St George’s

Overall Rating: 47

Location: Jessup
Wing Night: Monday and Thursday
Wing Price: $0.45
Phone number: 570-489-1300

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, Barbecue
Wing to get: Extra Hot

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 5
I’ve heard of Marilyn Monroe bars before, but this place was ridiculous. Seriously though, this was like a sports bar, except where sports posters would be were posters of Marilyn Monroe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a bit odd in my opinion. Regardless, the place is made up of a separated bar and restaurant. I did not get a look at the restaurant, but the bar itself was pretty small. There weren’t that many people there, and no one under the age of 50 except for the waitresses. We sat right at the bar, so the service was pretty good. They were alway timely with taking our order, getting our drinks, and bringing out our food.
Wing Flavors: 1
No interesting flavors here – the bare minimum. There’s not much more to really say about it. It’d be hard for a place to have less flavors than this.
Wing Size: 3
These wings used to be $0.35. In fact, the menus at the place had the old price whited-out and $0.45 written over it with a pen. Not all the menus had this upgrade, so Serniak was under the assumption he was eating $0.35 wing. Well, until he got the check. At $0.45, these wings were well below average. They were a small wing that left me hungry after.
Wing Taste: 6
The wings didn’t taste all that bad. I got an order of Hot. In hindsight, I wish I ordered some of the Extra Hot. I feel like it’s always good practice to go a level above what you think when ordering wings. The regular Hot were nice and buttery, but didn’t have all that much spice. When I tried some of Serniak’s Extra Hot, it was the same buttery taste, with a great spiciness. I tried Barbecue, and they were decent. I wish there were more wings to judge off of.

Individual Score: 21

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 6
Seemed like a real townie bar, which isn’t a bad thing. The place had a dinning room that I didn’t see. The bar that we sat was a typical straight up bar. Also, there were a couple of descent drafts that had a seasonal undertone. I got the feeling that St. George’s probably isn’t a happening place for a younger crowd. The service was nice, didn’t have to wait to have drinks and the waitress was personable
Wing Flavors: 2
The only flavors available were mild, hot, extra hot and bbq. Obviously, I wanted more variety but I didn’t expect to get that much.
Wing Size: 6
The size of the wings I thought was pretty reasonable. I felt full enough as I left and that matters a lot to me.
Wing Taste: 6
The wings tasted pretty good. There were only 4 flavors and I got extra hot and bbq. They were both solid. Not just Frank’s Red Hot or Sweet Baby Rays, there was actual effort put into the flavors. It was noticeable. I recommend that if you want hot wings get the extra hot. The regular hot wings don’t have much zip to them.
Individual Score: 26

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