Town Tavern

Town Tavern

Second Visit

2.11.14 – Town Tavern Podcast

Overall Rating: 90

The best regular Hot wing around. A near perfect place on all fronts.

Location: Duryea
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Price: $0.40 a wing.
Phone number: 570-451-1200
Wing flavors: Too many to list! View menu here: Town Tavern

Wing to get: Plain Hot

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 9
Town Tavern is a local sports bar with a bit of class. There is a huge array of sports paraphernalia adorning the nicely-finished, wooden walls (the majority of which were Steelers related). The biggest section of the place is the U-shaped bar in the center of the floor. In the back is a small area dedicated to seating. When we walked in, there were no tables available. We had to wait about 15 minutes before a table was free. That’s not being held against it though as the waitress was very apologetic and even took our order as we stood. The waitress constantly checked on us, and we never had an empty glass even though the place was outrageously busy.
Wing Flavors: 9
Go take a look at that menu. There are a ton of flavors! The only thing stopping Town Tavern from getting a full 10 is the fact that these are flavors I have seen everywhere. A lot of the flavors are just a mixture of hot, barbecue, honey, and garlic. They did have some Cajun and Ranch, and if you ask, they will do some mixing. For example, I ended up getting the Cajun and Ranch mixed. I’ve probably said it a thousand times before, and you’ll probably see it about a thousand times more,  but I am really digging Teriyaki wings. I would have liked to see Town Tavern have Teriyaki, or anything else really unique.
Wing Size: 9
These wings were gigantic. I entered Town Tavern starving, and left completely stuffed. They certainly do not skimp on their wings.
Wing Taste: 9
I ordered Hot Cajun Ranch, Hot Garlic Parmesan, and plain Hot. I’ve got to say, these Hot were the best I’ve ever had. They had a certain spice and seasoning to them that made them different from any other Hot.  If you’re one of those plain Janes or a normal Normans that only order hot, go to Town Tavern. You will not be disappointed. As for my other flavors, they had great potential, but the Hot part of them was overpowering. They tasted a lot like the Hot, and only slightly like the Cajun Ranch or Garlic Parmesan. I did try the Honey Mustard, and they were your typical, run-of-the-mill Honey Mustard. The Barbecue had a good tang and spice to them, which set them above other Barbecues.

Individual Score: 45

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 8
Town Tavern has that corner/small town feel to it that if you lived in that town, you would feel right at home. For the group I was with, none of us are from Duryea. But no one or any atmosphere made us feel like outsiders, which is a huge plus for me. We sat at tables that they had and it was cool that each table there has a small flat screen TV on the wall to watch a game if you wanted to. Also, the service was great. When we got the place was packed and we had to stand and wait. Our eventual waitress walked up to us and asked us if we wanted to order while we stand so that when we do sit we wouldn’t have to wait even longer. It was very nice of her and down right considerate.
Wing Flavors: 9
At the town tavern, you will find a very generous list of flavors. There are around 5-7 more flavors here than usual. They are mostly your standard flavors that you see at other places but they let you mix flavors if you wanted.
Wing Size: 10
I’ve been to the Town Tavern before and never remember the wings being so large. Some of them could be mistaken for chicken tenders. They were so massive. Their wing night price goes for 40 cents each. I’ve been conditioned to dine to mostly 35 cents wing nights. 40 cents isn’t a stretch by any means and the wings are so big at the Town Tavern that you won’t be upset nor famished.
Wing Taste: 9
I’ll be honest here. I’ve been going to the Town Tavern since I was 17 and ever since then I told anyone who would ask that their plain hot wing was my favorite wing that I have ever had from anywhere. After leaving there, I still say that today. The taste was still on-point with a spice and zest that I have never seen anywhere else. They also had other flavors that really held their own. I ordered parmesan/garlic, hot/honey/bbq and Cajun. They were all distinct in their taste. That makes me want to go there every week.
Individual Score: 45

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