Olde Brook Inn

Old Brooke Inn 4.20.15

Second Visit

4.20.15 – Old Brooke Inn Review Podcast

First Visit

Overall Rating: 40

Location: Spring Brook
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Price: $0.35
Phone number: 570-807-0083

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Honey Mustard, Garlic Parmesan, Teriyaki, Barbecue
Wing to get: Teriyaki. I guess.

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 4
Olde Brook Inn is located on the outskirts of Scranton in a small town called Spring Brook. The place itself is a small restaurant and bar inside an old house. The focus appears to be more on the restaurant, as the bar is located in a small room on the side. The bar was pretty hopping, but we sat in the restaurant due to having a larger group. We were the only people in the restaurant side of the place. Even with the small crowd, it still took a surprisingly long time to get the wings. The waitresses were nice enough, but they could have checked on our table a bit more, especially towards the end of our meal. I noticed I was waiting for a refill of water for a while at one point. It definitely seemed livelier on the bar side, so that would be the place to sit for more interaction.
Wing Flavors: 3
There weren’t really that many flavors to choose from. The addition of a garlic parmesan and Teriyaki was a nice touch, but I think it’s always good business to offer customers as many different options as possible.
Wing Size: 5
For $0.35, the wing size wasn’t all that bad. Some wings were pretty large, but then I also received a bunch that were well below average. One was the size of a small meatball.
Wing Taste: 4
There’s really not much to say about taste. I ordered the Hot, Garlic Parmesan, and Teriyaki. The hot were the best out of the bunch, but that’s not saying too much. Whenever I order hot, I’m always surprised at how mild of a spice their is, but the Hot wings at Olde Brook Inn had a pretty decent kick to them. There was also a sweet buttery taste too, which I prefer over the usual vinegar taste. The Teriyaki were sweeter than I was expecting. The sauce was made with pineapple in it, and the small chunks of pineapple were served with the wings. It was a nice touch, but I would have liked a little more saltiness. Finally, the Garlic Parmesan were almost uneatable. I did not taste parmesan cheese at all, so this wing was closer to a butter garlic. I’m not sure if they used bad butter or a cheap margarine, but there was a metallic, almost spoiled taste to the wing. Maybe it was a bad batch, but I would suggest staying away from the garlic parmesan.

Individual Score: 20

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 4
We sat in the dining room area of the bar/restaurant and there was no one else seated there, which told me that this is the kind of place that is better to eat at the bar area. So there was a lack of atmosphere. I assure you; however, I didn’t believe it was going to be a raging place anyway. The service wasn’t stellar either. Didn’t check on how we were doing with drinks and when the server brought us our bills the server just put them in a stack on the table. It didn’t make it easy to figure out who’s was who.
Wing Flavors: 4
There were 6 total flavors and they were hot, mild, teriyaki, bbq, garlic parmesan and honey mustard. They were all remarkably average at best. There was nothing very note-worthy about them. Typical flavors that you see everywhere else.
Wing Size: 6
The sizes of the wings were pretty good. They weren’t the absolute biggest wings I have ever had but they certainly weren’t the smallest I have ever had either. I was satisfied with my level of full after leaving.
Wing Taste: 3
The wings I got were hot, bbq, honey mustard and garlic parmesan. The garlic parmesan was best out of the bunch. The hot were nearly flavorless and the bbq and honey mustard tasted like the standard flavor of them that I can get just about any where else. A very forgettable feast but, if I was there looking to put a shift in I bet I would have a good time.
Individual Score: 20

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