Diskins 7.28.15

Basic Information:

Location: 2716 Birney Ave, Scranton, PA 18505
Phone number: (570)-963-0770
Wing Price: $7.00 for 10
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Night Price: $0.40 each
Wing flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, Ridiculous, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Garlic Caesar, Cajun Ranch, Whiskey Diskins, Hot Honey Garlic, Hot Garlic Parm, Hot Bacon Ranch, Hot Bacon Whiz, Sweet & Spicy, a monthly feature and even some secret sauces.
Wing to get: Cajun Ranch

Fourth Visit – 7/28/2015

Overall Rating: 89

Lynch’s Rating: 44

Environment: 8
Normally filled with regulars, Diskin’s is a small bar that can be easily missed as you’re making your way through Minooka on Birney Ave. What they lack in size, they certainly make up for in service. Our bartender was extremely nice and we had no issues getting our orders and food in a timely manner. Just a warning, Diskin’s is a cash only place that allows smoking. In our experience though, this has never been a major issue.

Wing Size: 9
These wings are pretty large. Plus, at only $0.40 on their wing night, it can’t really be beat. I walked into Diskin’s with a huge appetite planning to take down my usual goal of 20 wings, but I walked away just a bit shy of finishing the whole order. If you’d prefer your wings crispy or not, let them know because they do a good job tailoring the wings to your liking.

Wing Flavors: 9
Diskin’s does not offer the biggest selection of wing flavors, but they do offer a good variety of unique options that you can’t find anywhere else. Be sure to ask if they have any specials as there are sometimes secret wing flavors not listed on the menu. Diskin’s also offers a flavor of a month that allows them to try out new flavor ideas. We lucked out with a Honey Sriracha wing on our visit.

Wing Taste (x2): 9
Diskin’s Saloon provides some of the tastiest wings I’ve ever had. The Cajun Ranch is a must for anyone willing to try something new. Out of the hundreds of wing flavors I’ve had in our adventures, this one remains at the top of the list. For the traditional people out there, the regular Hot sauce is delicious as well. It’s exactly what you want in a hot wing with a nice balance of spice and flavor. The Hot Bacon Whiz is an interesting wing that just works. Although it is on the saltier side due to the bacon and the Cheese Whiz, if the three base ingredients in the name catch your fancy, it is definitely a flavor you will love. The Honey Sriracha was a sweeter wing due to the honey, with a slight hint of that spicy Sriracha that you’re beginning to see everywhere. Personally, I could have done with a bit more spiciness, but it was still a great tasting wing.

Serniak’s Rating: 45

Environment: 8
Diskin’s is your classic townie bar that isn’t trying to be anything that it’s not. It’s not the kind of place that you’re going to order a filet mignon while wearing a tuexedo. I mean, you could do that, I’m just not promising anything. Not the largest place in the world but it is rather clean. They do allow smoking but personally, that only enhances the old school sports bar vibe they dish out. Our server, who was also the owner, was extremely nice and kept a good conversation with us. A very welcoming atmosphere, even if you’re wearing a tuxedo.

Wing Size: 10
In 2015, to see a wing night at 40 cents a wing and at the large size that they were, I needed to give them a 10. You just don’t see that anymore. Furthermore, Diskin’s is one of the few places that ask YOU the customer, if you want your wings regular or crispy. It’s a small detail, but it’s the kind of thing that I won’t soon forget.

Wing Flavors: 9
No doubt, there are other wing joints that have more flavors. But the uniqueness of the flavors offered at Diskin’s is what gets them a solid rating. They have the standards, like your mild, hot, hot Caesar and hot garlic. But then they get wild with flavors such as Cajun ranch, hot bacon whiz, hot bacon ranch, and whiskey Diskin. And don’t forget about their board that has extra flavors on it. There’s a lot of Sriracha infused gems on it.

Wing Taste (x2): 9
Starting off with the Whiskey Diskin, you’ll find a very interesting combination of flavors. It’s a mix of a bourbon bbq and I’d say honey mustard. It flows very well. Next, I got the hot bacon whiz. That’s right hot sauce, bacon and cheese whiz. I shouldn’t have to tell you how much awesome occurred when I had them, but I will say that I felt like a better man afterwards. Lotion Potion, which you will find on their board of extra sauces, is a mix of a multitude of flavors. But the two that standout are that beast of a sauce Sriracha, and garlic. Great combo it was. Finally, the cajun ranch wings at Diskin’s is one of the best flavors, anywhere. First off, it’s an exquisite looking sauce. Secondly, it’s a thicker sauce that they don’t skimp on. Lastly, the flavor combination of the zestiness of the Cajun spliced with the cooling of the ranch, doesn’t miss…ever.

Our fourth visit to Diskin’s was documented in the Weekender! Check it out on the Weekender Site.

Third Visit

1.28.14 – Diskins Podcast

Second Visit

Overall Rating: 84

Lynch’s Rating:

Environment: 6
Diskins was essentially the same as it was the first time we went to it, except it had Christmas lights strung up in honor of the holidays. The entire bar is the bottom half of someone’s house turned into a bar. It’s a small place, with a wraparound bar and a couple of places to sit with tables. Cozy would be a nice way to put it. Smoking is allowed in the bar, but they must have an awesome air filter because you didn’t really get the effects of it. It seemed much busier this time, and there wasn’t a man playing guitar in the corner this time around. Since it was so busy, we had to choose one of the side tables. This meant we had to go to the bar to get our drinks and place our orders as they didn’t have a waitress. The wings did take quite a while to come out, but I contribute this how busy it was. By the time we got our wings, we moved to the bar. This made things easier on the bartender and she was much more amicable towards us at that time. Honestly, if you go here for food of ay type, sit at the bar. You will get much better service and have a better time overall.
Wing Flavors: 7
The selection here isn’t the best around, but they do serve some interesting flavors. Variety is the spice of life, and they do give a little bit more spice with the choices they provide.
Wing Size: 10
These wings are massive. At only $0.40, it’s a great deal. I had to spring for 20 again as there were just too many good choices. As a result, I ended up taking 7 home. Usually I don’t have a problem taking down 15, but these wings were so large I couldn’t handle more than 13. In fact, I was struggling towards the end.
Wing Taste: 9
These wings are fantastic. I ordered the Cajun Ranch, Hot, Bacon Whiz, and Hot Garlic Caesar. The Cajun Ranch is one of my favorite wings from any place. It’s a very thick ranch sauce with Cajun seasoning mixed in. It reminds me a bit of Cooler Ranch Doritos. They are great. The Hot isn’t anything out of this world It was a typical hot sauce with a pretty good taste, but nothing that’s going to blow your socks off. Bacon Whiz is an interesting flavor that really fits it’s name. It has a very strong cheddar cheese whiz flavor, with a slight hint of bacon taste. I have no idea how they got the bacon taste, but it is certainly there. If you like that cheesy flavor, this is the wing for you.  I enjoyed them and I would recommend them just for the taste. You could choose either the plain Garlic Caesar, or one with the hot sauce mixed in. I opted for the Hot Garlic Caesar, and I did not regret it. The Caesar and hot sauce mix was delicious, and the addition of the garlic really added to it. I tried Serniak’s Garlic Caesar, which were still good, but I’d say Hot Garlic Caesar would be the way to go.

Individual Score: 41

Serniak’s Rating:

Environment: 7
Diskins is a small townie bar that caters to a hardworking person who just got out of work. It’s a gritty establishment that usually has characters at each end of the bar. If you don’t enjoy smoky bars then Diskins might be a turn off for you because that is the reality there. There aren’t a ton of tables in the place so if you have a large party with you, seating may be a challenge. Still, Diskins is a fun place that has tremendous wings.
Wing Flavors: 8
Here’s what happened. The last time we were here there were more flavors being offered. The reason that not all of the flavors were being offered was that the cook apparently didn’t know how to make the other flavors. Kind of a bummer because they are really good flavors. They have about 10 other flavors that are all done very well.
Wing Size: 10
The size of the wings at Diskins are massive and for only 40 cents it is quite the bargain. Possibly the best deal the Wing Men will come across.
Wing Taste: 9
This was the first place that the Wing Men went for a second time. Diskins is ranked number 1 and going back again cemented that fact. The wings were great again. I got hot, garlic, hot ranch and bacon whiz. The regular hot are zesty and have a good tang to them and the garlic are right on point. The bacon whiz were real good but I could of used more of a bacon taste to them. It’s knit picking but it still needs to be mentioned. Now the hot ranch is one of my favorite wings of all time. An excellent combination of hot sauce and ranch. I’ve had this combination before but nothing touches the hot ranch at Diskins. One thing about the wings at Diskins is that the sauce is absolutely caked on. There’s ton of it on them and its one of the reasons Diskins is number 1.
Individual Score: 43

First Visit

Overall Rating: 92

Lynch’s Rating:
Environment: 7
Wing Flavors: 10
Wing Size: 10
Wing Taste: 10
Individual Score: 47
Serniak’s Rating:
Environment: 7
Wing Flavors: 8
Wing Size: 10
Wing Taste: 10
Individual Score: 45

7 thoughts on “Diskins

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  3. Just to let you know, Diskin’s is not the downstairs of someone’s house. It is actually the old Minooka Fire Station. The bay door used to be on the right side of the building. The separating wall is still apparent when you walk in on the right. The original Diskins was at the corner and blew up in a gas explosion in the 60’s or 70’s. The fire station was vacant and they opened up in the basement until the first floor was renovated. Now you know the history. And try the Whiskey Diskins wings. Best ever!

    • You learn something new every day! Thanks for checking us out and thanks for the insight on Diskin’s. The Whiskey Diskins wing has been suggested by other people, so I’m sure we will be making another trip there in the near future.

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