Brickhouse Wings 4.6.16

Basic Information:

Location: 319 Main St, Dupont, PA 18641
Phone number: (570) 654-2337
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Night Price: 60 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Mild Blue, Hot Blue, Inferno Blue, Cajun Blue, Mild Honey Garlic, Mild, Medium, Hot, Inferno, Sweet & Sour, Cajun, Butter Garlic, Red Garlic, Carolina, Caesar Garlic Parm, Honey Garlic, BBQ, Honey BBQ. Menu also says that if you don’t see a sauce you want, just ask and they’ll try to make it.

Third Visit

4.6.16 – Brickhouse Review Podcast

Second Visit

Overall Rating: 72

Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Price: $0.40 a wing

Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Butter Garlic, Honey, Honey Hot, Hot Bartender, BBQ, Hot BBQ, Sweet & Tangy, Cajun, South Carolina, Asian, Honey Mustard, Hot Honey Garlic, Hot Caesar Parmesan
Wing to get: Hot Caesar Parmesan

Lynch’s Rating: 32 out of 50

Environment: 7
This is our second trip to the Brickhouse, and the whole time I had the classic Commodores song “Brick House” in my head. This wasn’t necessarily bad as the place had an odd assortment of music. It started off with country, and made it’s way over to heavy metal. This wasn’t a gradual change either. It was country for like 5 songs, then heavy metal for five songs. Outside of the music, the place is actually pretty nice inside. It’s all wood paneling along the walls. They have multiple areas to play free darts (but these are old school corkboard darts where you have to keep score), a pool table, lot of TVs, and a jukebox for your listening pleasure. The bar are is in the front and is a fully square bar with plenty of seating. The place also had a large enough area for seating, along with a long table for bigger groups. We went as a bigger group, so we had the pleasure of sitting at the long table. Our waitress was very good at first. She was friendly and willing to answer any question we had with enthusiasm. She took our orders fast and got us our drinks in a speedy manner. The wings took a bit to come out, and as the night went on, the waitress was less prompt on drink orders and getting us our checks. Overall, she did a good job outside of the missteps at the end.
Wing Flavors: 7
Brickhouse provides a good variety of flavors for everyone out there. The Hot Bartender is just a hotter hot sauce and the South Carolina is a mix of BBQ and Honey Mustard. It’s a good selection with some interesting choices.
Wing Size: 6
We walked into the place with the assumption that Tuesday was their wing night. The waitress let us know that it was not, but they had a special of 6 wings for $3. Normally, their wing night is $0.45 a wing. This wasn’t a huge difference at all, so we stuck it out. For all intents and purposes, it was basically their wing night. The wings were a pretty good size. If you order your usual number, you will leave this place quite full.
Wing Taste (x2): 6
Since we went as a large group, we had the opportunity to try a lot of the flavors. The hot were a spicy, more vinergary sauce. It had a decent taste to it. The Asian were very similar to a General Tso sort of sauce. They were more sweet than spicy, and they seemed a bit bland. The Hot Caesar Parm were my favorite. The mix of the hot and Caesar were great in this combination. Neither one was drowning the other one out.  The South Carolina were an interesting mix of the BBQ and Honey Mustard. It was not my cup of tea, but I’m not a fan of BBQ or Honey Mustard. The Honey Mustard at this place was interesting. It had some added spices to it, which gave it slightly different taste than your traditional Honey Mustard. If you’re a fan of Honey Mustard, definitely give it a try. The Sweet and Tangy certainly lived up to its name. The tangy did overpower the sweetness, but I am a fan of tang (it’s a kick in a glass, they say). The Cajun here were pretty decent. I’m always let down by Cajun at most places, but this place didn’t let the Cajun overpower the hot sauce, which created a sauce that was well balanced. The wing sauces were pretty good overall, but there were none that were mind blowing.


Serniak’s Rating: 40 out of 50

Environment: 8
The Brick House is a nice little sports bar in Dupont. I will tell you, if you need somewhere to watch a game on Sunday, this place does that for you really well. Tons of tv’s and the place just has that sporting feel to it. The Brick House is an extremely clean establishment with plenty of seating and is equipped with darts and solid pool table. Our server was knowledgeable about the different wings you can get and was also very pleasant with us.
Wing Flavors: 10
15 total flavors can be had at the Brickhouse and that includes, mild, hot, butter/garlic, honey hot, hot bartender(which isn’t just a step above their regular hot sauce), bbq, hot bbq, sweet and tangy, cajun, South Carolina, Asian, honey mustard, hot honey garlic, hot Caesar parmesan. For 15 flavors, you won’t see a better variety too often.
Wing Size: 6
We didn’t actually go to the Brickhouse on their wing night. We went on Tuesday, which is a wing special. The special is a half dozen for 3 dollars. Their wing night, which is on Wednesday, is 45 cents a wing, so it is only a 5 cents difference and you need to get at least 6 on Tuesdays. The size of the wings is large. A really good girth to the wings indeed. I ordered 24 and I wasn’t looking to eat any more.
Wing Taste (x2): 8
I ordered the hot, Carolina BBQ, sweet and spicy Cajun. The hot were alright, nothing to special about them but they were flavorful. They had some spice but I could have used more. Sweet and spicy were bursting with a great balance of hotness and just the right amount of sweet/tang. Next were the Cajun wings. I’ve had the Cajun wings many times from the Brickhouse and they never disappoint. They had spice to them but more than your usual ordinary hot flavor. They had touches of red pepper that really grabs at your palate. Lastly, and the best I had there was Carolina BBQ. This wing is a cross of the their BBQ wing and mustard. The mustard gives this flavor an edge that I promise you will appreciate. You get the sweet from the BBQ that is wrapped in the quick sting of the mustard. A must get in my opinion.

First Visit

Overall Rating: 65

Lynch’s Rating:
Environment: 6
Wing Flavors: 8
Wing Size: 6
Wing Taste: 6
Individual Score: 32
Serniak’s Rating:
Environment: 7
Wing Flavors: 8
Wing Size: 6
Wing Taste: 6
Individual Score: 33

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