Loading Dock

Loading Dock 5.17.16

Basic Information:

Location: 1206 Oneill Hwy, Dunmore, PA 18512
Phone number: (570) 346-7391
Normal Wing Price: $7.75 for 10
Wing Night: None
Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Secret Sauce, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Hot Garlic, Chipotle (dry rub), Spicy Gourmet Ranch, Butter & Garlic, Hot Caesar Parmesan

Second Visit – 5/17/16

Overall Rating: 69

Lynch’s Rating: 37 out of 50

Environment: 8
If I remember correctly, the Loading Dock was the first place we went to as The Wing Men. Things were much different back then. We weren’t writing reviews or recording podcasts quite yet, and the Loading Dock was in its old location behind Big Lots in Dunmore. Since our first visit about 4 years ago, Loading Dock has move up in the world by upgrading their restaurant and relocating to a more prominent area right on the Oneill Highway. While it is still right by Big Lots, the upgrade is fantastic. The place is extremely clean and modern inside with plenty of room for seating and a large bar that is stocked with a great selection of craft beer. Expect to pay a pretty penny for the draft beer, but it’s hard to find what they offer at The Loading Dock in other establishments. Even though Loading Dock has upgraded to a much larger area, you should still expect to wait. Every time I’ve been there, whether it is for lunch on the weekend or dinner during the week, there seems to be people waiting at the front for a table. I think that speaks more about how good their food is in general. Luckily, we snagged a spot at the bar to enjoy our wings. It did take a bit of time for our order to be taken, but that was to be expected with the amount of people in the room. Also, Loading Dock has done away with their wing night, so we walked in fully expecting to pay full price.

Wing Size: 7
Loading Dock offers their wings at $7.75 for 10 wings. Unfortunately, as stated above, they no longer offer a wing night; so don’t be searching for any special deals here. Also, being sold in orders of ten, you are not able to split the wings at The Loading Dock. The wings themselves are a larger size, filling you up if you order your normal amount.

Wing Flavors: 6
I didn’t notice much of a difference in the amount of flavors they offer at Loading Dock from our first visit four years ago to our most recent visit. It seems they still offer mostly traditional wings with some interesting choices in the mix. Expect to find your classic here like Mild, Hot, Honey Mustard, and Barbeque. Additionally, Loading Dock does include some variety with their Secret Sauce, Chipotle dry rub and Spicy Gourmet Ranch.

Wing Taste (x2): 8
Since Loading Dock does not allow splitting of orders, we coordinated our attack very carefully. Well, we just decided to share – nothing exciting there. The classic Hot is delicious. It provides a nice cayenne pepper taste to it. For the Spicy Gourmet Ranch, once Serniak suggested that salsa was thrown into the mix, it was hard not to taste it. That’s not a bad thing, though. These wings were pretty good. The Secret Sauce reminded me kind of like a teriyaki sauce with a sticky, honey sweetness to it. Finally, the Chipotle dry rub really grew on me. It is a very crispy wing that just looks like a plain fried wing. At first, I didn’t think there was tons of flavor, but as I kept eating it, the flavor shown through. The wings themselves had a nice crispiness to them while providing a great amount of juiciness. I have to say, the next time I order wings from Loading Dock, I am definitely going to go with the Chipotle.

Serniak’s Rating: 32 out of 50

Environment: 8
The Loading Dock has really blossomed since we visited there as our first ever official Wing Men trip many years ago. Where does the time go? It goes straight to your arteries and is a covert agent in your rising cholesterol that’s where. Once, the Loading Dock was a small little venue that gave the appearance that you just stumbled into some rich guys awesome basement now has the appearance that that rich guy decided to make his basement the signature location on the Dunmore Strip(my term, lets get that going.) The place is triple the size of the old one and it has to to because people wait out the door for hours on end just to get a seat. I’m writing this at 9:25 in the morning and I’m sure people have set up tents over night and slept outside the doors as if they were a college kid/nerd waiting for the doors to open so that they could get a crack at the new I-Phone. I can’t blame them either. The place is a great place to go after work and catch a tasty craft beer. They have several to choose from and they also have something that you won’t find to often and that is on their tvs, there’s a list of all the beers they have on draft and how much is left in the kegs. Pretty damn cool. The only issue is when we were there the screen was going to fast so I couldn’t review my options before the screen popped up. I had to use my memory and watch it a few times until I got all the necessary information to my brain. I know it wasn’t me because I’m an excellent reader. Everybody knows this. We sat at the bar and our bartender/server was a nice guy who kept good care of us. The place is spotless clean, which is always enjoyable. Also, if you see a guy moving at a furious pace doing 13 different things at once and doing them phenomenally I might add, that’s one of the owners. Forget his name, but he’s solid people who had a vision and turned it into the must stop venue on the Dunmore Strip(we got something here). The Loading Dock is a classy place for the classy person who just wants talk about their boss. I suggest you go and do that there.

Wing Size: 5
It’s a 5 for one reason only and that’s because they don’t have a wing night. I know what you’re thinking “but wingmen, you only go to wing nights, what’s the deal?” The deal is that we really wanted to go to the first place we ever went to. When we went to the Loading Dock the first time in that guys killer basement they did have a wing night. Now they don’t. I wish they did. If I were president the first think I would do besides free wifi everywhere would be they if you sell wings, you need to have a wing night. I’d call it the Reasonable Act. Politics aside, you get 10 wings for 7.75. The wings themselves are a decent size. Not to large, not to small. Right in the meat of the curve (nice one).

Wing Flavors: 7
You get 10 flavors to choose from at the Loading Dock. 10 flavors that are diverse from each other. That’s why they get a 7 and not a 6. Flavors such as chipotle dry rub, spicy gourmet ranch and secret sauce along with your hot, butter/garlic, honey mustard and hot Caesar parm will keep your tastebuds guessing. They touch all the flavor categories. They have hot, sweet, creamy, spicy and savory. There’s always room for more, but this is a solid showing.

Wing Taste (x2): 6
We split 40 wings. We got got hot, chipotle dry rub, spicy gourmet ranch and secret sauce. The hot were good. They did there job. A real lunch pale kind of wing where they were asked to have that hot flavor you expect and get the job done, which they did. Next were the chipotle dry rub. They fell into common thing that happens with dry runs and that’s that they were a bit under seasoned. Good thing it’s an easy fix, just add bit more seasoning on BOTH sides of the wing. Moving on. The spicy gourmet ranch were very good even though I think I cracked the code of what makes them so gourmet and that’s salsa. If salsa isn’t gourmet then beer doesn’t lead to great decisions. It’s that simple. The mix of the salsa and the creaminess with the ranch is an excellent combination. One that you need to experience. Finally, the secret sauce. Again, I think I cracked the code. I think the secret is honey. Yep, simply honey. They were really sweet and very sticky just like you guessed it, honey. I think there were some other notes in there as well. Perhaps ginger or something like that. They were alright but I’d be lying if I wasn’t hoping for a bit more out of them. Still solid.

First Visit

Overall Rating: 74

Wing Night: Monday (There is no longer a wing night)
Wing Price: $0.35 a wing

Lynch’s Rating:
Environment: 8
Wing Flavors: 6
Wing Size: 8
Wing Taste: 6
Individual Score: 34
Serniak’s Rating:
Environment: 8
Wing Flavors: 8
Wing Size: 8
Wing Taste: 8
Individual Score: 40

5 thoughts on “Loading Dock

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  2. This is the second time (at least) your wrong “wingmen”. You seriously need to update your information. The loading dock doesn’t have a wing night anymore, they have not had a wing night for years the bartender told me. You have let me down once again. Maybe you should consider yourself obsolete. Shame on you!

    • Hello James. We updated the page in 2013 to indicate that Loading Dock no longer has a wing night. If this changes again, please let us know so we can update the page to reflect the correct information.

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