Wildcat Saloon

Second Visit

Overall Rating: 65

Location: Eynon
Wing Night: Monday
Wing Price: $0.40 a wing
Phone number: 570-876-4971

Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Extra Hot, Butter & Garlic, Caesar Garlic, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Honey Mild, Honey Medium, Honey Hot, Mild Caesar Garlic, Medium Caesar Garlic, Hot Caesar Garlic, Mild Garlic, Medium Garlic, Hot Garlic
Wing to get: Hot Caesar Garlic

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8
The Wildcat is a big bar with plenty to do. The place has a giant screen TV that is great for sporting events. The speakers for the TV are a bit of a nuisance though while you’re trying to pay attention to the game. They were full of static and a bit muffled. The place itself is huge and cavernous. The bar is square bar with plenty of seating. Additionally, there is lots of seating for people who want to eat in a group. The Wildcat has pool tables, darts and plenty of things to bide the time while waiting for your food. The first time we came to The Wildcat, the service wasn’t all that great, but we got there a bit late this time and we had no issues getting our order in and getting our food. It probably also helped that the place wasn’t too packed and we were sitting at the bar. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly this time around.
Wing Flavors: 5
It looks like they have lots of flavors at The Wildcat, but a lot of them can be reduced down to one wing type in mild, medium, and hot.  At least they do give you some variety to choose something. Don’t expect anything too out of the ordinary here.
Wing Size: 7
The wings were a pretty good size here.  I was definitely stuffed by the end. The $0.40 price tag attached to these wings ain’t so bad either.
Wing Taste: 6
I wasn’t overly impressed by the wings from the Wildcat. They weren’t bad by any means, but there’s nothing here that’s going to blow your socks up. The Hot had a decent spice to them. The sauce had a slightly more vinegary taste to them. Since the Hot were a base to the other sauces, they basically followed suit. The Hot honey had an interesting sweetness added to it from the honey. It wasn’t very evenly distributed, but there was lots of sauce on the plate, so you can sop some up with your wings. The Hot Caesar Garlic had the same Hot sauce as the base with some minced garlic added in and parmesan cheese sprinkled on it. The Caesar didn’t come through all that strong, though, which would have been nice.

Individual Score: 32

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
The pride of Sturgis or Eynon, depending on who you ask, the Wildcat Saloon has a Roadhouse feel to it and it doesn’t shy away from it. With being nearly fully constructed of wood, The Wildcat Saloon lends itself to the idea of the old west. It has a large bar with surrounding tables so seating isn’t generally a problem. If you are looking to entertain yourself while you wait for your food, there is a billiards table along with a dart board. The service, which is known to not exactly be so swift, was fine for me. Our server didn’t speak to us to personally or anything like that but she did attend to us often. The overall atmosphere was also alright. It wasn’t entirely festive but it also wasn’t like a funeral in there.
Wing Flavors: 6
They basically have 6 staple flavors and they are mild, hot bbq, honey mustard, butter and garlic and Caesar garlic. Then you can add mild or hot sauce to the Caesar garlic and butter and garlic. It is better than average but not by much.
Wing Size: 6
At 40 cents a wing for their wing night, you pretty much get what you pay for. They aren’t the largest wings that we have encountered but they aren’t the smallest either. There were some bigger ones mixed in with the little ones. You don’t see a lot of wing nights at 40 cents any more so kudos to them for that.
Wing Taste: 7
A solid effort by the Wildcat this week. They even were better than the last time we were here because this time they caked the sauce on them. Last time it seemed like the sauce was only drizzled on. I got hot, butter and garlic, hot Caesar garlic and honey mustard. The hot was your classic valley wing kind of hot. Equipped with a ketchup base I assume then kicked up a bit with some spice. The butter and garlic actually could of used more garlic. Only the top side had garlic on them while bottom was only butter. The hot Caesar garlic was rendition of the flavor. The hot was balanced by the Caesar sauce then the garlic accented all of it to make 1 good tasting flavor. Finally, the honey mustard represented themselves well. The ying and yang of the honey and the mustard made that flavor highly enjoyable.
Individual Score: 33

First Visit

Overall Rating: 61

Lynch’s Rating:
Environment: 5
Wing Flavors: 6
Wing Size: 6
Wing Taste: 6
Individual Score: 29
Serniak’s Rating:
Environment: 6
Wing Flavors: 6
Wing Size: 6
Wing Taste: 7
Individual Score: 32

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