The Banshee

Overall Rating: 45

A great place to grab a high-quality beer with friends, but a horrible place to have wings.

Location: Scranton
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Price: $0.35
Phone number: 570-969-4248
Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Garlic Fire

Wing to get: Eh…

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 7
The Banshee is a cavernous bar with plenty of sitting room. It’s huge! I was surprised when I walked in that it was so dead with it being wing night, but I was soon to find out why that was the case. Regardless, it is an older looking, Irish bar filled with giant booths and a long bar. It would be a great place to go with a large group for a drink. They have a huge selection of beer on tap to fit anyone’s needs. The waitress was nice and attentive enough – nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, they made a mistake on our order, which resulted in receiving 5 extra wings for free. No complaints there.
Wing Flavors: 3
There’s really not much to say about the wing flavors. They had a very slim selection, but it was nice to see an interesting flavor of garlic fire.
Wing Size: 7
The wings were slightly above average size. With a price at $0.35, you can’t really complain.
Wing Taste: 2
There wasn’t a huge selection to choose from. I personally got hot, garlic fire, and barbecue. As I stated previously, there was a mistake in the order, which resulted in getting 5 honey mustard for free. I still have to say, I was not happy with the wings at all. I was very much looking forward to the garlic fire, but it tasted exactly like the regular hot. The hot was subpar. You’d think a place that had a wing night would try to go above and beyond. That was certainly not the case. I am not a fan of honey mustard and these ones exemplified my dislike for them. They were plain and unenjoyable. I didn’t even want to finish them. I also didn’t want to finish the barbecue. It tasted like they bought a container of Kraft’s barbecue and put it on the wings.

Individual Score: 21

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
I love the Banshee! As a bar mostly. They do have a nice menu for food items but when I think of the Banshee I never think of getting something to eat. It’s always about the extensive draft and beer list, which was guns blazing on this particular day. I partnered my wings with a crisp Troegs Dead Reckoning. The Banshee is defiantly a great place to grab a meal and is always a fine choice to have a quality beverage. The service is was also very good and our waitress never forgot about us.
Wing Flavors: 3
Like I said, I believe a large population of people think of the Banshee of a place to get solid drinks not a place to serve popular meals. When it comes to their wings, the Banshee lacks a lot of creativity. They only had 5 flavors to choose from and they are the basic ones: mild, hot, bbq, honey mustard and garlic fire.
Wing Size: 8
The main pitch I would have for the Banshee’s wings is that for 35 cents, you get a lot of wing. These wings are big, that is undeniable.
Wing Taste: 3
I got all the flavors except for mild and I must say that none of these wings did it for me. The hot and garlic fire tasted nearly the same and that taste was hardly noticeable. The honey mustard and bbq were basic flavors of that genre that had a lot to be desired.
Individual Score: 24

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