The Y Knot

Y Knot Wings 9.24.15

Basic Information:

Location: 104 Old State Rd, Elmhurst, PA 18444
Phone number: (570) 848-3255
Normal Wing Price: $7.49 for 10
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 50 cents a wing
Wing flavors: Mild, Hot, Honey Mustard, Garlic Butter, BBQ, Cajun, Honey Mild, Honey Hot, Mild Garlic, Hot Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, Caesar Mild, Southwestern, Sweet Chili, 2012 House Sauce, Erie, Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper
Wing to get: Sledge Hammer

Fourth Visit – 9/24/2015

Overall Rating: 73

Lynch’s Rating: 38

Environment: 9
The Y Knot Pub & Eatery in Elmhurst is the type of place you go when to hang out and have a great time with your friends. The outdoor patio is fantastic for warmer weather with plenty of dining tables and a large bar. They even have a sand volleyball court and an area for horseshoes. You definitely won’t find that anywhere else in the area. Due to just missing the last days of warm weather, we decided to sit inside. They have an impressive indoor section, too. There’s a big dining area for family eating and a nice-sized bar room. We sat at the bar on this visit and had very good service. Our orders were taken promptly and we were checked on constantly. I always have a great time at Y Knot and I’m sure you will too. I just wish we planned out visit a bit better so we could have played volleyball while we waited for our wings.

Wing Size: 7
The size of the wings at Y Knot is slightly above average for your typical wing joint. Normally priced at $7.49 for 10 wings, you can catch yourself a deal with 50 cents a wing by going on Thursday, which is their wing night. You can place orders of 5 on wing night to get a larger variety of flavors.

Wing Flavors: 8
The Y Knot added new flavors to their rotation, knocking them up a few points in my book. In fact, these new flavors aren’t officially on the menu yet. I’m not sure if they are experimenting with new things or they just haven’t had time to print out new menus, but I more than welcome the increased options. On top of the usual offerings of Mild, Hot, BBQ and others, The Y Knot now offers some unique choices like Erie, Sledge Hammer, and Lemon Pepper.

Wing Taste (x2): 6
I got a mixed bag of old and new wing sauces with my order. The 2012 House sauce is what you’d expect from a traditional buffalo wing. It’s a classic wing sauce with a slight spice without being overwhelming. I ordered the Hot Garlic Parm, but was served just Garlic Parm. They were creamier looking wings with chunks of garlic and herbs mixed in the sauce. It is a milder sauce with good flavor. Teriyaki is one of my favorite sauces on a wing, so I was excited to see how The Y Knot pulls it off. The Y Knot makes a stickier Teriyaki sauce with a sweeter taste. I wish it had a bit more of that saltiness that you find in many Teriyaki sauces. When a wing sauce is given a cool name like Sledge Hammer, expect me to order it every time. It was described to us as a Sweet and Spicy wing (Hammer is a milder version). It was slightly sweet with a strong, peppery taste to it. It also had a hint of smokiness that really added to the overall flavor. The Sledge Hammer was fantastic! It was the best wing I ordered that night.

Serniak’s Rating: 35

Environment: 8
The Y-Knot is the pride of Elmhurst. Everyone who lives in that area knows about, goes there and thoroughly enjoys their time from what I’m told. I think that’s because you can get so many different experiences there. You can sit up at the bar and watch a game, or you and your friends can hit the juke box and play pool. Also, in the summer months, you can eat on their big patio area and play volley ball and horseshoes, which is way awesome. The service was fine from everyone that dealt with us. They helped with explaining their new sauces in a pleasant manor.

Wing Size: 7
I feel like they were much larger than I remember them being. I think I say this because I left full. Even at 50 cents a wing, which I know is around the average for wing night prices, I still felt like I got my fill.

Wing Flavors: 6
Kudos to the Y-KNot for adding new flavors. I think that’s a really progressive and fun thing to do. They have their standards, which are hot, Cajun, southwestern, sweet chili and 2012 house sauce, but then they added ones called Erie, hammer, sledge hammer and lemon pepper dry rub. Any time a place adds new choices to wings, I always get pretty amped about it, which isn’t weird at all.

Wing Taste (x2): 7
This time around, I only got 15 wings instead of my usual 20. Leave me alone about it. Anyways, I got the sledge hammer which is their extra hot sauce mixed in with some sweetness. I really liked it. It brought sufficient heat and had that sweet taste balance, just like it was advertised. Now, the lemon pepper dry rub was very intriguing to me because I’m a sucker for dry rubs because they are rarer. But this flavor had the makeup of being a classic but surprisingly it did something that I usually don’t encounter. It had too much lemon seasoning and was overwhelming. If they just pumped the brakes a little bit on the lemon it would have been stellar. Finally, I got the Erie, which is their mild sauce mixed with Italian seasonings. Not a real complex flavor, but I really enjoyed it. The buttery mild sauce aided by seasonings such as oregano, basil, thyme and rosemary really made this my wing to get on this trip.

Third Visit

7.24.14 – The Y Knot Review Podcast

Second Visit

Overall Rating: 47


Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 8
The Y Knot is an awesome hangout place. It’s located roughly in the middle of nowhere. The place has a large seating area, a big bar, and a big patio for outdoor seating that contains another bar. On top of that, they have a closed in volley ball net area that you can play while waiting for your food. They apparently also have horseshoe pits, but they smelled like dog piss when I got near them. It was odd. We decided to sit outside and did get a short round of volleyball in. The food came out extremely fast, especially considering how many cars were parked outside the place and how many people were there. The service was far from stellar though. It took a while for us to get out orders taken, then the waitress never really checked up on us at all. Also, we had to ask for napkins twice before we received any. The place is great; the service is not.
Wing Flavors: 6
There was nothing out of the wild here for their flavors.  They had your average choices with slight variations. The 2012 House Sauce is a pretty interesting addition that is hard to say no to.
Wing Size: 4
The wings were a bit small for the $0.50 price tag. It’s not that they were miniscule, but they weren’t that impressive. You’ll get your fill, but just barely.
Wing Taste: 3
I don’t know what I was thinking the first time I went to Y Knot and gave it a 6 for score. Maybe their wing sauce has drastically changed, or maybe I ordered better wings, but this time around, I was let down. I tried the Southwestern, the 2012 House Sauce, Hot, Caesar Hot, and Hot Garlic. I’ll start off by saying a lot of the sauces tasted extremely similar. The Hot was very vinegary with a slight kick of spice. There was not much of a butter taste here. They weren’t horrible,  but it wasn’t my cup of tea. The Southwestern were very similar to the Hot. It was a slightly darker sauce with some seasoning in it. The seasoning was not that prevalent, but it tasted almost as though they added Worcestershire sauce to their Hot. The Hot Garlic was the Hot sauce with minced garlic from a can added to it. I’m sure you can guess how that tasted. Caesar Hot could have done with a bit more Caesar flavoring. Again, it was their Hot sauce with some Caesar dressing drizzled over it. The best of the bunch was the 2012 House sauce. This was like the Hot sauce, but it did contain a bit more buttery flavor and slight sweetness. In my opinion, this should be their main wing.

Individual Score: 24

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 8
The Y-Knot atmosphere is really cool especially in the Summer. In the Summer you obviously can eat outside where they have an outside bar. Most importantly, in the summer, you can actually play volleyball on a legitimate court. You can instantly tell that everyone there live near the place because everyone seemed to know each other, except for us. The only downfall about everything was that our server forgot about us on a few occasions. That doesn’t help anyone.
Wing Flavors: 6
The Y-Knot has a descent amount of choices for you. They have mild, hot, southwestern, house special 2012, honey mustard, hot honey, hot garlic, and bbq. You should be able to get descent range with these flavors.
Wing Size: 3
The wings are 50 cents a wing and they weren’t massive or even jumbo. And for that price, you would like to have a little more meat. I walked away hungry and then filled that space with ice cream Sunday with the works. That was really good.
Wing Taste: 3
Here’s the thing about the Y-Knot. They have a big following and with the size of the place and all you can do there I can see why. But they also have a big following when it comes to their wings and this I don’t understand other than the idea the Y-Knot is the only place to go in Elmhurst. I ordered the hot, southwestern, house 2012 and hot garlic. My issue with all of my choices is that outside of house 2012 sauce all of them taste just about the same. And all of my choices look just about the same. It’s a bit odd but I think what happens here is that they put their plain hot sauce in everything.  The hot has a good hot taste to it and the hot garlic is jus the hot with garlic on them. The southwestern I feel is just the hot with pepper added to them. Not much of a difference in taste. The house 2012 sauce had more of a sweet taste to them which was alright.
Individual Score: 23

First Visit

Overall Rating: 64

Wing Price: $0.45 a wing

Lynch’s Rating:
Environment: 8
Wing Flavors: 7
Wing Size: 6
Wing Taste: 6
Individual Score: 33
Serniak’s Rating:
Environment: 8
Wing Flavors: 7
Wing Size: 4
Wing Taste: 6
Individual Score: 31

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