night listed on the “Wing List”, but it appears there was a typo when bringing it over to the website. We greatly appreciate the correction.0

      As for “secretly” critiquing others, you can head over to the About page to see more information about us. If you mean we don’t tell them who we are, there is a purpose for that. We could tell them we were The Wing Men writing a review of the place. But first, they would say, “Um..Who?” Second, it would not give a true picture of the environment. This way, they treat us as they would anyone else.

      You’re right though, I always think that $0.40 should be $0.40 cents. If they put a price on the menu, that’s what I should see on the check. That did not happen here.

      Building a tower out of bleu cheeses is a bit immature and childish, but perhaps we were a bit unclear by saying tower. It was more like a pyramid, which I would say is much more complicated and sophisticated. Sorry if we gave you the wrong idea.

      Also, we were being facetious. We didn’t actually build a tower on the table.

      • I am appalled by all of the horrible reviews about joyces. This place is awesome!!!! They have really cheap prices and great waitresses. Waitresses don’t give you the bill right away because it seems like you are being rushed!!! If you needed the bill ASK. I have never been there where I have had a bad time.

      • Also on wing night regular wings are .50 and garlic are .55 ON wing night. On the menu it has every other night but Thursday.

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